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I’m very impressed with your design. It’s very nice. I’m considering to purchase it. I’m pretty new in setting up website, need to find out from you: 1. For HTML template, after I purchase it, I just need to upload all the files to my web host then make changes from there (Control Panel) or I need to make the changes in PSD , covert to Jpeg then publish?

2. There are 25 HTML pages. What will happen after I have used up all the pages as I will have blog posts etc…

3. In future, if I want to migrate to Wordpress Music Pro, do I need to redo everything again?



The HTML version requires a knowledge in programming to be used as blog with dynamic content.

If you need a theme ready to used, I suggest you to purchased the Wordpress version.

I hope it will help.

Thanks man for your advice. I have a better understanding. So for WP version, I just need to upload to the host and modify over control panel right? (Of course the photo will have to do it separately)

Yes. You need to install Wordpress on your server/hoster, then install the theme and you will be able to upload pictures, manage your blog etc…

Hi I purchased this template but am having a problem finding the PSD files to edit the images and title (like changing MUSIC PRO png to my band. We’re they not included? thanks


The logo psd file is in the psd folder. You can upload your own logo image directly in the theme options panel.


Did Twitter change something in their directories? I used this template and was getting nearly instant updates on my sites with no issue whenever I tweeted, but now it just shows ‘about 4 decades ago’. This started about a week or so ago.


The twitter widget in the HTML version need to be updated.

Pls contact me by email, I will send you the file.

Hi, I just purchased the HTML version. I can’t seem to find any documentation in the files I downloaded or online on how to use or install this. Is there a readme file or something so I know which files/directories to upload to my server to make my website using your template? I then hope to be able to replace the images with my own without having too much trouble with sizing. Thanks, alintas

This template is amazing. Thank you. Can you tell me how I can center my nivo slider images? My slider images are smaller than yours and are aligning left, but I would like them to align center so that it will look like my header is centered. This template is great, has great detailed documentation. Best I’ve seen.

Hey, in the preview, how come there’s a black, horizontal line in the header background section? It’s now shown on the Home page, but on every other pages. Is that the background repeating? Please advise. Thanks.


You can remove the separator with a simple CSS rule. Anyway I removed it in the next update…

Thanks Brutal. Let me know when the separator update is done so I can buy and download.

Also, you think you could add the nice pop-up option to the MP3 Player? Like how you have it nicely set up on the WP version, with the little pop-up arrow at the top left corner. That would be greatly appreciated. Let me know. Thanks dude.

Thanks for a great template! Having a little trouble editing the twitter feed and contact us via their .php files. I changed the usernames and email information in the files, but without any results. Can you give me some better insight into how to edit these files? Thanks so much!

hi just bought this issue as I use on my wordpress site?


This is an HTML template and can’t be installed to wordpress You can find the WP version here: http://themeforest.net/item/music-pro-music-oriented-wordpress-theme/1582368


Hi can you tell me how to make music that begins from the arrival on site is that even when we change the page, which remains until the person leaves the site.

Thank you in advance.

Is there a way to get audio to autoplay?

Hi in index.html at row 122 (in the player javascript code), add the following line:
playlistOptions: { autoPlay : true },



On the twitter feed….

Assuming I want the feed on my index.html, according to the instructions I first add the ’<?php require ‘twitter.php’; ?>’ line on top of the page before the ’<!DOCTYPE HTML >’ entry. Correct?

My twitter account is ‘myname’. So I would then add the line ’<?php twitter(‘myname’, 3); ?>’ wherever I want the feed to come in on the page. Correct?

I then change this page’s extension to .php so that it’s ‘index.php’. Correct?

Do I also need to change the entries in the twitter.php file where it says ‘username’ to my twitter username… ‘myname’? Or do I leave them be as just ‘username’?

I’m having a hard time getting this to update correctly.

When I do this my twitter feed says – about 4 decades ago

please help!!!!


Please sen me an email I will send you an update of the twitter feed and instructions


whats wrong with the twitter.php file?

Pls send me an email

Brutal, sent you an Email the other day. Please respond when you get a chance. Thank You.



You can add p{text-align:justify} in the style.css file

The “1 second white flash” is a browser thing. Nothing to do with the template

I hope it will help

Thanks Brutal. Hey for the MP3 Player, I stretched it out and placed it in Grid_12 instead of the default Grid_4 and I noticed the Gradient part doesn’t stretch out to fit the width of Grid_12. Could you help me out with this? Thanks.

Hi, the selector is “div.jp-audio” you can replace the color background or image. Cheers

did you include the contact us .php script?

P.S. downloading @ 11 KB/s is very annoying for a website 42mb !

Is everyone having the same Twitter Feed problem as I am? SOOOO FRUSTRATING! I used the latest twitter.js and twitter.php attachment you had sent, followed the vague instructions shown on the Documentation, and yet, I only see the Twitter Logo with no Twitter Feeds coming through when tested on the server.

And having to change the extension to .PHP for the Twitter & Form Mail in order for it to work is extra time consuming since my pages are created with .HTML linkage. You should have just incorporated the Jquery Plugin for Twiiter & a more simple Form Mail. So frustrating man…


Pls send me your FTP infos through email.

Brutal, sent ya a reply to your Support Email Addy. Not sure why you need my FTP info? I just need more specific instructions on how to get this Twitter Feed working. The Twitter section on the Documentation is a bit vague. Would like to wrap up this project soon so I can give you a nice, decent rating. Thanks!

I will replay ASAP. cheers

Is there a way to make it adapt to mobile devices such as phones, ipads, etc

Brutal, on the Video Block, how can I have it set to Auto Play? And can I insert an HTML5 Video? Or is it for Vimeo and Youtube only?



This is something that you can set in the iframe video code https://developers.google.com/youtube/player_parameters?hl=fr#autoplay

I hope it will help

Nice item!!!

Can you help with the twitter feed ? I need a kind of step by step

thanks in advance :)


This contains a updated version of the twitter scripts and a little help file http://d.pr/f/mryw

I hope it will help