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Purchased! I will try it out as soon as I get home today, Can’t wait ;)

Sounds good ;)
Keep me updated, feedback will be welcome.

Hey!! You released this just in time!! I’ve been waiting to launch a new artist with this theme as the site.

Haven’t even started developing it yet but I do have a question. I see that it’s not compatible with IE7 and was wondering why that is and is there anything that can be adjusted to remedy that.

WordPress development team have plan to block IE7 soon. Sorry about that… That’s why this theme doesn’t support IE7 . Anyway I will see what I can do for the next update.

Hey again, I’m currently setting up my menu and am wondering how to go about making a menu option that is just a link to another site? I was able to do it in the raw html version of the site easily but I’m not sure how to do that in Wordpress.


Hey PeterBoll,

Setting up an external link is easy. Go to your Appearance > Menus. At the top right you’ll see a tab labeled Screen Options. Click that and make sure Link Target is checked and close that tab. Now under Custom Links on the left side, fill in your URL and Label and click Add to Menu. Once added to the menu you want, click on Custom fill in the Title Attribute and check “Open link in a new window/tab” and save the menu. You should never want anyone fully leaving your site in my opinion. You can always skip the last part if you like.

Hope that helps, finn

I can’t get the light version of the theme to work. Any ideas?

  • in a couple of hours, I will let you know

Ok, also…just noticed something else. The facebook ‘share’ button is in another language.

Ok, I will take a look

Finn, Thanks! I actually left it to open in the same window because it will be a link to our Forum which is a phpBB board but will be in a subdirectory to make it ‘Part of the site’ (tilthenight.com/forum [that url will not work yet])

Also Brutal, I seem to be having a problem with the Footer, I have added two text widgets and a Twitter Widget, but when I have the Twitter widget on the bottom (far right), it goes under the center widget. You can see it here > http://www.tinyentertainment.biz/wordpress


Just tested with the exactly same texts (2 text widgets + twitter feed) and it works on mine… I don’t know, are you sure you didn’t add a 4th widgets ? the footer supports 3 widgets.. LMK about that.. (try to check “Automatically add paragraphs” in your text widgets maybe)
BTW , the read more button bug will be fixed in the next update, but you can change the read more text in the theme options (blog tab)
Hope it will help!

Sorry for loading you up with questions, but, is it possible to have my blog on the homepage, but have a different sidebar to it then the actual blog page?

So on my page entitled ‘News Blog’, I would like the ‘Blog Sidebar’ to be shown, but on the homepage I would like to have a different sidebar shown.

Thanks again!

OK! Just added this option. It will be available in the next update. ;)

hah, and as you can probably tell, there seems to be something wrong with the blog’s ‘read more’ line.

You can change the “read more” text in the theme option (blog tab) :)

Hello and congratulations for your work in this theme. One thing that has been missing from all themes from this market is a shoutcast player. Would look great in your theme. Also a radio station oriented theme is missing. Would sell a lot.

Keep up the good work !

Hey all! Music Pro is back! :) Sorry for the inconvenience.
Feel free to report any eventual bug and give me your suggestions for the next update.

Hey Brutal,

Sick theme, buddy! had to check out your site after pickin up the theme and you do some great work. I’ve actually been trying to get into metal artwork design so good looks!! I have a small bug with the theme, though. I installed it onto my site and it had some minor landscaping needed in the header area, literally removed only he header img code, the site worked fine for a bit then started to glitch when i began messing with widgets and all that… Now my site has no theme. MPro is still installed but you just have a site skeleton when you go to the URL .. Site: www.eliteguitarreviews.com

I bought this theme because the preview is literally EXACTLY what I want my final site to look like. Great stuff, again man!

hey man!
thanks for the support! I am glad you like my theme! :)
About the header, you can choose which header you want to display on your home page in the theme options section (homepage tab). About the sidebars, you can choose which sidebar you want to display on each page.. Please check out the doc (“Doc” folder). There is video tutorials that show you, step by step, how to use the theme and make it looks exactly like the demo.
I hope it will help!

Really like this theme! I just uploaded it yesterday. I noticed that the tutorial mentions a countdown for events. The event option is not available in my music tab. Any thoughts?


Hey again!

Just checked the two text widgets and silly me forgot to add a closing tag for the [code] [/code] (dont know if that bbc works here..), added the tag and it works just fine.

Changed the Read More to a button with just text (Read more…) and that is working fine.

Now to bug you some more..

-Like someone above me said, the facebook like button is in French :)

-How can I vertically and horizontally center the copyright info? At default it is aligned left, but if I use a < center > tag, it will do it, but it will be at the top of the footer instead of in the middle.

-For some reason the underlining dots on the META section don’t change with the theme color.

-Is the Events Table that is in the HTML version available in this one? Maybe I’m just blind..

-Would it be possible to make the song names on a Review page into links?

-Small issue with the Gallery, or maybe Im dumb, who knows.. I set up two Categorys for my albums (2011 and 2012), and each category has three albums (Live Performances, Appearances, and Other for each) (Visible on the Photos page of my site [ http://www.tinyentertainment.biz/wordpress ]). They all show up where the Gallery was placed, however the categories do not show up next to ‘Filter’.

-I followed the video in the instructions to make a two column grid and it worked great, but I was wondering what the syntax looks like for making for example, a 4 column grid? I see the options (1/3, 1/4) in the table insert page, but there is only the option for the first and last table.

Sorry for all that! I think that is everything I could find though.

Thanks in advance, -Peter

About the facebook button and meta underline an update is on the way.
Additionally, I fixed a few other minor bugs.
About the gallery, pls check the video tutorial. Simply create a page with the gallery template. You can change your default gallery layout in the theme options. Otherwise, are you sure each album has a category assigned?
About grid : full width = grid_12, so 4 columns = grid_3 ;)
Pls check the shortcodes video tutorial.

I do my best, I hope it would help! ;)

I have set up the template on my site but there is an error loading included stylesheets and scripts. When I look at the errors in Chrome Web Inspector it is displaying 500 Internal Server error for every included file.

Does this have something to do with permissions perhaps? I can’t quite figure it out.


Thanks for the response :)

-I double checked everything for the Galleries but can’t seem to get it to work, here is an image that might make it easier for you to tell what Im doing wrong >> http://www.tinyentertainment.biz/storage/gcf/Untitled-6.png

Also I checked the gallery options in the Theme Options, and noticed that it is set to 2 Columns, but on my Photos (gallery) page, it is in three columns. This doesn’t really bother me because I want three anyway, but it might be a bug.

-Would it be possible to make the song names on a Review page into links?

-Something new I found, on the 404 page, the ‘Back to home’ seems to link back to my root domain. And sense I am using GoDaddy, my root domain is not necessarily the domain for the wordpress. Would it be possible to make that link link back to the index, or be able to specify a url there?

-I’ll watch the short code videos again to see if I missed something to help with the tables :)

Thanks for working so diligently! You’re work really is the some of the best.

Thx ;)
Minor bugs will be fixed in the next update (in a few hours).
Pls contact me through email for more help.

Figured out the tables ;)

First of all this is a very nice theme!

I’ve only one question:

Is it possible to add items of an album to the homepage in stead of the last albums?

Thx ;)
You can display the last uploaded photos with the “Last Photos” widget.
Check the video tutorial about widget areas if needed (in the Doc). Greetings.

I have 2 changes I want to make:

1. Temporarily disable the navigation located above the slider and just use the top bar navigation.

2. Move the ‘reverbnation, itunes, amazon, etc’ links from the footer to location that higher on the homepage….possibly even to the top bar area.

Also, the facebook share icon on the individual posts is in french.


The facebook button will be in English in the update to come (soon).
You can hide the music network logos in the footer through the theme options panel (“network” tab -> check “hide logos in the footer”).
Then, you can display these logos anywhere in a page with the shortcode [music_logos].
Otherwise if you want to display them somewhere else in a template use the following php function: mp_music_logos().
I hope it will help.

Hey there,

Just re-installed with the new version, I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but it seems the META dotted underline still doesn’t change with the theme, and the facebook like button is still in French, although the arrows seem to work now :)

Also, my Category links seem to dead :/

Thanks for your hard work!

Edit- Also, it seems the Twitter widget is broken, it won’t display date/time of tweet and ignores the specified number of tweets to display.


Something went wrong with the last update, it still the same file, I just re-uploaded the updated version. Pls be patient.
I will answer to your email as well, pls give me time. ;)

Yep, No problem :) Just wasn’t sure if you knew.