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Great theme i will try it out for some projects!

Ok, I will test with another converter, can you suggest me another valid converter for MAC ? I’ve searched on the web but it’s difficult to find it because all are for windows….I’ve used MAX for converting all the songs

I’ve red on the link you sent me this note: “Why does my player not work in OSX Safari? The MP3/Mp4 media is encoded incorrectly. Review how Safari plays the media by directly accessing the media url. The media will need to be re-encode to solve this problem. (The exact encoding problem is unclear.) An alternative solution is to use {solution:”flash,html”}”

What does it mean the last words: an alternative solution is to use “flash, html” ? where do I have to put this code??

The link of my site is the following http://www.theatrestudio.net/wp/?page_id=28

Tks Gabi


You can try to add solution:”flash,html”, in includes/plugins/bd-jplayer/bd-jplayer-show.php at row 47 so you should have

supplied: "mp3, oga", solution:"flash,html",

I hope it will help


I still have not been able to get my Music Playlist back working in this new update. Can anyone provide info on why the upload process doesn’t work. I have tried uploading several mp3 and the corresponding ogg files from my previous installation, all of which work in browser if I navigate to the specific folder. Please help.



You can send me your ftp infos and WP login and I will see if I can find what’s wrong.


Hi there, I´ve notice that with this new update when you click on the shows page it only displays the City and Venue. It doesnt display the event name its a bit confusing for someone who wants to see a specific show. here a pic http://d.pr/i/HGgD

on the events script?

Yes, sorry, in template-shows.php file ;)

Thanks buddy =)

Hello! Thanks for the amazing theme! I have one question. Is there a way to make your gallery page images slideshow through on their own without clicking through? If so, what file could I find it in, and what code should I edit? Thanks again! Jess


You can set a single gallery as menu item. In you menu admin click on “screen options” and check the “galleries” checkbox to be able able to select any galleries

I hope it will help

Hmm. I guess I’m not sure that’s what’s going to apply. When I used to make gallery posts, the images would slideshow through on their own. Since I’ve updated, you now have to click through to see them all. My site.

Oh, OK.

Unfortunately, this is not possible..

Hello I’ve sent you privately the file with the code but maybe there is a mistake in the code I’ve put in…can you check please?

tks Gabi

Will reply ASAP ;)

Can you please update your Changelog. The last entry was 22 february 2013 – Version 3.1.1 and I just uploaded 3.1.3 and now see it’s 3.1.4 and I would like to just update the file(s) instead of the whole theme if possible.


Hello, i just bought your theme. It’s awesome! I was wondering if the background from the header that is behind the menu buttons / behind the “music pro-logo” can be removed. I only want to display the background image.

Thanks !


You can add this CSS rule in the theme options custom CSS box:



Hi, I start to personalize the theme. When I change the text that appear in the home, in the page “HOME”, the Stlye that I see in the DEMO it changed. How can I restore the original Style? Thanks you very much


It this case you can use the column shortcode col_4 – col_8

Hope it will help

Perfect, thank you so much.

I am having issues with my player working in Firefox. I’ve followed the ogg converting as you mention earlier with no result. My webstie is www.stewarthidalgo.com . I noticed that you had a fix to add solution:”flash,html”, but not sure where i can find that exactly to edit. Let me know. thanks.


Just checked your source code and you have place the piece of code correctly. Your player works on firefox on my computer…

Is there a video install for this particular template and if so can i have the link.. this is my first website im building and im having trouble with all of the options..


All the instructions are in the Documentation (documentation folder, double click on the HTML file)..

I hope it will help

I’m setting this up for my client who purchased your theme. The jPlayer is not working in IE or Safari. It does play in Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. Here is the link to the site: http://coderiverlabs.com/affirmajams/.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Julie


I checked you source code, and the mp3 path point to a “affirmajams” folder. But they are located in wp-content/uploads/musicpro folder. http://coderiverlabs.com/affirmajams/wp-content/uploads/musicpro/bd-jplayer/mp3/Excuse-me-Preview.mp3

Look slike you are using a child theme. Try to copy the framework folder in your child theme folder. It will probably solve this issue.

Let me know

PS : I am working on a better solution for child theme compatibility


Thanks for the reply. Yes, the site is highly customized, which is why I used a child theme, i.e. to keep the integrity of your theme in place for all future updates.

Copying the framework folder over to the folder causes errors because PHP sees duplicate class and function names.

Is there a specific file or script that I need to focus on, as I can then build that into the child theme?

Thank you for your help! Julie


Here is a child theme template. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fawvdoco7ctcq55/live-child.zip

I hope it will help

Hello, It doesn’t work Is there anything else I can do avoiding the updating? I’m not good in wp and I wouldn’t do some mistakes as the site is finished Can you have a look on it if I give you the password? I can pay for this service but I need to solve this problem I’ve sent you a private email

tks Gabi


If I remember correctly it was about the jPlayer?

I checked on chrome, safari, firefox and IE and it works fine…(?)

Hello, please see one of the song example I gave you some days ago (mr. mailman) it keep on not working on safari


How do i change the Favcon? I uploaded my favcon.ico through Filezilla & overwrote the original file. I also did this with the 3 ipod/mobile favcon png files. But my site still displays the original Music Pro theme Favcon. Please Help, Thanks


If you have replaced the favicon.ico file in your theme folder, on your server, and still see the default one, it is something related to your browser’s cache for sure.

Empty the cache of your browser (if you didn’t already did it), and refresh your page a couple of times. It should show the new favicon.

You can open your browser in incognito mode to check. This way, the cache shouldn’t be persistent.

I hope it will help.

Hi! Just bought the theme. But, it won´t install. It says that Style.css is missing…

hi, how do i change my comment box to the facebook comment box? and how do i add videos to the home page using the widget, bu not o the html box, like an widgt to show the last videos? thanks bd


I can’t help about the facebook comments. You should use a 3rd party plugin. But I don’t provide support for 3rd party plugin

About the videos this should help http://support.wpwolf.com/discussion/488/last-videos-shortcode-in-sidebar#Item_3


Can you set the discography page to have columns. 4×4 grid?


Regretfully I can’t provide support for advanced modifications

Thanks for your understanding.


SNE Purchased

Hi, is there a way at add some code to track the free downloads/play counts on the jplayer in the admin area? Thanks in advance.


It would require some major modifications… I don’t know exactly how to do it.

Hey, no matter what I do i cannot change the colour of the header area (masthead). please help!

http://lilaussiebattler.com.au/ I want it red like the logo!!!

I guess it’s solved..