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Quick question, is there a shortcode to reduce/remove the empty space at the bottom of the page? heres a pic: http://d.pr/i/eDo4

Thanks =)


In the custom CSS box:
#main-content {

I hope it will help

Hi, the “single show page” is available only for the upcoming shows. Is it possible to make it visible also in the past shows?

Thanks :)


Replace the row 128 in template-shows.php by

<a class="entry-link" href="<?php echo get_permalink($show->ID); ?>"><strong><?php echo $show_city; ?></strong><span class="mobile-hide"><?php echo $show_venue; ?></span>

It should do the trick

Hi Im really excited to use this theme but I keep getting this meesage

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Can you help me fix this problem please

Many thanks :)


hey Thank you for the theme, its great. I am trying to change the heading of each page to black. I changed it in the MusicPro settings and tried to do it in the custom CSS but have not gotten it to work in either. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Web Address below, I need to change it on all pages except the home page. http://www.katelynmccarter.com/

Oh, OK.

Add the following CSS rule in your theme options custom CSS box:
.entry-header .entry-title{ color: #ff0000!important}

I hope it will help

that didn’t seem to work, is there any way I can send you my custom CSS?


#intro h1{color:#000!important}

If it doesn’t work, you can send me your custom CSS.

Hello, can you answer please?

tks Gabi


Some of your audio files work and some other not, it is difficult for to me to know why.. Only advises that come to my mind are to avoid space in mp3 names ( my_song.mp3 ), use the exact same encoding for each songs (ogg)

Hi. When I attempt to install I get – Fatal error: Call to undefined function: bd_meta_head() in /homepages/6/d239266995/htdocs/wp-content/themes/musicpro/header.php on line 15

Have re-downloaded, same result.

Thank you


Thanks but it was FileZilla that I used. I’ll have another go but I did it a couple of times last night.

Nope, same again. Different computer this time as well.


Please send me an email with your login and ftp info I will try to find what’s wrong


I can’t activate the Bd Shortcodes plugin. I get this error message “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare accordion_start_shortcode() in /home/dccrcu36/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bd-shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line 277

found the error


Quick question.. How can you place a full size image on the main page? I tried “adding media” on the main page but only gives a thumbnail size. I can’t get it to show the full size. Thanks for your help!

Great theme by the way!

It was just simply dragging the image from the library from a separate window. Didn’t think it would work but it did.

Hello, and Thanks for a great theme I am trying to get comments to work on pages, I have done everything… can’t seem to get it!


In page.php at row 23 add the following line, beofre endwhile, ?>

<?php comments_template(); ?>


Thank you very much for the very fast reply that did the trick, Thanks! :)

Hello BD,

I can’t get rid of the favicon. I already replaced it on the server. But nevertheless it shows the old favicon.

Could you please tell me how I can replace it.


If you have replaced the favicon.ico file in your theme folder, on your server, and still see the default one, it is something related to your browser’s cache for sure.

Empty the cache of your browser (if you didn’t already did it), and refresh your page a couple of times. It should show the new favicon.

You can open your browser in incognito mode to check. This way, the cache shouldn’t be persistent.

I hope it will help.

Share feature of “like button” no longer shows any of the past likes. Doesn’t show any of the “likes” for pages or blog posts. However, the tweets are still there. How do I fix this and make it go back to what it was?



It is probably a facebook bug..

is there a shorcode for the shows? i want to display them in the home page, but not as a widget


There is no shortcode for the show at the moment


Easy C,

I’m using the ‘Reviews’ section and I’ve placed the widget advertising for this section into the footer. The Featured Image I’ve got displayed isn’t fitting properly into the footer space. Any thoughts on this?


Can you please give me the URL of your web site ?




If you mean the “last reviews” widget in the footer, it is displayed as it should.

You can reduce the image size with this lil snippet if you want
.widget_last_review img {width:80%; height auto;}

Hope it will help

wolfgram doesnt work for me. even after making the changes.

Can you give me more details? The instagram gallery doesn’t work? the widget or both?

Plugin for your pumped jPlayer?

Do you sell a separate plugin for your pumped jPlayer? I visited your page but didn’t see it; was just wondering if you’re thinking about it – i love the player! thanks :D

Fantastic, thank you so much! :D


How do i remove the green bar in the top?


Never mind, got it to work.. BUT, after updating, the Picemaker slider wont show anymore?



Can you please give me the URL of your web site ?

If you updated from 2.4 or lower this should help http://themes.brutaldesign.com/update-to-music-pro-3-0/


hey i uploaded pics to nivo slider and choose it as my format in music pro options but the slider is not showing up, its just my fixed image logo instead


You have to choose the “Home Page” template as well.

I hope it will help