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Hi, How can I change the width of the side bar in to 350px? Pls advice.

Sry. I didn’t got it. For eg: when I put a Google ad (336×280) on the sidebar widget area the add seems over flow even the site borders. That’s why I wanted to increase the width of the side bar. Any suggestions?


You can try this CSS snippet in your custom CSS box

/* Content */
  width: 61.4%;

/* Sidebar */
  width: 34.8%;

I hope it will help

Thanks! It works according to my requirement. Great help team :)

Hi, When I add the songs in to the j player play list, the height of the player increase according to the number of songs in the play list. Can’t we define the player height constant and scroll option for the play list? Otherwise the player seems little odd.

Eg: Uses can see only 5 songs in the play list default and they have to scroll down the play list to view the other songs in the list



In your custom CSS box
.bd-jplayer-playlist .jp-playlist{    


Thanks :) This is very useful to me.

You’re welcome ;)

Sorry for the lodes of questions. Many of my WordPress posts are Pages. Unfortunately, the site search only retrieves posts, not pages. Any idea how to get the theme to search both posts and pages?

Hi Thanks. Just another clarification. Previously theme version the search box could be place on the header. Could it done with the new theme? If so how to do it?


There is a search box in all blog pages header and in the review pages header. Those search boxes will search in the blog or in the reviews, depending on which page the user is. (“Search a post” or “Search a review”)

You can add standard search box in the sidebar though. (“Search”)

I hope it will help.

Thanks :)

Hi is it possible to change the background?

You can change the background color / image in the theme options.

I hope it will help

Hi, great theme…!

HOWEVER, what amazes me the MOST is how engaged you are with answering questions with precision and consistency. I’m shopping for a theme and this is a strong contender, but support-wise: you’re beyond reach so far!



Thanks you!

Pre-sales questions.

1. Is this theme WooCommerce or Jigoshop compatible?

2. Can the mp3 player be made so that it continually plays a song as the user navigates around the site?


1. I didn’t tested. But it shouldn’t be a problem.

2. The player can be opened in a popup window (icon at the top right of the player)


Hello, Thanks for the great theme!

Most of my posts on my site are “Gallery” posts. Until a couple of days ago, the slider images were showing up normally. Now the sliders have mysteriously disappeared on all of my gallery posts. They still show up in the post editor under “Manage Images,” but are not visible on the site. The same goes for my Featured Images. An “Image” post will still show up fine, however.

Any idea what could have caused these sliders to disappear? I am the only person who works on this site and I haven’t changed anything recently.

My Site

UPDATE: This has somehow fixed itself. Mystery not solved, but problem solved. :)

Hi how do I get the template to look exactly the same when I upload it?


1/ Delete all default pages and empty the trash. 2/ Install the demo.xml file using Wordpress importer plugin (tools -> import) http://d.pr/f/BdRm

I hope it will help

sorry just new to this what default pages should I remove? I tried to import that but it just says failed


Default pages should have been created on first theme activation. To avoid duplicated pages when importing the demo content, you have to delete those and remove them from the thrash before importing the demo.xml file.

Did you use wordpress importer plugin to import the demo.xml file? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-importer/

Once you have installed this plugin, go in tools -> import and choose the last option (Wordpress)


I cannot find the Instagram widget. Where is it?



In template-instagram.php, replace bd_instagram_gallery by wolf_instagram_gallery


I am still confused as to how to go about doing this… Can you explain in further detail, please?

Nevermind, I have figured it out. Thank you

Hello, 2 quick questions: 1) How do display posts pagination on the front page or else within the Last Posts shortcode? 2) How to change the date format from US [mm/dd/yy] into European [dd/mm/yy] ?

Thank you


1/ For some reason, Wordpress static home page doesn’t support pagination. I am working on the update. You will be able to choose the “Latest posts” as home page (settings->reading) and display the slider as well.

2/ If you mean the show dates, edit includes/theme-functions.php at row 529

return $day.'-'.$month.'-'. $year;

I hope it will help

I’m trying to figure out how to center the top bar.

In this picture take notice at the text currently rocking: http://i.imgur.com/dq9xBAq.jpg

How do I make that text center?

Hi, How can I change the side bar on search result page? Can I set the search result page without a side bar or change to a custom side bar? Please advice.


1/ Create your search page sidebar in the sidebar admin panel 2/ open the search.php file, and replace the row 47 by
<?php dynamic_sidebar( 'your-sidebar-id' ); ?>

I hope it will help

Hi there,

great template and how responsive you are to your clients really sold me on it too.

Just one pre-purchasing question, disclaimer: Im a novice.

the site I am making is going to have 3 other pages displaying info about 3 different artists. would I be able to display 3 different instagram feeds and 3 different twitter feeds on the site? The would be on different pages. I dont know much about this.

I appreciate any help, Thanks

Thanks for your reply.

Thats a shame because the template would be perfect for my needs and I like the design options too.

what alternatives do I have? Can I somehow re-install the same plugin on different pages or use a different plugin that is almost the same?

Hi again,

First, I was wrong you can actually use the twitter widget with several twitter accounts http://awesomescreenshot.com/06217vba7e

There is also a solution to use the instagram plugin twice. Simply duplicate the plugin and name it differently. I am pretty sure that is possible. You can send me an email to support@wpwolf.com


THanks a lot! I knew there must be a way but I have never used wordpress before. So I am going to try exactly that and may email you if I cannot find any answers online.

Excellent work!


Nice work, seems to be a great theme! Some pre-sales questions, though:

- is the gallery sortable in user order? - are tracks available in responsive mode (iPad and iPhone) - are tracks in MP3 format accepted? - can I use a widget to have some music on every page? - Can the height of the slider on the homepage be increased?

Thank you in advance for your responses.


The galleries/albums are ordered by post dates. The player is responsive and handles mp3. It can be opened in a popup window. Yes, you can increase the slider height in the options.


Hi again,

One other pre-sale question: is the discography sortable? and if yes, does it use isotope filters?

Thanks again!


I don’t provide support for 3rd party plugin and I am don’t know this plugin so I can’t guarantee the compatibility.

However, the theme use the standard wordpress function : register_post_type()

So I guess it shouldn’t be a problem ;)

Hi, Just wanted to give you a quick update: thanks to your efficient support (which I hope will remain the same ;-) ) I have purchased your theme, and find it very well done. One suggestion though for your next updates: in the jplayer, it would be nice to be able to upload several files (like MP3 and OGG versions) in one click. That would save SO MUCH time ;-) Anyway, congratulations for this super theme, nicely done!


I understand that multiple uploads would be more convenient. Few improvements are already in the pipeline. I will definitely think about it for a future update

it says theres an update to the shortcode 1.4.1 and when i click update it says page not found and takes me to wpwolf.com how do i update these plugins?


I made some changes with the plugins. From now, all plugins can be found here: http://wpwolf.com/plugins/


will you be updating the theme soon so it fixes this bug? i downloaded and installed everything but the social links at the bottom of the page and the top social links use the bd plugin not the wolf plugin. will a theme update fix this so it uses the wolf plugin’s soley?


It will be updated as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Meaning while you can still use the “bd” versions http://d.pr/f/Y1zh http://d.pr/f/otA2 http://d.pr/f/F5A5

I know I have made some changes, but I really had to separate my graphic design activity and my work with Wordpress.

I hope it is not too much a pain in the ass..


i have 3 columns on my homepage, right under the slider. is it possible to whenever i BOLD parts of the text, the BOLD style does not show up on the main page after updating.

how can i keep the columns, and have certain words bolded?


You should be able to use the wordpress style buttons to make some words bold… Can I take a look at your page?

i fixed it, originally i did for the bold code, but change it to and it is all working. my mistake.

Hi, I am interested in buying this theme. He accepts Google Adsense?


You can use the text widget to display Google adds.


Hi there

Just purchased the theme. It’s great, thanks.

One thing, can you please tell me how to remove the MUSIC PRO name and logo from the header bar.

Thank you, James


You can upload your own logo image in the theme options -> general tab

I hope it will help

I am not able to input “upcoming show dates” for some reason. I do see the “Shows” option on the wp dashboard but if I select to add a new show I dont get any options for the date, venue, etc. Where do I go to adjust these types of options?


You will find the date, time, venue, city etc.. fields below the text editor on your “show” admin pages (show details box)