Musician/Artist HTML5 Online Press-Kit

Musician/Artist HTML5 Online Press-Kit

Press-Kit (or professional résumé) for musicians. Contains summary in 9 blocks to present an artist/band to record labels, gig organisations managers, venues etc. for application to perform or to release CD album.

Biography block and Music Samples block are available in two versions: Biography as plain text and timeliner; Music Samples as HTML5 player and Yahoo Flash player. Other blocks are: Discography, Press, Gigs Activity, Video and Posters Archive.

Fixed sidebar comes with the most essential and brief information about the artist: name, number of albums released, membership in local protecting artist copyright organisation, artist website, email etc.

Inspired by Reverbnation press-kit, however, made much more accurately, better organized and much better designed.

Downloadable folder contains:
  • HTML5 file (index.html)
  • 4 CSS files (main, player, modal window, internet explorer)
  • 5 js files
  • music player folder with css, js, codecs, jpgs files
  • help file in PDF written with strong accent on people who do not know html but can customize successfully this template by following instructions + non-tech tips what and how to include into press-kit
  • 3 PSD files (close button, link icon and logo)

Template tested in: all latest versions of major browsers on Mac and Windows (Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox) + IE9 + IE8 + Android (Galaxy 10.1).

Credits: 30 sec track excerpt is by Der Blutharsch. Gig photos of Backworld and Ataraxia are by Yesternight (not included into folder). Top photo is of Blood Axis (not included into folder). Promo posters are mine (not included into folder). Video of Ostara is taken from Vimeo.

Things to note:

  • Template is tested in: latest major browsers on Mac and Windows + IE9
  • Wordpress version is not (will not be) available
  • Minimum screen resolution for this template is 1024px x 800px
  • Adapted for tablets (viewport only). Not available for mobiles.
  • Some hosting companies (GoDaddy for example, (where demo is hosted) do not support ogg codec, therefore you cannot play HTML5 player in Opera and Firefox. If you want to test HTML5 player, please view template in Chrome, Safari, IE9. If your hosting company does support this codec, there is no any obstacle to play sample track in FF and Opera because ogg file included. Alternatively, Flash player is included.
  • Do not expect IE to work as well as Safari and Chrome do

For extra articles about customisation of template please visit my blog

Thank you!