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Great stuff! This is a great mixture of your creativity and originality and actual being usable by a broader audience. Good luck!

Thanks a lot! Hope musicians will find it worthy to buy, for me, being a record label owner it is a pink dream to get such press-kit from musician.

Yeah you did it again ;), i am so happy to see it :). Great work as always :). Will write u soon email

Thank you Ana, yes, accepted, hope it will be useful for musicians who want to apply for CD release or performance.

This is so cute! I love it virtuti.

Is there supposed to be that much scroll? And I tried the music player at the bottom but it doesn’t seem to work?

Thank you! On purpose I made sidebar fixed, but it is always possible to release it and make a normal scroll.

Music player (Flash you mean?) should play, I tested it elsewhere, even on IE8 it plays (ok, it is Flash:))) Or you mean HTML5 player?

If the bottom slide out music player is flash, then it’s probably just a problem with me as I have issues with flash on my computer. So all is well.

The HTML5 player works just fine.

Ah, fine, thank you very much for your note!

Very sexy, love it!

Many thanks, I just hope musicians will want to use it.

I love it, a few suggestions though, make the logo link to the homepage, and make the white spikes spin instead of the whole logo, would look nicer in my opinion.

Still brilliant work though!

Perhaps if the logo linked to the top of the page. Would make more sense.

Wait, wait, something just suddenly has come on my mind, do you think an user will replace it with his/her own logo? Oh, that is not what is desirable at all, I meant this circle to be left unchangeable, as it is, without replacing with an artist logo. Do you think it will be replaced?

I can’t give a definitive answer to your question, as I’d be guessing. It’s all down to the user who buys it. But perhaps the currently logo will give them some inspiration for there own.

Brilliant work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!!!

Very nice template as always!


Thank you so much, Evgeny!

nice unique template :)

Million thanks!

love ur works…. really awesome… :)

Thank you very much!

You’re so very original, creative and you always seem to come up with a new and interesting theme! Keep it up, you’re an inspiration!

Thank you so much! It is important to me!

I’m loving it! And it’s very well documented. Extremely well done! :)

Thank you very very much! I am very glad that documentation helps you to edit it, I kept in mind that this template may use people who do not know html at all and tried to make it clear and simple, thank you so much!

Using your template at

Cannot seem to get the coding right for your image at the top of the right. This is my code…can you help?

<!--MAIN PHOTO--> <div class="main-box"> <figure id="main-photo"><img src="images/nicktop.jpg" width="480" height="320" /> <h1>·NICK AYLER·</h1></figure> <section class="info"> <!--BIOGRAPHY SECTION--> <article> <h1>Biography</h1> <p>Nick Ayler biography goes here.</p> </article> <div class="grey-line" /> </section><!--info--> </div><!--main-box-->

Hello, thank you very very much for using my template!

Answering your question, no, not exactly you are doing this right. Main photo is a background image, I covered this point in help file too. You do not use here img tag, you place you photo URL path in styles.css file:

    border-top:8px solid #C78933;

Look through the help file please, if you will need to add album cover to music player, it is also not an img tag but a background image as well, you will see the explanation there too.

Thank you once again, if you will have more questions you are welcome!

Nice and clean.

1. Can I replace the logo with my own logo – preferably one that does not spin?

2. Can I change the color of the side panel – from orange to something else?

3. Does this theme work well on mobile devices – played well on tablets but not iPhone? Do you suggest an alternative for mobile?

4. Does the yahoo flash player work on all devices – because its flash not sure if it works on iPads?

Thank you.

Hello, thank you very much for your interest! Answering your questions: 1) yes, sure, you can place your own logo and delete small js snippet that makes logo to spin and thus logo will stay static.

2) Of course, apply any colour in stylesheet which suits your purposes.

3) No, as stated in description it is fully adapted for tablets (landscape) and has no mobile version. If there will be demand I shall write mobile version, currently nobody asked:)))

4) Hard to answer, I have Android where it plays, but I tried on iPhone and it plays too, so I believe if it plays on iPhone it should play on iPad, how do you think? You know, tomorrow I ask my nephew, he has latest iPad, so I shall ask him to test yahoo player.

Best wishes and till tomorrow.

Scratch No. 4 as well. Questions 1 and 2 are valid.

Thanks for the prompt response. I checked it on my iPad and iPhone the html5 player works fine. and the yahoo player works, it just reopens the file in quicktime, so you have to listen to individual tracks.

Just need a solution for the landscape-only iPad problem.

Official request < please make mobile theme.

I am an publisher and think this would be really good for my individual author releases.

Thank you! It will take me some time to make a mobile version, and for sure it will be a little bit lighter–a few things will be stripped away, ornamental or less important ones. It is because of specifics of mobile websites, they are never as full as the desktop versions.

LOve your template. I have edited it and it shows well locally on my computer. I loaded all of the files and I am not getting the background or styles. can you take a look and tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

Looks great! Interesting to see it live and real (I mean not a template but real story of real musician). I see all styles and images shown correctly, everything is correct. I looked in Chrome, on iMac, all is on its place. What is true that background loaded a little bit slower (cannot explain it why cause it is tiny repeatable file and should load fast fast), where do you experience problems, in which browser?

A question aside: I see that G8 is a member of ASCAP , did this organisation ever help you, do you think it worthy to be a member and if you will want to quit is it possible to do or it is eternal membership?

Hi! I was wondering if it’s possible to hide the yahoo player. I thought I had deleted it from the page but as soon as I placed my own audio files it showed up there. Thanks!

Hello, yes sure, it is just an alternative player. Simply delete everything between <!-MUSIC II-> and <!-VIDEO SECTION -> and <!-yahoo player-> <script src=””></script> from scripts list at the bottom of the page and all styles related from stylesheet. Thank you very much!

It would be great to have a side menu that would be in place so you wouldn’t have to scroll as much.

just my two cents

Hello, thank you for stopping by and for comment! Just I am afraid it is not a case, menu would be unnecessary in this case… As a label owner I would be very glad to get press-kits from artists looking and functioning exactly like this template.


do you make a wordpress version ?


Hello, no, what is the sense of such thing in WP? Anyway, I do not know WP:))) todah!