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Anytime I click play it doesn’t do anything. This is what the console say in Google Inspect.

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 jquery.fullwidthaudioplayer.js:1195 false Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Unable to decode audio data

Short question: does Musicplay Theme (version 7.2.0) supports Visual Composer (version 5.0.1)?

Are you shure? On this page of Themeforrest it says that Visual Composer untill version 4.9.x is supported by Musicplay Theme, I think this is right, because I’m working with version 4.x.x. in the Musicplay Theme and it works great, but because you don’t mention version 5 of Visual Composer, I’m not shure it will work also, do you understand my question?

Yes, it has some issues with new versions. We will be releasing a new version of musicplay soon and will see if that works fine.

I’ll wait with the VC update untill you release a new version of the Musicplay theme, thank you for your very fast reponse!

I have a problem, because when I add a short code of some plugin, it is not loaded on the page when I enter for second time, that is, I open the page and load but when I browse and go back, I do not load, this happened with the plugin Revolution slider and famax. Ajax is enabled.

Using the theme Ajaxified option will not give compatibility for some plugins. we would recommend using non-Ajaxified option to make work with third-party plugins. You can enable or disable the Ajaxified option from theme options panel.

Hi there, I saw you would update the template to make it compatible with visual composer. Is it ok now? Thanks!

Not yet updated with the Visual Composer.It works fine without Ajaxified version but not the ajax version with Visual Composer.