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Hi, does the player support multiple radio station streams?

Also, do new sign up automatically appear or do you have to manually enter artists?

Player can run limited radio streams. You can check the item details page for more details on the features list.

Yes manually enter the artists. No author based option to register for the artists.

Hello, I absolutely love this theme and will be buying it soon; mostly because of the player. I have a few questions however: 1.When a user is listening to the radio stream then decides to play a song from an album, how would he get back to the radio stream without refreshing the page? If there’s a way, it’s certainly not dummy-proof. 2.The player on the demo site doesn’t seem to be updating song metadata.Why is this? Also, how does the player get the song metadata? My stream host has support for song titles, so does the player automatically fetch the info from the stream or does it use a different method?

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day/night

When using the radio stream player doesn’t fetch the metadata of the song but it plays the song and its title etc. You can contact us via Skype for more info.


Does this theme have a way to have 2 types of artists on albums? I would like to have main artist and sub-artists.


Sorry its not possible to have two types of artists


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Hi! I’ve only 1 external stream, i don’t want to see song list. How to do to have the player in the bottom with only this single stream? thanks

We have a dedicated support forum to give support for our customers. Kindly please register at our support forum and post your questions, all your questions will be answered there on the support forum.

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Hello! I like the categories you have in your search.. but can more be added – such as artists added to the track under the track name and artists referenced to the track? When the track is mixed there are multiple artists (along with record/label) responsible for the final track. An example of artists on one track: Also, can more categories be added – stems, beats and sounds (as a category like Albums and Tracks? In short, can search descriptions be modified? Beautiful theme btw – thanks!

You can link multiple artists for an album. See here

You can’t compare this theme with beatport as a beatport is a big portal. Search section cannot be modified as its based on the separate queries. May be in future we will consider adding labels and genres in search.