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great theme! with the update which will be released tomorrow it will be the best choice for musicans.

please add also a shortcode or pagetemplate to view past and upcoming events seperate

please also add to choose audiotype on posttype djmix.

When will the update be released ?

Its in Q waiting for it to be reviewed soon.

It’s possible to change the theme Slider with the Revolution Slider Plugin? Thanks

Yes it’s possible.

the Menu active class doesnt work correctly in your new update

Open the file musicplay/css/skin.php and find and replace the shortcode shown below.

#atp_menu li.current-cat a, 
#atp_menu li.current_page_item a,
#atp_menu li.current-cat > a, 
#atp_menu li.current_page_item > a,

it makes no changes. i mean that the current active status doesnt switch if i choose a other menuitem (page). So Menuitem Home is always highlighted but im currently on a subpage. i think we need something with javascript to update the current status if the page will be load with ajax

in your online demo its optical not a strong difference, but in other skins it is…

If you can register at our support forum we take a closer look into the issue.

Hello.. I want this theme, but i need the button “add song of player”... this is possible?

I didn’t get your point. where you want to put the button?

Yes its possible. If you click on the playlist icon in player in bottom and click on the albums songs as you shown it will be added into the playlist and you can remove the songs from the playlist too.

Thanks for the update, great work, a solid foundation for any music site to build on.

Thank you

Hi ! This theme seems to be awsome. Have you planned to add a lyrics viewing system ? Is it already possible ?

Yes we will be adding that in the coming update soon

Thank You. I saw that the lyrics system was added. I may ask a lot, but it seems that the lyrics system is not responsive, am I right ? Have you planned to make it responsive (or may be give the administrator the choice of visualization of lyrics in a pop-in or in full page…)? Sorry to ask you a lot, but your theme is one of the most useful theme I saw and I would like to improve it more and more ;) Thanks for your help

You can ask for questions in our support forum instead of here as this discussion is for pre-sale questions mostly.

Very nice theme. For dj mixes, Is it ready for soundcloud, mixcloud, Itunes and rss podcasts ?

Glad you like it.

DJ Mixes is having soundcloud and mp3 formats but no mixcloud and items podcast

I will like to add multiple radio station to the stick player is this possible…also how do i input the ip for the radio option to even work I’ve tired different way but nothing . here is one of my radio IP what else do i need to do to make it actually play this live stream

1) Sticky player will have only 1 station no multiple. For radio assistance please register at our support forum so that i can help you out with setup.

2) DJ Mixes upload limit will be at your side. You need to set the value of upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in your php.ini see below

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
upload_max_filesize = 40M

; Must be greater than or equal to upload_max_filesize
post_max_size = 40M

thank you i just sign up and posted

I will take a look at the post and help you out.

paypal recused brazilian transfers…

i try buy yesterday and today 8 vz..

Didn’t this theme have a continuous mp3 player like a week ago? The player on the bottom? I haven’t bought this yet, but that was a main reason to get this.

Thanks for any reply

Hi, sorry for so many questions. Where is that lyrics option located? Thanks

It’s there in the coming update tomorrow

Thanks!!! Awesome theme by the way.

Very nice, been looking for this for sooooooooooooo long.

Only thing missing is a review post type, template… I like to review, albums, interview artists and drop in a few choice products related to the music industries… Is a review type post or page possible with this excellent theme?

woocommerce compatible? bbpress?

Ok can you recommend a plug-in for that? Also front page/home page is that constructed with short codes or page builder?

I don’t have any idea about such plugin.

For FrontPage we used shortcode generator.

No problem, Going to buy it anyway, awesome job solid base to build on. However, could a post type review template be added, maybe in a future update? It just needs it to review albums among other things, that would just be the icing on the cake.

Hi, sorry. How do I update this? I didnt see any documentation. Thanks

hehe silly me. I figured it out durr

Hi Is there any how to get mp3 download option add it to the song or player

How do you edit the top bar?

Found it!

Hi, i have some problems after the installation of the update to version 1.3. These are the problems: If i click on Theme Options than will be loading the default settings (General Elements, Headers, Typography, Player Option, Sharing). Footer, Link Colors and Custom Font + CSS to remain unchanged. I can’t disable the Top Bar. I have only the option to delete the text in the textfields but I want to use the checkfiled to enable or disable.

I hope you can fix it.

Thanks for any reply.

Please register at our support forum and the support team will help you out with the issues

Such a nice Theme, thank you :)

Thanks, URBNNERD :)

Great theme! Only thing missing is a store function with shoping cart… If I purchase will you be able to help integrate woocomerce plugin into this theme?


Not yet tested with woocommerce. We will test it and let you know. But for sure you need to disable the ajax option if planned to use woocommerce

Player does not work in Google Chrome :(

There is a new update coming in which will look into this chrome issue as well.

I am having a weird problem. I will go to change some settings in the Music Play settings and like a couple min later it will go back to all the default settings by itself. Any Help?

Please register at our support forum and the support team will help you out with the issues.

About to purchase but want to confirm if it’s BuddyPress compatible?

Looks great, thank you!

Not yet tested this theme with buddypress but i think it should be compatible with buddypress. We will test it and let you know soon.