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The menu really doesn’t seem to work well. Once you open it and click on a link, the page loads, but the menu doesn’t close and you have to scroll down to minimize. That’s very awkward for a mobile visitor.

Its due to ajaxified system. If you use without ajaxified then it will work as you are looking for.


I like this theme but I have some question.

1. Is there possible to build a completly different Home Page (I mean the first one), for example like here ( or even – it is also theme from themeforest) and if Yes, is it a hard to do it myself? 2. Is soundcloud connected with the player at bottom everywhere on page? For example in ALBUMS, I don’t store any my music on my server – I have for it my soundcloud account. I want that someone will go to my album and then click in the song, the player will play this music from my soundcloud account. 3. Do You have plans to add some “shop” features in near future? I would like to sell my music and t-shirt and other stuff directly to my fans.

Regards Lisex

Glad you like the theme.

1) Yes its possible to create the front page by yourself but 3 columns section isn’t there in the theme but 2 columns with different widgets for the front page you can assign using any custom sidebar. You can easily do that.

2) Yes can have 3 options for albums one is upload to server or user soundcloud links external source from external sites.

3) We currently added a new feature that if you wish to sell the specific song you can give them the link to purchase from external site. If you wish to sell the complete album then still you have a custom button option where you can add that external purchase link with button.

If you have more queries or wish to see a demo of the backend you can go on our support forum and live chat with us on Skype.

Hi, Do you provide the XML demo content? Thanks, Elena

Please register at our support forum and email us your WP Logins and URL so that we can install a demo xml for you as the theme contains some images and audios which are not for commercial usage only used for display purpose.


This is a pre-sale question.

Is the player continue to play music when a user use the search field ?

Thanks !

Ajax doesn’t works on the fly. We are looking into extending the search functionality.

Thanks. Let me know when you think add this feature !

Sorry we don’t have any ETA for that feature.

just bought this item, heard a lot of good reviews. What makes AivahThemes stand out is their quick response and accommodations to their customers. We see this template growing to be the best out there, cheers.

Thanks musiclass101 for appreciation.

Hi there, I have a weird problem, layout option for page (default template), it doesn’t work… It can be selected, but either left sidebar, right sidebar or fullwidth doewsný work when I publish or update the page. It remains permanently with right sidebar. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you

May be something you are doing wrong coz sidebar layout issue isn’t there. Try registering at our support forum please.

And by the way, I try to register in suport forum, but I don’t received the back e-mail for password. I look also in junk, is not in there also.

Really, is nobody here to help me with this problem? I had contacted you several times through profile contact form, I even send my site login info and nothing… You’re suport forum doesn’t send back the confirmation link in order to register, for that I send my other e-mail account on yahoo, and still nothing… Really so?

PS. I tested the theme on my test site with other server that the one with problems, and it works just fine everything until now. So I have seriously problems with the site in question, so I guess is a wordpress or server issue that causes layouts to not working. I really need some help, if is enybody here…

I didn’t get any email yet. I have set your password as demo1234 for support forum.

Hi, what’s new in this last update? I don’t see any documentation on it. Thanks

It’s there in the changelog text file.

Hello, pre sale info: 1) Is the music player, shoutcast ready? I want to stream my webradio

2) It’s buddypress compatible?

Thank you for the fast reply :)

I hope in the next update for more info, because we need buddypress’s functions (also basic).

For shoutcast, in the future, there are any chances?

Is the player div customizable? If yes, i can put here our radio player!


We will see for buddypress soon and shoutcast as well. regarding the customizable div, if you know PHP and CSS you can customize easily. And player can be disabled if you don’t want to use player.

Ok! I await your response about the update to proceed with the purchase. thanks for the info

How do I update to the latest version?

Download the complete package and see the changelog.txt file for an updates.


I’m also interested for Buddypress !

By this way, user could be save his playlist. It could be awesome !


1) Radio with shoutcast work correctly! :)

2) Buddypress, not yet 100% compatible! (comment function in the activity area doesn’t work)

3) XML Demo content? I need to test it before put online…

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

Pre-sale question – - – My client loves the theme, but we need to know if there is a setting to not automatically play the audio upon page load? I’m 99% sure there would be such an option, but need to make sure. Thank you!

Yes its there.


Having an issue with the player not playing the album completely. Please one track of the selected album and then goes to a random one from another album. Is there any way to fix this? My client needs this changed.

Thank You

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

Why when i sent a new TESTIMIONALS with widget, in the admin area the contents are hidden? All other fields are correctly working, only content area doesn’t work, and so the testimonials don’t appear

Fixed in the Coming version today.

Oh perfect! When it’s ready to download?

Also “Blog carousel” it’s bugged: when i change page and i come back in the blog carousel page, it show bugged.

We have updated this Blog Carousel shortcode and replaced with a new carousel. Testimonial is also fixed. We will be updating the theme soon in a day.

Honestly, you’re bat shit crazy if you don’t buy a theme from these guys. All of their themes are gorgeous and the support is absolutely insane. These folks really care about making sure their customers are satisfied.

Really Appreciate your Kind words Tannercampbell. Thank you.

What are you fixing? The v1.5 it’s incompatible!

1) Shoutcast radio player don’t work anymore; 2) Testiomanials aren’t fixed, same problem; 3) Blog carousel don’t work if you change page and come back;

Now, i want to come back to v.1.4 Please resolve that

Thanks we will take a closer look at it and update is coming soon.

Hello, any news about the update?

Due to new year updates halted for 2 days. we will be uploading tomorrow morning.


Just purchase these theme its awesome. Just having problem with widgets are not showing in widget or sidebars panel.

Never mind got it fixed.

Can buddy press be added to this or is them theme able for dj artist to create there own account instead of the admin ?

DJ Artist account option isn’t there but we are testing it with buddypress integration.


Im having trouble with the album short code i get this message in the front page.

Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be long, giving in /wp-content/themes/musicplay/framework/shortcode/music_album.php on line 88

You need to update the dates for the albums artists and other post types as we have changed the date functionality and display order option. In the future updates you don’t have to re-update the release dates for the albums and artists etc.

Im having trouble understanding you. Can you guide me ?

Edit your albums and reselect the released date for the albums and update the post. If you need more assistance you can chat with us on