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I purchased this theme and would like to add “recent posts” to the homepage. Is there a shortcode to place in the content editor? For example to use under the albums and artists shortcode? I can’t seem to find it in the shortcode generator.

Its not there but you we will consider adding the recent posts shortcode soon. If you are using sidebar there yes we have a widget for the recent posts.

Does this player work with a Shoutcast V2 stream, and does it display the song names?



We are using jPlayer for the Streaming. jPlayer works with Icecast and ShoutCast servers that serve MP3 or M4A (AAC) audio. On ShoutCast servers, you may need to add ;stream/1 to the URL to access the audio live-stream. For example,;stream/1

Congratulations on the program, it seems very modern and functional, have or problem to see if I can fix when I an artist or a gallery I can not view or to preview or when I try to open it from the switch on the picture only error I opss I am running is wrongly configured or missing me something that I have not seen the videos on you tube but do not see anything you have not tried, attached photos of what happens to me in the following link. Greetings from Barcelona Spain

I created the menu of page artist, albums, gallery and works perfect are links to artist, albums, gallery but when viewing the contents of each pressing the button on the image will not appear on the main page, l appears opss 404 see link in this pictures is coorect?

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

When I enter the artists’ bio and featured image, when I click to view the artist page this message appears “Oooops Error 404 We’re sorry, but the page you are looking for doesn’t exist” the same happens when I click on the albums. How can I fix this?

Make sure you set the permalink structure correctly as only / postname / or else it will not work and show you the 404 error.

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

Hi there,

Is there any way to allow integrate e-commerce to allow purchase and download of individual tracks from the player (i.e download/buy button). The theme itself looks hugely versatile but I know that this feature is high on my requirements list…

Many thanks,


Sorry this feature isn’t there. You have an option to add link to buy and download link for external purchase links etc.

Thanks for the prompt reply – much appreciated.


Just a quick question before I buy the theme – is it possible to make the player play a icecast source (.m3u) instead of mp3 files ?

Thanks !

Your this link is working when I tested In theme options you can set an option to auto play on site load or manual play the radio.

Thanks ! It’s working. Quick question, anyway I can get the dummy file to make the site look like yours ?

Once you purchase the theme we will install a dummy pages and content for you as some of the content is protected and not for distribution so we will setup for you with Envato Assets library and you can do accordingly by seeing Video Tutorials, links provided documentation file.

Hi there, In every post I open I must express my gratitude for all you’re work, the same for support as for the theme itself. For every one who have doubts in buying this theme I tell them that it’s a terrible lost if they don’t. Every proposal, personal customisation, problem or anything else, is taken by consideration in matter of hours, and if is good for others and for the theme itself, it will be subject for update. This is my experience with Music Play and Aivah Themes. So, thank’s again for everything!

Thanks Daniel for appreciation.

Great theme. I have a per-sale question.

1: Is the theme woo commerce ready? (Would like to sell merchandise) 2: Can the theme use visual composer plugin? 3: Can the player stream iTunes podcast? ( or url audio streams)

Best Regards.

1) Not yet tested and It will be compatible without ajaxified option. 2) Yes you can use visual composer plugin. 3) It can’t stream iTunes podcast etc. It supports only iceCast and ShoutCast


1. how to remove the 3 pre-set articles (Responsive Design, Best Music Theme & Unlimited Colors)

2. I already created custom sidebar, many times. but after i assigning the post o widget to it, it not appeared. I’m not sure where the sidebar located in the frontpage actually.


1) Go to theme options panel and inside the homepage teaser section remove it. and save changes.

2) If you can register at our support forum and email me the WP Logins then the support team will take a closer look into the issue


Congratulations for your work ! I just buy it now, I enjoy to use it :-)

Best regards,

Yann Anderson

Thanks Yannanderson :)

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

Great update! With the ‘recent posts’ code now available, is there an option to add “read more” at the end of the post brief to link to the entire post?

Also after uploading the artists pics they appear very large on the home page (after adding the artists code) and normal (same 470×470 pixels as the demo) on the artists’ page. Is there a specific size the artists pictures should be uploaded? Instead of displaying left to right the artists pics are on top of each other since the images are so large. I am trying to place the artist code, displaying 4 artists under the albums code, displaying 4 albums


For recent posts you can alter the code and manually add readmore as there is no huge demand on this feature to add readmore to it so we will give you an explanation on our support forum. Regarding other pics issue please use our dedicated support forum.

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

i purchased this program several days ago and i am still trying to get access to support forum. how long does it take you to send out the password to my email address? thanks for your help.

I don’t know why you are not getting email. You can login with same username and P: demo@1234 and change the pass after successful login.

Hi there,

First of all I would like to send a message to anyone that’s interested in buying the theme – The theme does not come with the demo.xml file, to make the your theme look exactly the way it is in the demo.

Second, AviahThemes – I have posted a topic on your forum providing the link, username and password to log in to make the website look like the demo, no luck yet, any updates ?

Hi Raduionut,

First of all I understand your query is that you don’t get a demo.xml file the reason i have already mentioned I the Item details page in last. As i said in the forum anyone who wants to make their site look like demo we have created a video tutorials links provided in the documentation.

Second please show me where you have posted the topic and with which username you have posted the topic so that i can see did i really missed you in giving support.

You’ve set it up like the demo, thank you !

Hi ! I purchased this great template, and am creating my first web page on the web ! So I could have a lot of newbie question, but still would just ask you one :

I use dreamhost with an automatic wp 3.8 on it, and just uploaded your theme I will now adapt to myself.

If there is an update WP and/or your template.. at what time will I be force to “make it all” again from start, erasing my changes ?

I have heard of “child templates” but have no clue what it is, and if it is interesting in my case ?

Thanks for the help ! :)

(for info : this is the link I want to reach : )

and last question : any way to get a (for example) last 5 songs that was played by the .m3u radio player ?

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

Hello, first off i love this theme! Very wel done! I wish the documentation wasnt so brief, and it came with an XML demo, but otherwise i have not ran into many problems. The one question i have, is in your demo site you have albums that contain multiple tracks. ( Heres a screenshot example, im referencing the bottom right 5 tracks Im not sure how to acheive this? More specifically, i would like to have multiple soundcloud links on one slbum page. I understand that you can load a playlist, but i feel it would be more effective to list out the multiple tracks (if possible) on one page. Perhaps is there a link attribute i can call and put into the WYSIWYG? Anyways, thanks for the awesome theme! Im looking forward to more from you!

Also it seems like the “More from” area, under the album section isnt working properly every time. We have genres, and labels set up for each release. It will only show one or the other. Any idea how to fix this? ( here is the site. )

Thanks and Glad you like the theme.

I think you didn’t checked the complete documentation. In last you can find the video tutorials on how to do the complete site as shown in the demo.

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

I’m trying to get my homepage to look similar to the live preview… what shortcodes, specifically, did you use?! That would really help! Thanks!

You can get the updated version tomorrow in which we have added a Sample Data file.


I’m thinking of purchasing the Theme however I would like to see how the Continuous Play works.

That’s the selling feature for me as I’m looking for a audio player setup similar to Soundcloud’s in that you can jump page to page without the music starting over or going to another track.

I have set the theme Ajaxified now you can see the sticky player in bottom continuous play

This is probably my top pick for music themes. I’ll probably end up buying it.

Hi AivahThemes, can I please receive a refund? After installing the theme some of my plugins were broken and causing my site not to load. I have reverted back to my original theme. Thank You.

You can ask for refund to Envato as we are not a individual seller. BTW can you please let us know what was the issue and did you posted any support requests on our dedicated support forum.

Hi AivahThemes, you have a nice theme but one of the important plugins that created errors on my site is my columns shortcode plugin which your theme would not allow to create columns in my post, even when I tried using your themes columns shortcode. Also, no option to rename Albums page name or permalink. For example: “musicplay/album/title” to “musicplay/mixtapes/title”. No option to display post thumbnails in home page. I needed this option to display my post the same way it displays album thumbnails on home page.

If you have any issues you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

Hello! Is it possible to personalize / delete the witget ( responsive design, best music theme, unlimited colors) below the slider in the home ?

Thank you so much!


Yes you can do that from theme options panel easily.

Perfect! thanks!