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Hi there, is there any chace you can addcustom playlist where user can come on my website register and make custom playlists and save them?

Hey they sorry for bothering you again.. i just registered and tried it yes you can make the playlist but can i save and name the playlist and make anotherone and save it

Yes. go to any music detail page and click the “Add to playlist” button.

How can I add my own mp3 file into the template under listen.html? Thanks!!!

This is static html template, and does not support play songs from page. the songs list in “js/jplayer/demo.js”

The Wordpress version support add songs from back-end and play on front page.


thanks this is what i was looking for:

you can put a “data-jp-src” attribute on a link play

$(document).on(‘click’, ‘[data-jp-src]’, function(e){ e && e.preventDefault(); var music = {}; music.title = $(this).attr(‘title’); music.mp3 = $(this).attr(‘data-jp-src’); myPlaylist.add(music); myPlaylist.play(-1); });

Yes. put the music fine on the element attribute.

Something wrong with nav bar when open in mobile device. When i open nav bar in mobile device & scroll up nav bar don’t stay in place. Nav bar get up & leave blank space in bottom of browser. Please help with it. Same issue also apear on your demo . Please fix it.

Snapshoot : http://www.androidfry.com/uploads/images/ferror.jpg

Here i uploaded the theme http://lassun.com/yoyo/index.html Still getting error . :(

. I’m using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. & also tested on Redmi 2.

Sorry, I was taking the wp theme. you can add custom css to fix this.
@media (max-width: 767px){
    .nav-off-screen + * {
        position: fixed !important;

Thanks problem solved.


mathyx Purchased

Hello, I download your theme “Musik” but missing the “Style.css” Where is this document ?

This is not a wordpress theme, it’s a static html template.

WP version: https://themeforest.net/item/musik-responsive-music-wordpress-theme/12127123


Hi There I have some questions before I purchase. 1. My website is about cover songs, so could it set out like this. “artists” is Justin Bieber and “albums” is changed to “Songs” ie What Do You Mean and then within the album there is 10 cover versions of the song? Would that be possible?

Is there a way to bulk upload SoundCloud songs?

Is it posible to disable the cart/buy features?

Album can have multiple tracks with different cover.

No bulk functions in this theme.

You can disable the cart/buy feature in this theme options.


Preview not working alot of the time? can you go to my website and test out songs such as “echoes” and “rain” www.ugorecords.com ….i’ve tried deleting and reuploading with no luck, whats going on?

nvm, its because the files were not mp3

the autocomplete is not work with jquery in the musik how to fix it plz

This template does not have a autocomplete plugin. which one are you using?

So when I am playing from a playlist on mobile phones and I minimize the site which creates an audio player on the top. the player will play the next 2 songs and doesn’t go to the next song until I got back to the page then play will resume to the next song. I would want it to keep playing and only stop when all songs in the playlist are played. How can achieve this? I couldn’t find anything in js files. Thanks http://m.afrocharts.com/

If your mobile phone is in lock mode. it will stop to play next songs.

Yea it does but i want it to keep going.How can i fix this or Where can i find the logic where it checks if its in locked mode? thx

This is a web app and can not control it.

On mobile display, the player sticks to the bottom of the page. The user needs to scroll through so much of content to get to pause the audio playing. is there a way to get the audio player to sort of get it sticky to the bottom of the screen at all times on listen.html?

Use a custom css
@media (max-width: 767px) {
      position: fixed;
      bottom: 0;
      left: 0;
      right: 0;

Fantastic! Thanks for your help.

Hello Sir,

I am not able to install the musik theme

My Mail ID – manish@masteryinfotech.com

Please contact me

You purchased the html template.

not the WP version: https://themeforest.net/item/musik-responsive-music-wordpress-theme/12127123


i purchased your wp theme and import content but menu css is not working

You need go to appearance > menus, select the menu to location.

There is no settings page, do i need to create own ? but there is no psd so i can design settings page from html design.

Any idea or help ?

No psd file. You can use the form element to create the setting page.


actually i have some question about this theme before purchased. i have a mobile app site http://vidmatefree.com .Is this theme suitable for my site? If i customize this theme of my own for my apps site then i will purchased this theme. Thanks

This is a music template. Thanks


0liverr Purchased


I bought your template and i’m really pleased about it. By default, the name of the song is displayed on the player (in the element) and i would like to display the name of the artist too. I guess that somewhere the title is picked up from the Playlist object but i can’t find where in the code. So can you tell me where did you set this function?

Best regards,

Olivier Ribiere

The player only display the title on the player. if you want to display the artist, you can use a js to get the object title and update the element.
$(document).on($.jPlayer.event.setmedia, myPlaylist.cssSelector.jPlayer,  function(){
     var item = myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current];
     var artist = item['artist'];

0liverr Purchased

It works fine, thanks!


I interested with this app. I have some questions for you…

1. The music doesn’t play for preview on my phone…? 2. Can I change the musics later if I have bought this theme? Do you have documentation for it? 3. Which one is better? This one or the wordpress one?

Please reply my questions… Thank you…

1. Maybe some music file missing. test other music. 2. This template is a static html template. you need know coding to change music 3. The Wordpress one is a wordpress theme. you can manage the music without coding skill.



This is my purchase ID : b50097c9-d642-4210-a001-476ad064ae0a

I have issue when i use this template with vuejs – problem looks minor but i don’t know what could be issue. Your code start with section tag and i am using #app id div and trying to wrap code within it but it gives me height problem and not 100%;


You can set a height:100% on the <div id=”app” style=”height: 100%”></div>