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Hello, excellent template, very good layouts and idea for my developing webapplication.

But, a have first some questions about:

- Why, after click the link, webbrowser take two same ajax request? I thinking… is this not feature!

- Are you provide some any usage documentation about this template after purchase?

- It’s using a custom ajax to load other page when click the link. you can disable this function.

- Docs here http://flatfull.com/themes/musik/docs.html


I want to buy the wordpress template of this theme, the one for 60 dollars, but by mistake bought the html template. I require a refund so that I can buy the wordpress theme(from you). I have requested a refund, kindly reply.

Refunded. Thanks


I am trying to put animation on all pages load, like in template right now when open video page or home page link after visit other link Page animation doesn’t work,

I added default div class here : class=”w-f-md” thought this is for animation as it in other pages too.

But page animation not working.

Can you help how to animate other pages when load ?

You need put the id=”ajax-container” for ajax load.

Thanks :)

Hey I’m really interested in purchasing this theme. I noticed this player looks identical to the one used on BeatStars.com. Is it possible to make the music player be persistent across pageloads like they do?

The BeatStars.com used the html version and integrated with their own code. You can use ajax to load the content and keep the player on the page. eg. https://github.com/defunkt/jquery-pjax

or you can choose the WordPress version. https://themeforest.net/item/musik-responsive-music-wordpress-theme/12127123


Hi, I would to know how to make the graphs in dashboard pick data from MySQL Database using php

Which graphs?

the charts

You can output the chart data in javascript or use the ajax to get the data then init the charts plugin.

Hi Flatfull, How to I get mp3 to work on “listen.html” page? I saw other comment that you answered about adding attributes to links. Can you explain a little further? Where do I add and What do I add?

You can bind js function to a play button. when click it. js get the mp3 file from the attribute and add to player playlist.

I could have bought the html template. I require a refund so that I can buy the wordpress theme (from you). I will submit a refund, kindly reply.

Refunded. Thanks