Discussion on Musik - Responsive Music WordPress Theme

Discussion on Musik - Responsive Music WordPress Theme

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Is it possible to replace the Easy Digital Downloads with Woocommerce?

No. but you can check out new music theme, Musicon/Waveme, it support EDD or WOO. Thanks

Please see my refound request! I want to buy your new theme instead!

You can purchase our other music theme then submit this refund. Thanks

Does it work with WordPress 6.1? ( Current latest version )

I will look into it. but you can check our new theme Waveme and Musicon or the Bepop.


Should I request refund? As if you’re suggesting to me buy another theme of yours? I can ask my client.

After buying other theme then request the refund. Thanks

Can artist upload thier music from frontend and albums from frontend

what about if they use edd? can they load music

is the theme still supported and has updates?

We still support it, but no updates. Thanks


guinoel Purchased

Hello, I am getting this: Notice: Undefined index: pagination in /homepages/11/d602463119/htdocs/clickandbuilds/MUSICPATRICKSTEREOCAP/wp-content/themes/musiks/inc/widgets/widget-music-post.php on line 224

and this : Notice: Undefined index: pagination in /homepages/11/d602463119/htdocs/clickandbuilds/MUSICPATRICKSTEREOCAP/wp-content/themes/musiks/inc/widgets/widget-music-term.php on line 198

You can install the WordPress classic editor to manage the music.


guinoel Purchased

ok good. the problem is with the pagination for example on the artist’s page above the third page I have a 404 error : https://blog.patrickstereocap.com/artists/booba/page/3

I do not think the User page can support pagination

Hello, is it possible to put the “play” button on the thumbnails of the search result ?

You need customize the search.php


How can I remove/hide the artist name/info. (ie: by artist name)? All music on the site will be from the same individual (not multi artist marketplace).

How can I include the website tag line in the header?

thank you

Use custom css to hide it

.item-desc .text-xs{display:none;}

(Confirmed Purchase) Please can you answer my (OUR) questions? Do you not realise everyone here has brought your theme with ‘SUPPORT for 6 months?’ and it’s only when you answer my questions I can move forward with the design process? I’m literally hanging on your ever Answer??? – I cant’t do anything till you support me?

Thanks for understanding

Post the questions and you will get answered. Thanks

If this is based on EDD, does that mean it has all the same set up features, etc. Or is EDD included in the theme?

Yes. it’s based on EDD to manage the music and have edd features. Thanks

I want this theme to sell my audio, but this theme doesn’t have the latest update, last update 2 years, I’m sure there will be a lot of bugs. If you keep this theme updated, I’m sure there will be more and more buyers, myself included. And why you not support this item. Sad… :’(

This theme used old tech. but the Bepop/Waveme music theme use new tech. I suggest you use the Bepop or Waveme. Thanks

Hello, I have many problems installing the theme. Can you provide me with a set of videos explaining how to activate it

Read the musik-documentation.pdf in the download zip file to install the plugins and import the demo data and widget data. Thanks

hello , when I search a word at the top search field , and the result page comes up and I click thumbnail picture , there is no response .. I must click subject text.

Is there any way to make go to view page when I click thumbnail picture in search result page ? (when i click the same content in genre page , thumbnail click OK but search result page NO)

Open file “wp-content/themes/musiks/template-parts/content-thumbnail.php” replace line 12-14 with
<a class="post-media pull-left m-lg m-r-none hidden-xs" href="<?php echo esc_url( get_permalink() ); ?>">
            <?php the_post_thumbnail( 'thumbnail', array( 'class' => 'img-full r r-2x' ) ); ?>

thanks .. it worked !!

Hello, I am getting this:

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /public_html/wp-content/themes/musiks/inc/widgets/widget-music-term.php on line 56

PHP 7.4.23

Can not replicate the warning in admin or front-end. you can replace the line 56 code with

$offset = (int)$count * ( (int)$paged - 1) ;

Thank you!

Hello, I’m looking to buy this theme, I have some questions before buying.

1. Does it work on Wordpress 5.8 and PHP 7?

2. Will I have updates for compatibility with new versions of WP and Php?

3. Can the dark theme be customized?


1.2. Yes. 3. Need custom css.

I recommend the Waveme theme. The musik theme use old tech and we do not provide support for musik theme anymore.


hello .. the “post ” can have a category ..but “page” cannot have a category. and “page” can have a templet (page with side bar) but “post” cannot have a template.. Is there any way to have a category for page .. or is there any way to have a template for post ?

It’s WordPress default. no category for page, Follow this to create template for post type. https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/template-files-section/custom-post-type-template-files/

Edit a page and select the “Hide page title” on the page advanced tab.

Thanks for your reply !

Hi, please I’m interested in this theme, but before I proceed with the purchase, I just want to know if it is possible to insert a button at the bottom of each content… Like a call to button.. Please check the keemhub com and check a post.. At the very end, you’d see a Download Mp3 button. The button function comes with the current theme so I want to know if yours comes with it too or there is a way to add it. Thanks

This theme has a download button near the play button.

But you can insert any button in the post. or use a code to insert button after the content.


hi, amazing theme, is there any way to make genres 2 menu.. and I select acoustic and hiphap only… In genres page , there is no contens.. only blank.. how can i select acoustic and rock in genre page and ..how can i select hip and jazz in another duplicated genres 2 page ? ..

No multiple selection feature, it’s taxonomy link. Thanks

I’m considering buying this theme but I can’t figure if : 1) the audio has “persistent/continuous” play when you change page and navigate from page to page ? 2) can you feed the theme with audio from external source (external server, file not registered in Wordpress) ? The demo demo does not play any audio

1. Yes. continue playing without stop. 2. Yes, external url support. the demo media file missing.


How can I migrate from Musik theme to your other themes like pulse?

The music data is different. Not easy to import the data to pulse theme. Thanks

Please I have not been sent the license purchase code

This item?


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