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Where can I see the fluid demo?

Hi islandtalker,

Here you can view the fluid version: http://www.dreamwire.nl/themes/Mustache/fluid/

Very nice! well done design :)

Thank you! :-)

I need to know if I can put form fields in BOX SIZE HALF or THREE -QUARTER SIZE BOX without affecting the layout?

Hi miguelmuller,

You can put everything in different size boxes, everything will scale automaticly.

Kind Regards, Rory

another colour?

Hello Sdam,

Which colour do you wanna see?

hi … yes, colour: green

hi … yes, colour: green …. i will buy today with colour Green

Very good design and documentation.

Thank you :)

I must admit, its a very nice design! Now my question:

Is there a planning to create a responsive layout? (tab / phone)

Hi HRR1337 ,

Thank you!

I will add that in the next update.

Hi, can you tell me what chart script ypou use & will it pull data from mysql or recordsets?


Hi Miam00,

I use jQuery Flot with a plugin so you can make the charts with tables.

here a some preview code:
<div class="chart-caption">Statistics 2012</div> 
<table class="chart-bars" style="width : 100%;"> 
            <th /> 
            <th style="color : #e10000;">unique visitors</th> 
            <th style="color : #000000;">pageviews</th> 

Ahh thanks for the quick reply. I have tried to pull data using flot in the past and really struggled as the documentation doesn’t really cover how to get the data out of mysql.

Nice work though.

Thanks anyway.

Hi Miam00,

With this plugin i used you can put all your data in tables and the plugin will transform it in a chart. So your output can be like the code in my other reply. :)

Quick question, The left hand pane can be hidden clicking on the little handle, but could it be reversed easily? Meaning that the left hand pane is always hidden at load time and can be shown by clicking the handle?

Hi Neophys,

Here is a quick anwser, yes! ;)

- Open costum.js en change the Hide left panel function to:

$("#left").animate({width:"0px"}, 0);
$("#right").animate({marginLeft:"20px"}, 0);
$("#wrapper, #container").animate({backgroundPosition:"-230px 0px"}, 0);
$(".hide-btn.top, .hide-btn.center, .hide-btn.bottom").animate({left: "-7px"}, 0);

    if($("#left").css("width") == "0px"){
        $("#left").animate({width:"230px"}, 500);
        $("#right").animate({marginLeft:"250px"}, 500);
        $("#wrapper, #container").animate({backgroundPosition:"0 0"}, 500);
        $(".hide-btn.top, .hide-btn.center, .hide-btn.bottom").animate({left: "223px"}, 500, function() { $(window).trigger("resize");});
        $("#left").animate({width:"0px"}, 500);
        $("#right").animate({marginLeft:"20px"}, 500);
        $("#wrapper, #container").animate({backgroundPosition:"-230px 0px"}, 500);
        $(".hide-btn.top, .hide-btn.center, .hide-btn.bottom").animate({left: "-7px"}, 500, function() { $(window).trigger("resize");});

Kind Regards,

The code provided worked exactly as expected!

Purchased the theme beceause it has a good balance between design and functionality.

Some features i would like to see;

1. possible for icons before text in boxes 2. possibleto get static boxes (without the collapsable) 3. When a box is collapsable; and its collapsed, that the icon will change in a + (to make it larger). 4. Possible for flat text; that there is no use for a box (for the space). At this moment when you want to create (for example) a FAQ ; you need always a box around the text.. i want to see that you can also create text without the need for boxes :) 5. Colored icons 6. Responsive layout

Thats at this moment my ‘wishlist’ :) I wish the author all the best in the world :-) its a really beautyfull theme, and sure gonne use it in upcomming project.

Hi HRR1337 ,

1. i will look at it and i think i made that possible in the next update.
2. Delete <span class="hide" /> in the title div and you dont have the collapse function.
3. i will look at it and that will be in the next update.
4. If you only place a section div with your text in this you dont have a box around it. (i see i must update a little css to make the blockquote and list items work then) but you can make it.
5. i will look at it and i think i made that possible in the next update.
6. I am busy with that.

Hi HRR1337 ,

For no boxes i have made a better solution (this will be in the next update but you can add it now if you want)

If you want to use no boxes in a page make then a div with the class plain in the id=”right” div like:

<div id="right">
    <div class="plain">
        Here your content
And in style.css you add this lines:
#wrapper #container #right .plain {
display: block;
margin: 20px 20px 0 0;


Waiting for the updates!

Do you plan on supporting further colors? A grey/dark variation would be a nice addition.

Hi Neophys,

I will take a look if i can make a pretty dark version of it.

Kind Regards, Rory

Very nice design – will be purchasing for my next project.

Thank you! :-)

Best admin theme I’ve came across, well worth the money. Can’t think of a feature I need that it doesn’t have yet.

Only thing I would have liked to seen (still wasn’t a problem, a quick 3 minute fix) is the ability to make the content (what you call “right”) area full screen as to not have the left sidebar there. At least I didn’t see an option to do it, so I just changed the CSS up a little so it can handle either a full content area or a sidebar with a right content area.

Even with that minuscule problem, still the best theme I’ve found so far.

Hi Chuffman,

Thank for your compliments!

If you see my reply by the user ‘Neophys’ then the sidebar (‘left’) is alwasy collapse when the page load, so the rightside is then fullscreen. (or do you mean someting else?)

Ah, I see that now, that is one way I could have fixed it. But in my particular case the pages didn’t need the sidebar at all, so I just removed the left / right columns and gave it a full page.

Still superb work.

A suggestion for future additions if any could be to add a breadcrumb feature using jquery ( could be JCrumb), styled to match the layout.

Hi Neophys,

I will take a look at it. :)

Please suggest how to enable fluid layout after downloading the artifacts. Currently dashboard.html opens in fixed layout.

Hi sagarthakker,

Open the style.css and you will see how you can make it fluid. :)

Usually i don’t comment on the themes i buy. i see them, i like them and i buy them, then if i can work with them i keep them, else, i just throw them away. I bought many admin themes here on themeforest, all of them looking amazing, but after adding them into my CMS and put them to work, everything became a mess really fast. Usually with all the themes, the big problem is that the UI is TOO slow when adding complex items to a page.

Well, that was happening until i bought this theme, which is just amazing. It is very fast, like thunder fast comparing with all the other themes here. The layout is very smart, very easy to alter and make it look as you want. Great visual elements and a very clean code. As if it was for me, i would call it the number one admin theme around themeforest, just amazing, thank you for creating this, i REALLY appreciate your skills.

Hi Twisted1919,

Thank you for your kind words.

Greqt job this is theme I like the easy layout. :)

Hi Innerclick,

Thank you. :)

can I use this admin on my wordpress admin?

Hi zx7md,

If you can build it in, yes. But i think it is not easy to do. (i dont recommend)

Hi, Very nice theme, can it have a progress bar?


Hi Frecinos,

In a next update i will put the progressbar option in the Mustache template.

Kinds Regards, Rory

Great! Any ETA on the new update?


Hi Frecinos,

Not yet, i am just waiting for buyers that are asking for some new features…

I have now 2 things on the list breadcrumbs and progressbar options. When i have some more i will made a new update.