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Another thing which I think would be very handy, is the possibility to have multiple modal boxes on the same page. Atleast i was unable to add more than one at the moment.

Hi Neophys,

To have multiple modal boxes on one page then you can change this:

- open costum.js and scroll to line 84
- change the modal windows function to:

    $('.modalopen').each(function() {  
        $.data(this, 'dialog', 
            autoOpen: false,
            closeText: '',
            resizable: false,
            modal: true,
            show: "fade",
            hide: "fade",
            width: 700,
            height: 392
    }).click(function() {  
        $.data(this, 'dialog').dialog('open');  
        return false;  

This code wil be added in the next update for all the others.

Great template! Just bought it. Here’s some feedback:

  • Maybe you could add a tooltip to the handle to hide the sidebar explaining what it does or something similar, you know, for people that is less educated on using web applications. I like how the Admintasia Template does it (with a “Close sidebar” button. I find it more descriptive).
  • Have you considered using the Chosen jQuery plugin to replace the multiselect form element? I would love if you do.
  • It would be great if you could add a darker alternative for the icons to ease its readability.
  • I’d say nested items in the sidebar menu need some work.

Keep up the good work!. Best Regards.

Hi Jose_Miguel,

Thanks for your advice i will do something with it in the next update!

Kinds Regards, Rory

Looking forward to it!. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.

Hi, how can we validate selectboxes on form ? I try add validete class but it didn’t work.

Hi nokproduction,

I found a solution:

- Open the JS file costum.js and scroll to line 273
- change the Form validation function into:

$.validator.addMethod('require-one', function(value) {
    return $('.require-one:checked').size() > 0;
}, 'Please, check at least one box.');

var checkboxes = $('.right .require-one');
var checkbox_names = $.map(checkboxes, function(e, i) {
    return $(e).attr("name")
}).join(" ");

    meta: "validate",
    groups: {
        checks: checkbox_names
    errorPlacement: function(error, element) {
        if (element.attr("type") == "checkbox") error.insertAfter(element.parent().siblings().last());
        else error.insertAfter(element);
- On your checkboxes add this: class=”require-one” so it would look like this:
<input type="checkbox" name="family" value="" id="six-check" class="require-one" />
<label for="six-check">Option 04</label>

Thanks for your reply, but i need select box validation, type is select.

I am busy on that one to… it will be in the next update!

The update is comming but i am very busy at the moment, sorry.

hi, i am having trouble with the wysiwyg html link item. whenever i click to add a link it refreshes the page and nothing is added to the box. how do i sort out this problem? your help will be highly appreciated. thanks.

i solved the problem, i visited this site: https://github.com/akzhan/jwysiwyg/downloads and downloaded the jwysiwyg file and replaced the wysiwyg.link.js file with the one i downloaded and it worked fine.

besides, i love this theme. keep up the good work

Hi Catune,

Oke good, i will look for that problem to! And will fix it in the next update.


This theme looks great and this is the first theme I purchased from Themeforest.

I am new to this… Just to get me started… Can you please tell me where to add regular expressions if I want to validate an input field?

I want to add another input field like the email field but it should be validated against another regular expression. How can I achieve this?

Thanks asela

Hi Asela123,

You want something like this? http://jsfiddle.net/TW8F4/2/

This function is not build in the template so then you must for now build it in by yourself.

But you can also use the form validation on the form page… It’s not the same but then you have inline form validation…

Kind Regards, Rory

Im sorry I meant form validation on the form page….

There is input text field that validates the email. I am assuming it is validating through java script using reg expressions… Where does this take place? custom.js? I tried to find the reg expression but couldnt find it..

I want to do the same thing but check a particular address format.. where do I put the regular expression?

Hi Asela123,

With the input you can change the error text with the class:

<input type="text" value="" name="name" class="{validate:{required:true, messages:{required:'Please enter your name'}}}">
Change the Please enter your name in the text you want

In the costum.js on line 273 there you find the fuction of the plugin. And jquery.validate.min.js is the plugin it self for the inline validation.

I hope this helps you?

Kind Regards,

I’ve recently purchased this template. I have only 1 thing to say: the border of the inputs and textareas are to light, it should be darker for more readability. Btw, it’s an awesome template! :bigsmile:

Hi, How to send values to the modal window?

Hi Reewa,

What do you mean?

just bought the template, how do I change it to fluid width?

Hi Imm77,

See the style.css

Kind Regards, Rory

I have a small issue with the charts in this theme, perhaps you could assist me in solving it? If i build a chart where i want the X-axis to contain the dates of the last 30 days, then it will not render correctly.

The only way to show a chart is to have a number sequence in the X-axis, such as and so forth.

Could you tell me how i could assign custom values in the

part of the table?

Hey Rory, i really love this template, but i checked the mobile versions of the Page, which is important to me. And i found 2 issues for me.

  • On an IPad, i cant zoom into the page, so the text is too small to read it (liquid or fixed makes no difference).
  • On my Mobile-Phone the site works very well. But the Menu is only represented by the header graphics from the template. What happens, when i dont want those bold graphics in my main template. Can i make them visible in mobile only?

Thanks for your Work! Sven

Hi BlueDevil85,

I have answered the email you have send.

Yes, thanks for your Support. The Thema and your Support are really great. I love how clean and structured even your folders are …

Hi, Awesome theme! The best i have seen around.

One question. How do i have a multi-select box.

<select name=”x[]” size=”10” multiple>

Does not work?

Please advice

Hi Swapdude,

Thank you and here is the anwser:

Put a class ‘multiple’ on it:

<select multiple="multiple" size="5" class="multiple">
    <option value="">Option number 1</option>
    <option value="">Option number 2</option>
    <option selected="selected" value="">Option number 3</option>
    <option value="">Option number 4</option>
    <option value="">Option number 5</option>
    <option selected="selected" value="">Option number 6</option>
    <option value="">Option number 7</option>
    <option value="">Option number 8</option>
    <option value="">Option number 9</option>
    <option value="">Option number 10</option>

That worked like a charm. Also how can I have multiple forms on the same page that require validation?

Hi Swapdude,

The update is almost ready to sumbit (some hours) and then this is possible! So i hope you can wait for a moment.

Kinds Regards, Rory

Hey, great theme you made.

How can I get rid of the left sidebar? I tried deleting it and removing the hide buttons, but the sidebar still occupies it space..

Hi RuiGomes,

If you have deleted the div with the left id and all the content inside it then you must change the css from the rightside:

This is the normal right side css:

#wrapper #container #right {
    display : block;
    position : relative;
    background : #FFFFFF;
    margin : 0 0 0 250px;
    padding : 0 0 61px;

Now change it to this:

#wrapper #container #right {
    display : block;
    position : relative;
    background : #FFFFFF;
    padding : 0 0 61px 20px;

Kind Regards, Rory


This a great theme. But i have noticed the following

select menu , buttons, option and radio button doesn’t have focus. finding it difficult to know which control is having focus.

Hi Reewa,

In the forms-btn.css and forms.css you can delete the outline : none line of the buttons, inputfield etc and then you have your focus back.

Hey there,

How can I open the modal window using a standard text link instead of a button?

Regards, Rui Gomes

Hi RuiGames,

Just add the class to the link:
<a href="#" class="modalopen">Open the dialog</a>

Just tried that but the modal windows don’t disappear. This is within a table. The code is:

echo ‘Open the dialog’; echo ‘ The download link is: http://www.chiefupload.com/download/'.$file['filename'].' ’;

Hi dreamwirenl, very nice job on this template. My suggestions for the next update would be: Select with search,Multiple with search,Input with tooltip,Time picker, Loader with overlay ….


Hi There,

Great file!

Quick question: Is there a simple way to turn the sidebar collapsible function off? So that the sidebar is always hidden until the user clicks the tab.

Thanks, Dave

I have answered your email you have sent….


Thanks for this template. I like it a lot. To things that i am missing or struggling with…

I make an jquery ajax requerst to get some data and repopulate a form (for the edit mode)....

In the form there is a select box, i can’t manage to select the right row. my values are with IDs so nothing complicated… but do I have to restyle the select again?

and the focus on checkboxes and radios does not work. I have seen another post, where you say to delete the outline. but for the checkboxes and radios there is no outline.

and just a little bug to report: when I load values of checkboxes and the state changes i have to render the checkboxes again

function renderRadioCheck() { $("input[type=radio], input[type=checkbox]").each(function() { if ($(this).parents("table").length === 0) { $(this).customInput(); } }); }

so this function does the trick, but when you apply it multiple times on the same page, the checkbox gets wrapped by so it is nesting each time further…

Thanks for your feedback

Hi Hans,

Can you send me an email (see my profile) with a example of your problems?

For the focus on radios and checkboxes add this to your forms.css:
.row .right .custom-checkbox label.focus, 
.row .right .custom-radio label.focus {
    outline: 1px dotted #ccc;