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Hi there, I am having problems with select dropdown boxes.

I have checked the rest of the comments but cannot find a solution.

When I open up a drop down and select a value the drop down stays open until I click off it somewhere else on the screen.

Please can you provide a fix for this issue.

All the best

Hi Spedward,

No can do! It is the plugin that is working like that you can replace the plugin with a other one but i will not build a new plugin for it sorry.

Hi there,

Got another wee issue I am wondering if you can help me with?

This is regarding Datatables forms not displaying correctly when placed in minimised box.

Basically, if I have the boxes on the interface closed as default with a datatable form within, when I maximise the box the datatables for is all screwed up – it still functions, but it doesn’t stretch full with like if the box is maximised by default.

I require all my boxes to be minimised as default with datatable forms within so this is a major issue.


Hi again,

I have test it with a datatable inside a box with all the options but i have no problems when i opening it? (test it in Chrome, FF and IE)

Kind Regards, Rory

You were right – it was an issue with my code.


In IE8 on pages “plain” and “typography” fonts are rendered differently. On “plain” page black text appears to be darker. Is it possible to make them consistent?

Hi Gazum,

It’s all the same color (#000000) in the page so i think your eyes are trick you. (or IE 8 it is)

Kind Regards,

Hi again,

Thanks for answering my previous questions. Continuing to love this theme!

Got another question: when you expand a widget are using the + image in the span where is the JavaScript that is called? I need to hook in to this JavaScript to resize a google map but can find the javascript that is called to do this.


Hi Spedward,

Open costum.js and see line 33 (// HIDE BOXES )

Hi there, I have looked in to this further and it appears to be the case that the method you mentioned on line 33 of costum.js is only called when the page is initially loaded – not on the onclick of the span.

When you click on the span to show / hide the widget – what is called then.

I am asking because I want to set a cookie to remember the status for the next time.

Hi There again.

Thank you so much for all your help with your template so far – you can probably guess by now that jQuery / JavaScript is not my strong point!

I have another question that I am wondering if you can help me with: I dont want to use datatables in my application but when I remove the datatables.js file from being imported other javascript parts of the site break. Is there a way to fix this? they seem to be all linked together.


Hi Spedward,

That is the js what is used on the show/hide thing more JS i dont use for it.

If you remove the datatable.js then you must do the follow to delete in costum.js line 410 // DATATABLES to 443.

Hi, Regular license includes documentation?

Hi SmokePK,

Yes it is.

Kind Regards, Rory

I am interested in this design, just want to confirm that documentation for modification and help will be available in regular license? Please confirm ASAP , because I need this urgent. Thanks, Smoke

Bom dia, por favor, como eu posso fazer uma quebra de linha, ao usar um tooltip???

Good day, please, how can I make a line break, to use a tooltip??

I did not find solution


Hi Ulissesprev,

If you want to use HTML in the tooltips you must change some lines in costum.js.

- Go to line 94. - and change that into:
    $(".tip-n").tipsy({gravity: 'n', html: true});
    $(".tip-w").tipsy({gravity: 'w', html: true});
    $(".tip-e").tipsy({gravity: 'e', html: true});
    $(".tip-s").tipsy({gravity: 's', html: true});

Kind regards,

Sorry! Have classified the comment as inappropriate by mistake, just wanted to say thank you.

I’m having trouble using thickbox with tabs, the tabs do not work properly, I can not switch between tabs. any suggestions? this only happens when I open using thickbox, if I do not open the tab works normally.


Do you have a example for me? (you can send me a email on my profile page)

Good afternoon, I’m having trouble with using javascript with selectbox. Through a radio button, I want to select an option to select, more by clicking on the radio nothing happens, I saw something in that line, because when shot, my function works, any suggestions ?

    $(function() {
        $('.dataTables_length input, select').not("select.multiple").selectmenu({
            style: 'dropdown',
            transferClasses: true,
            width: null,

Hi Ulissesprev,

What you can do is with this line:
$(’.dataTables_length input, select’).not(“select.multiple”).selectmenu({

That you make from .not(“select.multiple”) this: .not(“select.multiple, select.nostyle”)

And give your radiobutton select box a class nostyle, then you have a normal select box.

Ok, about that anymore, I’m losing the formatting of the field, that’s right? I do not want to lose the style applied to this component. The selectbox stayed with different formatting, default html.


Thats right, you delete the style then.

Can you send me a email with an online example of your problem? You can see the email form at my profile page.

Hi, do you have a sample about how to implement dependent select (like Country and City) without losing the select style ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Elismoran,

What do you mean? You can make a select with differtent countrys and citys? Can you send me an example by email what you want?

Can u tell me how to implement dependent select’s like Country and Citys, I tryed a lot of examples of this but don´t work when I put it in your template! If i comment the select styles in forms.css my dependent selects works ok, but i want this wrking with your style! So if you have an example of how to implement dependent selecs on your template I will appreciatte!

Thanks in advance, Eli

Build your plugin in the template and then style that plugin…

If you make your plugin work and send me an email (see my profile page) with an online example then i can help you to style it.

What an absolutely beautiful template, this worked perfectly for what I needed.

Thank you! :-)

Hi, how can I implement in form validation other validations, like for example: required and email, or only numbers, etc…

This is your example: class=”{validate:{required:true, messages:{required:’Please enter your name’}}}”

Thanks in advance, Eli

Hi Elimoran,

There are inputs where you only can use numbers, or lowercase etc.

See: http://www.dreamwire.nl/themes/Mustache/v1.2/Fixed/forms.html and then scroll to ‘Inputs with filtering’. Then you dont have to use the validation for them.

For an emailadress:
{validate:{required:true, email:true, messages:{required:'Please enter your email address', email:'Please enter a valid email address'}}}

Thank you – This is by far one of the best admin interfaces I’ve ever used! Well thought out, easy to customize and worth ten times the money.

I look forward to seeing more of your work out there!

rtl version is possible ?

It is possible with some work…

if i will buy it can you only delete the left bar for me?

Hi Profis,

Thats no problem… If you have bought it send me a email and i will help you.

Thank you so much !

Hi Rory, is there a possibility for a HTML5 version of thisadmin skin in future? Regards Piet

Hi Piet,

No sorry….