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I’m having problems with the site demo. It seems to link to an advert at Cmsadvance.com? Actually, all of your demo’s are having this problem.

Thank you! Checked and fixed.

Awesome theme man, congrats!

Hi, i change html maps google code, but it´s seems not replace.

The language show on maps is russian, how change this?


Hello, Thanks for the great template. But is anyone else having troubles with the Masonary Gallery when you change the window size to <480px??

I have had a look at it on the demo, the downloaded file and also the site which I implemented it, and they all do not work properly.

Thanks, DMS

Hello! Please email us and describe what exactly does not work, link to your website and screenshots will be very helpful.

We are working on update, it’s waiting for Themeforest team approval. Thank you for contacting us about this issue.

Update released! Please make sure you updated the template.


Need to know what exactly what works with Java, JQuery or PHP.

I guess only will the contact form and Masonry Layout Grid, isn’t it?

I ask you to know exactly what will not work in local mode.


Hello, only contact form uses jQuery + php.

hello, how can i make the background images visible also on mobile?

thank you a

layout/style.css line 779. There is code: .page-item-class{ background-image:none !important; } Just remove it

Hi, This is awesome, how to embed video youtube or Vimeo? Thanks

This is html template – you just get share code (<iframe ….) and insert into code of template.

Hi! thanks for the great theme!

I would like to make some adjustments if you can help.

I would like to only have four of your sections in my one-page design: 1. The TOP HEADER page where I wish to only have a scalable background image and my logo centered over it, completely responsive. Under the logo I will keep the down arrow which will scroll down to the 2. ABOUT Page (page 1) 3. CONTACT Page (page 5) 4. FOOTER

The menu would be Home, About, Link 1 (my own link), Link 2 (my own link), Contacts.

I’m having a problem when I remove all your home page copy and only place my logo png. I can’t center it for some reason. So basically I want only one single png image (my logo) centered over the home page background image. Also with the scroll down arrow icon under my logo image. How can I center this?

Also, where can I change the background color? It seems to display a pinkish-red background color when the window is made bigger than the image or on the iphone.

thank you so much in advance!!


please disregard my last post. I got it all figured out. thanks!!

Hi Yashma, first of all let me say that i love this small and cool one-page site with very nice implementation of cool javascript plugins. (rated 5 stars ;) )

So, knew one small question, is it somehow possible to implement avgrund js? (Avgrund is a jQuery plugin for modal boxes and popups) if you have any idea how to implement this (i want to use it for the “Details” buttons on the Events #page) please let me know :)

Thanks in advance and cheers, D

Great theme! I would like to sort out a couple of doubts before downloading. 1. I’m not familiar with bootstrap. I have read it’s compatible with wordpress. Does it mean the admin is wordpress? 2. I would like to include an ecommerce. Is your theme compatible with any ecommerce solution? Thanks in advance! a.meira

Hi, I’m trying to add more that one Isotope section, but the 2nd one never works. Could you guide me for this? Thanks

I ended up removing the menu system replacing it with my own popup menu. using the call to jump to #page1 seems to have a good 60 pixels of space from the top when it slides to the Page1 section. So basically it doesn’t exactly bring it to the exact location. Probably because it left room for your menu.

How can I adjust this so that there is no more space when jumping to Page1 ?

Also, where is the space above the logo on Page0 controlled from? I would like to lessen the space padding from the top of the logo to the top of the browser.


layout/js/functions.js There is “offset_minus_value” variable there. It defines offset. Can you share link to your site so we could see what was done?

Having an issue uploading the theme via wordpress. Tried both from WP and FTP, and the style.css file is missing. Any advice?

If problem stays, please provide: 1.The Item Name 2. Your Purchase Key 3.Theme version (HTML or WP) 4.Website url 5.WP Access Data (WordPress Admin Panel login and password).

Support request sent during weekends or our holidays will be processed on Monday or the next business day.

Important Requests without full info, won’t be supported.

Thank you for the reply. Ive tried almost every folder in the zip, and all are saying the style sheet is missing (which I know it isnt, i can see it). I was assuming the layout folder was the theme folder, am I wrong? I’ll follow up via email with all the info, but thought I would try this quickly to check on which folder was actually the theme folder. Thanks again.

We emailed you. Thank you for contacting us!

Hi, first of all sorry for my english… I can’t understand how it works the gallery, on mobile images are repeated and when I remove it from the code are repeated those remaining. How Can I use only two line of images without any repeat? Thanks

Any news?

Hi there! Did you contact our support through our profile page? If yes let us know ticket id.

Thank you!

Hi, Could I make the different background image on mobile version? background-image:url(../../images/background_mobile.jpg) #ffffff } I make a new image (only for mobile 400×800) but I can’t see it Could you help me to do it? Do you have any suggestion? Regards,

I write you through support page. Thanks

Thank you we received your request and we will get back to you asap