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Hello, I having troubles while making this theme RTL. When I add the direction:rtl attribute the main content just disappear..

ok, let us check this.

Great template. Very beatiful ! Good luck with sales

Thanks for your comment

The slider function on each of the pages are broken in Internet Explorer. I’m on IE 10 on Windows.

It appears that the silder is there and does the glide thing but each menu’s page is very small or not visible.

Ok, we will check that. Thanks!


How can I change the google maps’ address?

Thank you

Please add this question at the forum, thanks!

very good effects and very complete template. It will be in my next purchases

Perfect template. Congratulations on the good work.

Thank you!

Cool Design and nice work

Did you ever get to fix the slider issue on IE10? This is not good if I can’t have IE users use it. Please fix and update so I can download it again.

Ok, thanks for the advice, we will work on that as soon as we can.

When do you think you’ll be able to get that fixed? There is still a large percent of market share that Internet Explorer has. Could I get a time frame?

We don’t know when.

Hi there

I am having issue seeing your live preview.

Can you help?


??? More information please! :)

Woow, cool Design and nice work!

Nice Template!! Very professional. Thanks!

Thanks for buy our Product! :)

at single_post page scroll doesnt work in ie.And How can i set news as a homepage

Every link of the menu item open in the same windows with jquery, if you want to have a url that opens in a new windows please use the link from the twitter button in the home page. Use this kind of link in the post and portfolio “read more” button

Anyway, this is just an idea, it is better if you add your comments at the support ticket system, the dev team will help you there. Regards