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I just purchased this, and just the other day about a week ago I was viewing this in the live preview and I was liked how the site was scrolling to target when you clicked on the links in the main navigation. Since downloading it this function has not been working. I really liked this feature please advise me on what to do.


ok, i did what you said with the php file and i am getting this “Sorry, unexpected error. Please try again later.” would you check it out and see if you get the same thing?


never mind, my site44 host didnt support php, is switched to godaddy and now it works just fine, still having problems with the infinite scroll in safari though….i was hopping that would change with when i switched hosts too, no such luck

Hi again, I’m afraid I can’t find a different solution to this. Is the site somewhere live and could you provide me with FTP so I can try to fix this? vmasto@cssigniter.com

Photoshop says that some text layers are using fonts that are missing. Which fonts does the PSD file use and where can I get them?

Lato, Qwigley, Prata all available in Google Fonts :)

Hello, I’m from Brazil and bought this template to use as a model in a construction site, however I came across a problem with the template does not recognize letters with accent ’. example: the word attention in Portuguese is written well – ATENÇÃO. How do I get this template acentução accepted in Brazil?

Sorry for the bad English writing. laughter

even more

Hello there, it seems to be working fine on me (screenshot: http://d.pr/i/nWVm ). Perhaps your editor does not support UTF8 encoding?

Hi there, On my site I have an odd number of navigation items and also a very wide logo. therefore I would love to have the logo sit above the navigation and the nav to just be centered underneath, but I;m having problems working out how? I’d be so grateful for any help you could give. Thanks, Sally

Hey there, can you please send an email over at vmasto@cssigniter.com with a live version of your site with the logo on it so that we can provide instructions?


im having the same problem as blinkcat, I can’t change the google map address. You have said that we must only change the line in the scripts.js, but such file does not exist in the download package. I can’t find the var you mentioned in any .js file

Thank you

Hi, I was just wondering if there is a way to change the minimum size of the Fancy Box? at the moment I have a few small swfs that are 300×250 that I am putting in and they are showing up quite large. I need the box to fit the content, not the content to fit the box. Thanks!!

Weird. Although the site says that PSD would be included in the package I was not able to find one in the zip I downloaded. Something broken here or am I just being blind?

Sorry about that, can you email me at vmasto at cssigniter dot com and I’ll take care of it

Hi there, I recently bought your theme, and I love it… but I do have one question. I can’t seem to get the maps section to not zoom in/ out when scrolling on it. I know there is a way to do this, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you!

Nevermind… I figured it out- simply add this code after line 90 in the “scripts.js” file: zoomControl: false, scaleControl: false, scrollwheel: false, disableDoubleClickZoom: true,

awesome :)


I am looking for a simple -[ one page ok] – site.

1 My server can only serve html pages, images and other static content(avi, doc, zip, etc.]

2 I mainly want to showcase a FLASH VIDEO. { I bought a flash video player on activeden.}

a. Also have the same video available for youtube.

3. connect basic email.

4 Some text. Perhaps a couple pictures.

5 Add a sign up page, { optional } if it would work?

6 I have a wysiwyg , html editor—but dont know coding.

Will your page/ site work for me?

thank you

Hi there, thanks for messaging. Everything you mention is pretty much possible but they will need coding knowledge to do, also I’m not entirely sure how you will showcase the Flash video exactly, but I wouldn’t suggest a WYSIWYG editor, it’s probably worth a try but I’m not familiar with the advancements of WYSIWYG editors in later years so that I could provide more insight I’m afraid :(

Hi, thanks for reply.

I have the flash video working in a plain html page now, but I want something a little fancier.

What editor would you recommend then?

I would suggest any text editor (Sublime Text is probably one of the best) but it does require coding knowledge (HTML + CSS specifically)