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looks intresting …

Yep, great template

Thank you.

Any PS elements that require editing, such as the BLOG TITLE text in the footer?

Shure, you can edit all text elements.

hurm this looks nice..

Thanks Paskal

very nice template.. does the follow twitter icons and all the other have a hover over color change ?

Hi justin! No the dont have a hover over color, but since it is a PSD its very easy to make that change to the color of you preference.

Reminds me of RockBand :D I like it! Great job!

great looking template. how many templates do you get with this file> basically is ther ejust one layout shown in screenshot?

Yep!, thats it, blog style.

I am having an issue with a wordpress error with the file on upload.

Will request help.

Sorry V1s1onone, this is just a PSD design not a Wordpress coded theme. In oreder yo use in Wordpress you need to convert into HTML /CSS/PHP.