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GioK80 Purchased

Hi, i want to know where i can find the xml file to import data demo of the template! Thank You

Hello, You can make the player not stop playing?

Hello, this would require some custom modifications which we could povide on our support channel if required.

I cannot edit to have 2 columns only without a sidebar space reserved nor am I offered a sidebar for discography to place there. Can someone suggest code that makes it look like the demo, 2 Columns no side bar space so full width from left to right filling the container.

Hello! If you can open a ticket at our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be glad to help asap!

Hello issue or is archive.php you forgot to add?

Hello! If you can open a ticket at our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be glad to help asap!

Hi, I’ve bought a different theme from you in the past and love your stuff. I’ve got a couple of questions about this theme.

In your Chords – Radio theme you have a Schedule and Up and Coming show in the side bar, is that functionality available in this theme? I can probably build a page for the schedule but is there a way I can have the dynamic side bar panel for Artists shows?

Does this theme also have the functionality to have a Newsletter sign-up on it?

Thanks, Matthew

Hello! Thanks for your interest!

The “Upcoming shows” section is the Upcoming Events plugin and yes it’s bundled with the theme of course, and can be used in any sidebar or the homepage. The Schedule page is just a custom page with a custom HTML table so yup you can do that as well (or copy it from the sample content and simply change/add content). I’m not sure what you mean by “the dynamic side bar panel for Artists shows” though can you clarify?

Newsletters are best left handled for plugins and external services, we avoid putting such functionality directly in our themes, although we’ve styled a form for you to use.

Great thanks for your help. Much appreciated.


Hi again, you want this “news” to change to say “past events” ? in the homepage? http://d.pr/i/12v09

should it display past events or news (besides the title wording)?

yes you got it right….. i wanna Change NEWS to PAST EVENTS … where in wordpress can do that? or is there another way to do it?

I see, there are four different page templates for the homepage… tempate-frontpage1.php up to template-frontpage2.php

Depending on what template you use, open the respective file and find this line:


and change the News wording to anything you wish (leave the ’’ as they are though)

Hi there, i’ve bought your theme. Just a question where i can download or install the music player under the slider? Thanks Gil

Hello! You can set the player up under Appearance > Theme Settings > Audio Options. For any follow ups to this or any other support related questions, please create a new ticket here http://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ and our support staff will be along to help. Thank you!

I just downloaded the updated files. Do you have an easy way to apply the update? or a “Howto”?

nevermind… I should have gotten some sleep before I posted that, Forgive me! ::::Needs Coffee:::


tsimashei Purchased

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Hello, I’m not sure I follow what you’re trying to say, could you clarify please?