Discussion on Muzak - Music WordPress theme

Discussion on Muzak - Music WordPress theme

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Hi there …I’ve had this theme for about 3 years now but my site is now telling me that the my theme contains outdated versions of some woocommerce template files (cart/cart.php and product/searchform.php) Is there likely to be an update soon to address these?

Hi there, We are going to release and update for Woocommerce latest version in the next days. These are only warnings and will not affect your store or installation in anyway.

Thank you. I did have a conflict a while ago with the newest version of Socials Ignited and had to revert back to a previous version. Has that problem been addressed yet or do I still resist updating it?

Does it support RTL ?

Hi there,

It should work just fine. If you see and issues here and there feel free to get in touch and help you out :)

Videos don’t play anymore (May,6 2022)

Hi there, Please open a new ticket here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ and we will help you asap. Make sure this is not a plugin conflict first https://www.cssigniter.com/kb/checking-for-plugin-conflicts/. Also if you have the latest version of WordPress, please install jQuery migrate helper plugin and enable jQuery version 1.2.x from its settings.


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Great theme! Just one question..I just updated the theme to 5.6.0 however, I cannot get the theme to display in Muzak Modern; is there a setting I need to turn on or a plugin that I need to download for the theme to switch from Classic to Modern? Please help, thank you :)


HORA12 Purchased

To add, I have changed the Color Scheme in the Appearance Options to “modern_default.css”, Save Changes but the changes do not take place; it still remains in Classic mode. Thank you.

Hi there, Please open a new ticket here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ and we will help you asap. In general this is correct, but you might have a caching plugin enabled, so you cannot see any changes

I’ve just noticed that on my site ‘gruffwyn.com’ the arrow icons to link to the next image etc in the galleries and videos are not showing. I’m just getting a placeholder. Could you help me find out how to correct this?

Hi there, Please open a support ticket here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ so we can check this out. Thank you!

Hi Is Muzak compatible with the latest wordpress 5.8 ?

Ok, thanks. On the frontend side everything seems to work correctly but on the admin side I am experiencing some problems: a blank page appears if I click on “widget” but if I do a refresh, the page is displayed. Sometimes this error appears: “A critical error has occurred on your website. Check the site administrator’s inbox for instructions” but I don’t get any emails The same thing happens when I save some changes.

Do you have some advice?

Hi there, I suggest using this plugin if you have widget problems https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-widgets/

Thank you very much, this plug-in has solved the problems on the widgets page

why suddenly my twitter gone and cant click the lyric in live web? but in the customize it works just fine….also the banner not showing all the images

Hi there, Please open a support ticket here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ so we can check this out. Thank you!

i think my support expired…. _

Hi, you can easily renew your support from your Envato account. In any case if feel free to contact us also directly at support[at]cssigniter.com

Does the latest update make the theme compatible with Wordpress 5.7 and woocommerse 5.1

Hi there, You should not have any issues with WP 5.7 or the latest version of WooCommerce. Please update and if you experience any issues, contact us directly here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com

Hi. I installed the theme and I can’t find color options in the theme settings. There’s no way for me to add a new color scheme. Any help?

Hi there, Please open a support ticket here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ so we can check this out. Thank you!

Hello, I would like the events to be in order, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. Whether it is a recurring event or not. currently they are not (Example currently in recurrent events: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday etc.) It is the same problem with specific dates. Can you help me ? thank you very much https://www.cupidon-club.net/

Hi there, Please open a support ticket here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ so we can check this out. Thank you!

Hi – will this theme support woocommerce 5 at some point? thanks for a great theme!

Hi there, Of course it will support it! Thank you for you feedback!

2 Questions: 1, will this theme be updated to confirm support to newest wordpress? 2. Is this created in Elementor builder? I know it supports it but I would prefer all pages created and I do not see any kind of one click demo install, so is there a demo install?

Hi there, 1. This theme is compatible with the latest WordPress versions. 2. Muzak supports Elementor using special page template, but the demo pages are not created using Elementor nor are editable directly with Elementor. 3. We have a One Click import plugin support and an automated sample content import. Let me know if you need additional help with anything else.

how do i add custom icons and links for those icons in the top header? i remember i did it before but forgot where to do this as i lost my wordpress installation.

Hi, no worries, you can use Socials Ignited free plugin (Plugins->Add New) and add the widget under Appearance->Widgets (https://prnt.sc/vohtt8) in the correct top header sidebar Let me know if this worked for you.

thanks for your reply. i tried even with fa-soundcloud and it still doesnt appear


ok issue fixed. thanks

Hello! Amazing design first off. Is there a way to change the “lyrics” link part of the media player part to something custom like “show notes” As the use would be for a podcast site?

Hello! Thank you for your feedback! Yes, its possible, please contact us directly here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ so we can help you out!

Awesome! Thanks for the update.

​Hi, trying to create my own archive page for the post page but cannot remove the side bar, removed the widgets but its just empty side bar trying with elementor or whatever archive option to create my own archive but nothing works.

Hi there, Please open a new ticket here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ and we will be happy to help you out.

Hi. I would like to change the permalink from https://www.cuginieventi.com/artists/ to https://www.cuginieventi.com/viaggi. How can I manage this point? Thanks

Hi there, you can easily use a third party plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-post-type-permalinks/ to quickly change permalinks. If you need additional help please contact us at https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/

Hi, will the BuddyPress plugin break the theme?

Hi there, Thank you for using our Theme. In general everything should work fine! While if you experience any issues, you can contact use directly here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/

Excellent! Thank you for the response. I’ll let you know if I come across any issues.

If I upload an MP4 file to my server, and I copy the direct url link of the file at the video adress on video page, and I click self-hosted. Nothing happening If I click play. Just blank, white popup. :(

And I checked again… the theme didn’t save the checking SELF-HOSTED status. :( The checkbox is empty.

Hi there, I am sorry for your bad experience. Please open a ticket here https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ and I will be happy to help you out ASAP. Make sure you have checked for any plugin conflicts first https://www.cssigniter.com/kb/checking-for-plugin-conflicts/

Hello! Some problem with title backgrounds. Don’t show (hero img) on web page. Once show name of the page “News@ but no bg image in the container http://clubartist.ru/news/

Hi there, Thank you for using Muzak Please open a new ticket at https://cssigniter.ticksy.com/ and we will help you resolve this issue asap.


I like the design of your theme. Good job ;)

If you ever consider adding RTL support feature to your WP products, please have a look at our website at https://dr-rtl.com

We’ll be happy to hear from you ;)

Thankyou for your kind words :D


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