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Can I use this and WooCommerce for a producer/dj music store with mp3 preview and listing style instead of grid?

Depending on the implementation required (if it’s under a certain amount of effort) we can probably help out. Converting the grid listing to a listing layout I think it would be fairly easy, but I’m not entirely sure, I’d appreciate if it would be possible could you paste your issue on our support channel and our support staff will give you more insight.

Unfortunately my purchase code has been expired and I feel that $32.38 to renew it is beyond my budget at the moment for this project. Is there a way you guys can help me out through this?

Thank you.

I see, unfortunately since this is a customization and not a theme problem there’s not much I can do I’m afraid :(

But if you want to start fiddling with the code the file to be edited should be /woocommerce/content-product.php (the view that displays the product in the lising) and /woocommerce/archive-product.php (the listing view).

Btw let me mention that no changes in the code are required just to sell mp3s.


Matt-T Purchased

Since updating Muzak 4.2.2 I am experiencing two different problems with my website.

1. I am unable to upload mp3 files ‘due to security reasons’. I have tried changing the permissions of the upload folder in FTP but it hasn’t made any difference.

2. The Customisation control no longer works. It times out everytime I try to load it.

My support has run out but if it possible, could someone point me in the right direction to fix these two problems please? If it’s too complicated (I’m no programmer!) then I will buy 6 months support.

Many thanks :)



Matt-T Purchased

Ah I meant Customise in the Appearance tab. I will upload an SS asap, thanks!


Matt-T Purchased

Whenever I upload an MP3 file, I get this error message: ‘Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.’ I can’t see how to upload an SS of it here, sorry. I will also give my Host a call to see if they know anything about it.

Hello, take a look at this article it might help you http://freewptp.com/fix-wordpress-issue-sorry-this-file-type-is-not-permitted-for-security-reasons/

It’s very peculiar that this happened out of the blue if it was working before but it’s definitely not theme related

Hi there! How can I move the Category Description to the bottom of post and products (woocommerce)? I need to have the desc. below the products… Thank you

Hello! If you can open a ticket on our official support channel at https://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be right there to help :)

If I add two pages using the gallery, template, is there then a way to limit the galleries that show up on that page to a specific gallery category? For instance, I want to have a gallery page that only shows galleries from band 1 and a separate gallery page that only shows galleries from band 2. Does the WordPress installation just allow me to filter them that way?

Hello! Yeap, the Gallery post type has its own taxonomy (gallery category) and each gallery category has its own view, so by visiting the gallery category’s URL you’d be seeing only galleries attached to the specific category.

I’m having a hard time trying to delete all page titles that are showing on the pages. “section-title”.

Hello! If you can open a ticket on our official support channel at https://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be right there to help :)

I still think you should add a venues section and table… I’ve been using this theme for a couple years and love it…

Hello! Thanks so much for your kind comments and support :)

Venues section & table, can you describe it a bit?

Also… perhaps a ‘How-To’ on seamlessly updating the theme?

We’ve got a small guide on our knowledge base at https://www.cssigniter.com/docs/article/update-your-theme/ (barring the download method which is of course different). Can you check if it’s straightforward for you?

Can’t change colors in Social Ignited icons… Hi there! i’ve installed the plugin on my website but i cannot change the icon colors on the top: http://cursoitalianogratis.com/ I do change the color of icons in the bottom (widget) but even if I change the settings, the page always shows the pink…

Do you ever have this issue? Cheers

Hello! Thanks for the comment! If you can open a ticket at our official support channel at https://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be right there to help :)

I tried but I cannot enter the support with my envato account (system says: “Something went wrong when trying to connect to your Envato account. Please try again.”)

As well, on the same page, Title and Description appear togheter on the top of browser… never seen anything similar before. Cheers.

Ah darn it!

If it’s not too much to ask could you please send a direct email to fotis [at] cssigniter [dot] com he will personally take care your issue via email!

Also, could you please make sure the site is visible or provide with an account (privately) to see it? Currently I think it’s covered by a coming soon page?

If I try to create a page on the default template, the content displays for a second on page load, but then disappears.​

Hello, if you can open a ticket on our official support channel at https://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be right there to help! :)


biretta Purchased

Hi, I would like to know if I can replace the stripes background with a picture, thanks alex


biretta Purchased

Just a few more things, where do I change text “Learn More” belove album covers and how do I put social links on the right header over menu, I have set images with links in the correct widget area, but are floating to high, thanks alex


Regarding Learn More, you can use a plugin like “Say What” do change these since they are hardcoded strings (but localized). We have a guide on how to do this here: https://www.cssigniter.com/docs/article/easily-modify-theme-strings/

For social links in the header you can use our Socials Ignited widget, like the demo does https://wordpress.org/plugins/socials-ignited/


biretta Purchased

thanks, this theme is a bit old but still great, with some minor coding fixes could be really good, thanks

Hi there! just wanna share with you my project edited with Muzak: http://cursoitalianogratis.com

Awesome work!! Thanks for sharing :D!


ianyates Envato Team

Hi there! Just to let you know your theme features in our latest roundup on Tuts+: Tips For Creating a Rockin’ Band Website. Great job :)

Thank you <3

How do I change social icon color?

Hello, if you can open a ticket on our official support channel at https://cssigniter.ticksy.com we will help you asap.