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NEVER MIND. Sorry for the bother. Needed to change the Reading Settings in WP to point to the homepage I desired. That was fun…

HELP! The theme settings for Homepage Options is not redirecting to the homepage I set. It keeps sending people to the blog home page.

IF ANYONE KNOWS what to do, please chime in.

Thank you!

Hi there, are you talking about the WordPress version of the theme? Because that’s not the place for it :)

I have a strange error on 2 of my sites. When I visit either http://www.fightlight.co.uk or http://www.thisiswarrior.co.uk (under construction) on my iPhone I get the error: ‘The Google Maps API server rejects your request…’. But I have no maps on the sites!!! They both run off the Muzak theme with some heavy design modifications.

Hm.. if you are not using google maps make sure to remove the script from the header then :)

I mean the google maps script :)

Hello, thanks for this unfortunately we can’t control the layout of a website when it’s zoomed in. Zoom in in browsers is just added functionality :(

Hi cssigniter,

Great template! I have a question… how can I change the color of the template?

Thx Sisqo

Hi there,

You mean to select one of the other available colors?

Hello i have a pre-purchase question. Does this template come ready to go other than adding some images and textual content? unlike the theme version? or does both have to be constructed the from separate elements?

Hello, this is a static HTML template which means that if you want it exactly like the demo you only need to replace images and text in the code, otherwise you will have to modify it to your liking.

how am i able to have the comment section work?

Hello, this is static html template so you would need to code a comments functionality with some sort of programming language like PHP.

Hello, I really love your theme especially same theme in Wordpress Version.

I would like to buy html template tho, would it be possible to have sidebar menu at responsive layout like wordpress version? that is really big point I’m currently after :)

Hello, you mean our new mobile menu right? We will go ahead and add this as an update, it will take a couple of weeks to go live.

Yes, the new mobile menu. I’m really looking forward for the update!

Can you tell me how to kill the padding or margin around the logo? I added my own, and it seems there is 20px or so on top and bottom. It’s too much, please advise.

Hello, can you send me a live url of your website (at vmasto at cssigniter dot com if you prefer) so I can send code specifically to your site?

Could you tell me more about the last update? What did you change? Thank you.

Hello! There wasn’t an update in Muzak’s HTML. :)

hey I’m just wondering if you can now watch videos on the side of the page

Hello, yes you can, If you click on the videos they play in a lightbox.

Hello I’ve purchased this theme already. A few things went wrong and I had to delete the zip file. Now I need it back and it’s asking me to repurchase please help. Deleted my old email I’m at lvmcfly@gmail.com no longer ukmcfly@gmail.com

Hi, there is a problem!! how can i add image slider on my page??

Hello! If you can send an email at vmasto [at] cssigniter [dot] com explaining exactly what you need I can give you some pointers on what needs to be done. Thanks!

can be add multi page for artist albums ?


markwaregr Author Team

Hi there, You can add pagination to any discography template, but not when the isotope/masonry layout is enabled. Let me know if I can help out more on this.

yea… and where is media layots – gallery I like use for sponsor banner can I make smaller something 125×65 ?


markwaregr Author Team

Hi there, Of course! Please send us an email at support [at] cssigniter.com so we can help out on this.