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the 1st page / frontpage. am i able to put widgets? i wish to put recent blog post on it.

am i able to resize the box width?

is the footer widgetize?


1. you can add recent blog post with shortcode as the page used full width.

Any page support choose left sidebar, right sidebar, full width. So if you use left sidebar then can use blog widget for the left sidebar.

2. you can use any widget element for footer widget area.You also can choose footer width style like 1/1/1/1, 1/2/1 etc.. through MX options -> footer.


Hello, is it also possible to add icon next to text menu ? Thanks, very nice theme !

Hi, yes. It’s possible add icon for text menu.Thanks.

And what are the custom widgets included ? Thanks

We provided theme related blog, portfolio widgets.You also can install other plugins widgets as you wanted like twitter, photostream.


Amazing theme mate, really good work. I am adapting it now, is it not possible to post what code you have on each page for e.g. what shortcodes you have in the about us history page.

Hi, you can import our demo xml files view page code as now. We’re working a new support forum will provided more details about shortcode and other question.

About the history page used timeline shortcode.

If you have any suggest or question please tell us.


Hi! – Great theme!

But i have a pre-sales question . . .

I am a music engineer, and on my website i want to include a feature where customers can upload a music file and pay for a service, and then i receive the file (.mp3), edit the music, and then send it back to the customer. Do you know of any plug-ins or widgets that allow file uploading upon purchase? Because i like your theme and i want to find something that will be compatible.



Hi, you can get these plugin view details.

like maybe for u.



Thanks for your quick reply . . .

I actually managed to find a woo commerce plug-in which lets a customer upload a file upon purchase:

Would i have to add some custom CSS for this plug-in too? Or is it supported within your woo commerce integration?

Thank you!

That’s must test with the plugin. As the third-party, I think if you purchase it the you can get support from the plugin author (Their site clear show need any support with this plugin contact them).

So you need purchase our theme then install plugin, if have problem contact the plugin get support.


Great theme mate :)


Awesome theme!

Pre purchse question, Is there any way that i can add a area for Domain Search tool if i use this template?

Hi, we had add custom content area for header, other area like sidebar can use widget add it. If you have any question with it please contact us, we will help u about it after purchase it.

Did u want to use which header style?


hello where should i find username and api key?

Hi, Username is envato username like “btaqhty”.

API you need create it.

Where can I get an API key?

To generate an API key, select Settings from the account dropdown, then navigate to the API Keys tab. Multiple API keys can be generated so it is recommended to use one per application.



Just a quick pre-purchase question. How are the Yoast SEO, VC page-builder, Woocommerce & premium plugins integrated into the theme?

Are they hard-coded into the theme or can they be easily deleted/removed like other 3rd party plugins?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, it’s integrate Yoast SEO, VC page builder, WooCommerce and Sliders as already tested.

You can easy use WP admin -> plugins manage third-party plugins, they are independent. (Use which plugin active which plugin)


Thanks, that’s great. I’ll buy the theme today :)

I don’t see any Bullets list in Visual Composer and the MX short code selector doesn’t work within a VisualComposer text block. The drop down menu appears, but after “Bullets” is selected, nothing populates in the text editor.

Thank you, DesignPoint


Thank you for the prompt reply.

I really like what can be accomplished with your animated bullet lists, unfortunately my client does’t know how to use shortcodes, nor has the interest or time to learn. I had hoped that the shortcode was built as a component for Visual Composer so that it would be easy for the client to make animated lists, as the site will make heavy use of them. Any chance of including something in the next update?

Thank you again for your prompt reply, DesignPoint

Thanks.If you have any other suggest or problem, please tell us. Thanks.

Hi I have a problem with my theme, , MX settings shows on the left side on each page.



Sorry about it, before we forget delete it. You just download theme files again and replace them will works.

If you have other suggest or problem please tell me.



How to install the SimpleData…. When i import the file mx-retinaresponsivemulti-purposewordpresstheme.wordpress.2014-01-15.xml

I only get Post… My site is

Thanks for the Fast Reply

If you like it don’t forget rate 5 star support us. If you have any question or suggest also please tell us.


Yeah, i rated 5 stars :) Very good service !!

Love the theme pre-buy question. Does the page templates have the option like alterna does so we can disable title banner and use a slider?

Yes, we provided our partners logos shortcode, you can view it.


Can the store option be turned off?

Yes.Store will works when you active WooCommerce plugin. More options can setting through MX Options.


Hello love this theme. a pre-purchase question that will it a regular licence come with the sample data showed in the live demo to help develop my own website?

Hi, download files had includes sample data content so you can import them help u develop your website with regular licence.


ok. thank you for your quick response. gonna purchase it.

NP, if you have any suggest or problem please contact us.If you like it don’t forget rate 5 star support us.

Thanks again!


I have my own homepage in php file, which I’m planning to link the links to the child page from the wordpress site with your template. I’m wondering if I can overwrite my file to replace your homepage file?


Hi, you can use child theme method to use your page more good. You can get details from about child theme.



I tried to upload the theme but it turns out to say:

“Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

Are you compatible with Wordpress 3.8?

MX compatible Wordpress 3.8. Looks you done some error. Did you used ftp upload or browser upload. Because of most hosting providers browser upload only up to < 7MB file upload limit. If your site upload limit < 13M, please use ftp upload it.


Hi! Congrats for the theme.

Two questions:

1) How could I change de expression “portfolio” (in a wide way) to a specific one? Cause I would like this module with a different name (and purposes).

2) A I able to add (or install) different tyes of charts, besides pie charts and progress bars?

Thanks in advance! Andre

Hi, thanks.

About your question: 1. you can create a page with portfolio template then setting template options -> category slug as you added like purposes category. Then the page items will just show as you wanted, but it’s still as portfolio items. Becuase os if you use another name means another post type not portfolio.

2. now, our theme have no charts provided. Did you find which plugins about charts, besides pie… you can tell us, we also will update add charts, besides support.

If you have any problem or suggest, please tell us.


Hi, just find a charts plugin, you can try use it.


How do I change the menu/header styles? I can find were to select header style 2

Hi, please open MX Options -> Header -> Menu Position (second, menu right).

You also can enabled topbar show then will appear custom topbar elements.


Hi, I just create a post about header style choose.Please read it.

If you like the theme, please rate 5 star support us.


Hello just purchased the theme and want to know that how to import its LIGHT THEME SAMPLE DATA? i want the whole light theme sample data working on the demo links. I am unable to find the download sample data option in the theme or wordpress.

Hi, I just create a post about import demo content, you can view it now.

If you have any problem or suggest please contact us.If you like MX, please rate 5 star support us.


Hi – having some issues setting up masonry blog and finding detailed documentation.

But also, can I set the menu font to be not all capitals? Thank you

Hi, please send us your site link and admin account check what’s wrong with u.


I cannot signup to your support page, it says to enter the recaptcha, but there is no recaptcha.

Hi, it’s google recaptcha, you can waitting page all loaded then register. If you there still have problem please send us purchase code, we help u create it.


Hi I can not sign up to your support page, it says “wrong purchase code” but it´s the right code.



Hi, please submit a ticket with your pruchase code let us help u.