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I don’t see anywhere in the Penguin Framework where I can change the color of the nav bar’s background. Does this have to be changed via custom css?

Now, it’s depends on skin, you can add css through MX options -> css for it. We will add more options for color.


V1.2 Added. Thanks.

Wonderful. Thank you.

Is there no 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 configuration for the footer?

Hi, we will add 1/3,1/3, 1/3 for footer support.Thanks.

V1.1.1 Add 1/3,1/3, 1/3 – 2/3, 1/3 – 1/3, 2/3 Thanks.

Thank you

Neither regular or retina logo I’ve uploaded is showing up in the sticky menu. Where in the admin is this option set?

It’s just setting through MX Options -> header.Thanks.

Its nearly impossible to write any custom CSS on the Custom CSS Setting’s page in the Penguin Framework, because the window is only 350px wide. I have to keep scrubbing the cursor back and forth to see anything. Please make the window expandable as it is unusable in its current form.

We will change input area width.Thanks.

V1.1.1 Had change width. Thanks.

Thank you

I’ve spent the last 2 days playing with this theme and am thoroughly impressed. Have you considered adding an ALT attribute to the [TEAM] shortcode for the images? Thank you.

Thanks. Noticed the same thing with [CLIENTS]. Nice work on the mini bar.

NP. If you like MX please rate 5 star support us. Thanks.

Will do. Thanks.

i have older version of this theme. how to update it. there is no option in my admin panel to update this theme.

Hi, open MX Options -> General input username, purchase code, API then enabled auto update will works.


Thanks. done :) how to reach mini bar? didnt find short code

EDIT : find it. :)

Thanks, if you like the theme please rate 5 star support us. If you have any problem or suggest please tell us.


What is the best way to update to MX V1.1.1 ?

Hi, open MX Options -> General input username, purchase code, API then enabled auto update will works.


MX V1.2 Update Had Online.

Update information please click link view details.

If you have any suggest or problem please tell us.



Hi, I bough your theme and will write my thoughts about it later on. One question – can I use it on another domain? If so, should I generate new API key or I can use the same username, license key and API key?

No, you can’t before license code.You must purchase again get another license.You can view Regular License details.Thanks.


nice theme ! 1 question: video background feature avaible ?

thx !

Now, it’s not tested.We had added next update list.Thanks.

Hello, I have a problem to activate the visual Composser license.

My secret key is in Settings. I have My item purchase code in the Licence txt.

The key to “Visual Composer License Key” can not find the license document.

With this information I can not activate the license. Can you help?

Thank you.

Hi, it’s VC plugin purchase license for auto update who purchase the plugin not through theme.As theme include VC plugin can’t provide license for buyer so VC update depends on theme author update then buyer update the plugin.

It’s option just when u need auto or don’t need activate it.


With the shortcode clients [/clients] The links open in a new windows. It´s possible to open on the same page like “_self” ?

Hi, now have no target param so need you open inc/shortcode.php search change the code
    $output .= '<a href="'.esc_url($link).'" target="_blank"><div class="client-content"><img src="'.esc_url($img).'" alt="'.$alt.'" /></div></a>';
    $mx_clients_items[] = $output;
    return "";
add_shortcode('client', 'mx_client_func');
    $output .= '<a href="'.esc_url($link).'" target="_self"><div class="client-content"><img src="'.esc_url($img).'" alt="'.$alt.'" /></div></a>';
    $mx_clients_items[] = $output;
    return "";
add_shortcode('client', 'mx_client_func');

You also can don’t change anything waitting our next update, we will add a target param for clients shortcode.


Hi I tried to register on your support forum but there seems to be a problem there.



Hi, you gave me the username but not a password because of that i can´t sign in.

Hi, please check your email again, it’s username and password all sent u. Thanks.


I am trying to upload the sample data to the site and keep on getting an Internal Server Error. Is there any other way to upload the file or anything I can do to fix this? Please help.


I think to purchase this theme soon but i have some questions :

Firstly, in the portfolio pages, for exemple, is it possible to configurate to have 4 columns instead of 3 maintaining the sidebar?

thank you

YES, It’s possible use 4 columns instead it.Thanks.

Hi one quick question. Can i build two different websites and host from this theme? or this is just one purchase and one website only?

Hi, yes you need purchase 2 license for 2 site. one purchase for one website.Thanks.

Hello! Your theme is really, really nicely done! Yesterday I was searching 8 hours in ThemeForest to find a theme for my client – thankfully I found yours. A lot of options and cool features! Nice job!

However, some remarks:

The documentation is fine, BUT when it comes to importing sample data – it is a mystery! For novice WP users it will be nice to know the information you posted in the comments thread – IT IS important! In order to see it, people must have bought your theme and have an account in your forum… Also – I see you are from China (I learn Chinese and I saw your screenshot – ????) and most of the stuff in the documentation is full with errors. You can go to hire some English translators and create proper English documentation (and maybe videos with explanations) The theme has a lot, a lot of options and it would be great if more people can buy it – but good explanations is MUST HAVE. Anyways – again congratulations on your product – very, very high quality!

Cheers, Alex

P.S. If someone’s interested here what I did with your theme HERE IS MY SITE ;-)


Hi How do I install the demo content? Thanks in advance.

Hi, please follow the post get help.


Hi I have some problems with my menu in windows RT, i cant catch the sub menu


Please submit a ticket with more details (screenshot, site link etc…) let us check it.

Next if you have any other question please post on support forum get support.