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i’m interested to purchase this theme …

I have a question before, is the theme ready to be an ecommerce ?

Category, product, cart, promo code, shipping, and ready to receive some payment module ? Paypal maybe ?

Thank you by advance.

Hi, it’s depends on WooCommerce setting like promo code, shipping all support. You can google WooCommerce get full details functions.


woocommerce is not included in your theme then ?

Hi, WooCommerce is plugin and more setting by the plugin, our theme integrate the plugin.


Does this theme have a carousel shortcode or block for visual composer? can the carousel rotate? i have searched and cant find any examples… looking to buy today, please show me examples.

Oh, I see, we had add the plan into next update. Thanks.

thank you! that would be a good update.

If you have other suggest also can tell us for next update on support forum after purchase it.


Has this theme been tested with W3 Total Cache? I had some issues in the past with W3 and Rev Slider as well as Visual Composer. I really want your theme but need to ensure I can use W3. Also the pagespeed score was a little low, I know that the Cache plugin via gzip and js/css minification can fix most of that which is why I ask about W3.

By the way forgot to say that I love the theme and its options. Have one other question. Can the items in the header (search icon, wishlist, cart) be replaced with other content? Are the widgets?

Hi, we had tested and used WP-Super-Cache plugin for cache. About W3 you also can use it and if you have problem can get support from W3 author.About header like search icon, wishlist all can setting through MX options, we also provided some custom content for them.



It is not showing featured image either on blog page or on post page. I have set featured image for posts. Is there a hidden setting to enable that?

Hi, I had help u create a post on support forum, please view it.

Next, if you have problem please also post on support forum.



Is it posible to link the portfolio icons on the portfolio page to a regular page rather than a portfolio post?


Now, it’s link to single post.If you need you can contact us get the request custom service.Thanks.

is it possible to see a demo of the admin area? i want to see how you implemented the modules for visual composer. are they just shortcodes? or is it simple to use? anyone know? is it simple drag and drop or do you need to use shortcodes for everything?

Now, we have no admin area for preview.About VC you can view the plugin page, they provided demo preview.About theme added some elements into VC plugin, we also added shortcode tools simple click and choose options setting for it.


I really like this theme and thinking of buying it for my new website. However, because my site is primarily going to be a blog, I have a few VERY IMPORTANT questions to ask. Is it really fit for a blog? Does it have a newsletter sign up widget? Does it contain a review system? I’ve searched many multipurpose themes but all of them are lacking these features and those who do, are lacking functions like yours. It will be a completely unique package if you wish yo include these blogger loving features in this theme. And I (and many other bloggers) will be more than happy to buy this theme right away.

Hi, you can use it for blog site, about newsletter widget you can use plugin.About review system means user can create a post then review it and pass it. It’s also have plugin for it.


MX V2.0 Update Had Online.

Update information please click link view details.

If you have any suggest or problem please tell us.



What URL do we need to add for the Skype social button to work properly?

Yeah it doesn’t seem to work. It seems like there is a need for some backend development for the skype icon/social to work properly. I’ll let you know if I figure anything out.

About the skype URL you just use skype:YourSkypeName?chat

You can view the link search from google.


that worked thanks!

Hello , where I can see parallax slider demo ?


Hi, MX includes Layer Slider & Revolution Slider. You can import slider plugin provided demo. Thanks.

Parallax Layer Slider Plugin – including ? I want to check demo

got a simple question: is it possible to use different sliders on pages too, not only on home?

Yes, you can create different slider for your pages.Thanks.

hello, congratulations for the theme, but I need the anti-boot and facebook connect for login / registration. how can i do? thanks

Hi, it’s need modify code, you can get support from the third-party plugin. Thanks.


i have purchase the mx template… in the general settings Username and Purchase Code i have this error:”Your username or purchase code error!” I have type my username “andibln” and the purchase code from the wordpress-theme-license.tx form my downloads?

we can i fix this error?

regards, andi

Hi, please check your username and purchase code input correct. If have no problem means your host have some setting problem, please follow the post.


can i use this theme for 2 or 3 domain?

Hi, One license for One domain ( project ) .So you just purchase more license for 2, 3 domain (project).

You can view



I have Alterna which is probably the best theme I have ever purchased. How different is this theme? Aside from the mega menu and a few other features. I love the option to use a dark version. This does not seem quite as wide as Alterna.

Love this :)


Many different with MX like used bootstrap 3.1 and 9-3 columns for page content etc…

More you can view demo find it like shop, blog , portfolio style.


I know this is going to be amazing !!!

Any chance of including shortcodes for Bootstrap tooltips, popovers and modals and enabling more than one custom link on the minibar in an upcoming version?

Hi, please notice our update news if have new update.


Thanks for the quick reply. I do check this page regularly but was really juat wondering whether these features are even planned or not as they are the only missing features I think would be “important to have”.


I have a question before purchase this theme, how the megamenu work ?

Is it a plugin ? or it’s included in the theme ?

thank you

Hi, included in the theme, you can enable the mega menu as options.Thanks.

Hi thinking of buying this theme, one question.

I want to use the “one page” template page, however there doesn’t seem to be as many header options for the one page. It is a must that I have telephone numbers like header style 1.

Is this possible with the one page?

Hi, you can choose header style through MX options -> header.You can add telephone when you choose header style 1.


Hi, The language switcher shows in the demo, is the one be use for WPML plugin?

Yes.It’s WPML switcher language style.Thanks.

Hello, I bought your template that I find awesome. I would put in place of the text logo banner, how I should do and what is the ideal length of the image for this banner. Can you help me? Thank you in advance

What’s “logo banner”?

Please submit a ticket with more details.(Admin account, screenshot about your idea) so that our support can help u.