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I love this theme Aven! I have this bookmarked for my next project! Good job man hope all is well with you!


Hello is there anything in the coding of the site that will interfere with an SSL certificate? For example calling for Google font but using http and not https?



Hi, our theme use // so support SSL, if you need your site used SSL then will auto change to https so that SSL works.You can view these code in functions.php


Thanks for the reply this is amazing! I knew it would be we purchased Alterna and have been so pleased with the amazing support and functionality. This is an amazing theme!


Is there no option to change the background color of the footer?


You can setting footer background color through MX Options -> Background.


Hi, how do i get the top bar working an the login. thanks

Hi, you can setting it through MX Options -> Header enable top bar then will appear top bar options setting.


yep, but my account login doesn´t work

Please submit a ticket with your site link and admin let us help u check it.


Hi there,

I like the your theme and have two questions: - Can we add a full search bar in the header (instead of the clickable search-icon) - Can we use flag icons for multiple languages (instead of the world-icon in the demo)?

Thanks, Teubl

Hi, 1.It’s need change some style for it. can change the world icon we can help u do that.


Thanks, i assume the language section is the WPML-plugin?

Yes, it’s WPML language section.

Hello. I love the theme. Almost using it for a site. Having one issue though. The logo does seem to move in the center when installed. Please help. The site is if you want take a look at what I am talking about. Thank you.

Okay, that worked. Thank you. One other thing. The images stays that size. Is there anyway I can enlarge it. It is set bigger than what is showing and uploaded bigger, just showing small though… Love the quick response. Nice.

I want the logo to be a little bigger.

You can change logo default grid width through edit template/header/header style 3.


Thank you for excellent theme. I would like to ask you for couple of things, please:

1. In blog section – how can I make the hoover background over the image smaller..? What I mean is that if I choose the “image” format of post and the image is not full wight then the image hoover goes outside the image when I hoover the image with my mouse. Here is link to the screenshot: Would be possible that the hoover background resizes automatically relatively to image size..?

2. How to change the color of the same image hoover background (in blog section) to different..? I know that it can be done by changing the main theme color but I want to keep chosen theme color and change only the color of image hoover in blog section.

Thank you very much

Hi, 1. looks you uploaded image width too small as our theme requires. You can view theme size through functions.php.

2.You can custom css for the color through MX options -> CSS.


ok thank you for getting back to my questions… I would like to only ask you what code I need to write in MX options -> CSS to change that color, please..? I cannot do it myself, can you kindly help me our by giving an example, please..? Thank you

NP, we can help u do that, please submit a ticket with your site link and admin account, we will help u do that. -> Right Area -> Open a ticket.


5 STARS!!!!! WOW!


Brad :)

I sent the shots including one with the version of IE11. Alterna does not work on this version either.

We had tested by IE10, IE11 all works. Maybe your IE11 Compatibility View Settings problem.

Here is screenshots.


You are right for some reason IE11 on this computer had compatibility on by default. Once its turned off the website works



Hello! I get the message in the WordPress backend “Your username or purchase code error!” The data entered by me are correct. In your user forum, I can not register because obviously the username is not accepted (stef_nb) and is displayed “Your Envato (ThemeForest) username or Purchase Code Error, please check …” What can I do now? Thanks for your help. Greetings Stefan

NP, thanks.

Looks envato API had works, please check again.If works please tell us.Thanks.

Now it works very well. Thank you!

Hi, I just buy the themes but i dont get the tutorial video can you tell me where can i get it ? besides, i am new using wordpress i’v download the data there is Docs, Licensing, mx, simple data, and what are the use for ? please tell Thank you

Our theme used fontawesome icons, if you need other iocn need you modify code add them into our theme.


Hi, can you tell me how to make a different background on “Widebackground” ? like the demo the background have a black and a grey colour. How to make it ? Thank yu

Please login support forum view the post.


Hello, my theme (version 2.1) has never updated even though I have enabled Theme Auto Update and have the correct values for Username, Purchase Code, and Envato API.

The top of the MX Options page always says “Theme Version { 3.0.3 } available for update!” and the top of the Update Log page says “You have version 2.1 installed. You can update to version 3.0.3.” but I have no idea how to update it.

Please help – thank you.

Hi, sorry for that.Because of we had changed our author name from activetofocus to ThemeFocus so if you used theme version author name is activetofocus will need manual ftp update it ( like before install theme upload mx theme replace old version files ). Next will have no any problem with auto update.


Thanks for the reply.

But, is this going to overwrite my MX Options settings? I made a lot of changes to that.

no, It’ll don’t overwrite your options setting.Thanks.


Do not video preview panel ? Custom Color Menu ?

I’m interested, but I can not see anything of the panel or if there is color option for the menus.

Thank you.

We provided video tuts and admin panel preview.You can custom menu colors.

You can preivew our options setting panel.


Hi I can´t login at the support site

Br Hans

We had get your ticket, but you didn’t send us purchase code, please send us so that help u create account.



Thanks you everything works perfect

Hello, How can I create price table with colors and buttons. also how can i adjust tab size and color? Please reply as soon as possible. our client waiting. Thank you.

Please submit your question on support forum, our support will check it.


Hi, I’m wondering how can i remove the gap between the navigation and the slider on the homepage. From your example (, i don’t see the gap. But while working on my site: I can’t get rid of it


Also, under the portfolio on the homepage, the circles are not in shape.

Please submit your question on support forum.Our support will check it.


Thanks for the great theme!

How can I add a Font Awesome icon to a menu item?

In the Alterna theme I was able to add this just before the menu item text:

Menu Text

However, this doesn’t work in MX.

Thank you :)

Your menu item label like it.
<i class="fa fa-flag"> </i>Menu Text


I posted on the forum as well. I would like to know how you added an image or texture to the wide background like on your demo homepage. It is not clear even after importing the demo data how that was achieved,


We had reply u, please check support forum.Thanks.

Hi !

How can i change the ”/portfolio-cats/” and ”/portfolio/” automatically putted in the url for the portfolio part ?

Same thing for the ”/category/” of the blog ?

Thanks for reply

You need change code to custom permalink and change rule.It’s not easy as you to change them.You must learn about permalink through search from google get help.


Ok but you can maybe list me the concerned files ?

Another thing … how can i add a custom icon on my home page ?

here : The second icon for “Site Cora” :

I’ve try to upload the file in wp and then to replace fa-something by the complet adress .. not work :s

Thanks for your disponibility

Hi, about permalink need modify code and test so can’t provide u a list.If you need we can provide custom services for the extra modify.

About the custom icon, your method is error, as it now just support fontawesome icon.Now, I had check your site code, it’s error use image url.


I really like this theme and after using it for a while I can recommend everybody to buy one. This is rock solid and has a ton of features.

But the support ticket system isn’t working properly. I can’t see my own tickets and all emails from the ticket system are being displayed empty. The only way to make ‘em visible is to use the emails source code and use a base64-decoder. This is really painfull to communicate this way. Please do something about it.

This helps a little bit but you have to know that this is the only chance to cache the ticket number. First time ticketers will probably fail. Best would be to be able to log in into this ticket systen and see the ticket list. Can’t understand why you’re using such a old fashioned system. Mx looks beautyfull and osticket looks like a webpage looked 10 years ago and got this email bug. This is no match to ticksy or zendesk.

Hi, you can use support forum get support, we provided a great support forum, the ticket system just for send us private information not theme support.


Ok, this ticket form was right on the first page when clicking from themoforest so I took this way. The Forum appears after login, ok. Then I’ll writh in the forum next time. Thanx for this advise.

Hi The same as Hexodus above, i did a ticket an hour ago and got a blank email in return.

Br Hans

Hi, it’s maybe email system problem with the ticket system.Now we had add ticket on page when you created a ticket, then you use ticket number, your email login in view status.