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Clean design and well coded.

Good luck and greeting to Belgium

nice work mate… great job

Awesome man, love it.

having issues with the contact page. Can anyone help? What do exactly do?

What is the problem that you have?

Hi, I love the theme and it has been very easy to customise but im having issues with the contact page… I cannot get it to work using the enclosed instructions on the formprocessor zip file. Would you be able to code the contact page so that it worked without editing? Or can you tell me exactly which parts to edit? thanks for your help and for a great theme! :-)

Does it give any error or so?
Did you look at this installation video:

How do I go about changing the theme colors myself(Links and active page)? I have edited the CSS without any luck. Please advise.

If you use the blue template, then search for the color #0795D0 in the CSS and replace with the color you want to use :).

I can’t install the theme. What have I done wrong?

I went onto the install themes page and uploaded the zip file but it isn’t installing the theme.

Can you help me out?


This is an HTML template not a wordPress theme.

If it’s not an actual Wordpress Theme it shouldn’t be placed beside Wordpress Themes. Theme Forest should sort out their categories to avoid confusing people. Total waste of time and money. How do I get a refund?

Sorry to hear that man. Contact support if you want a refund but I’m affraid you’ll not gonna get one because it’s clearly listed under HTML templates.


i want to buy this tamplate but i dont now if i can translate the item to hebrew?

If you replace the strings with Hebrew content you’ll have an Hebrew website :). Don’t really understand what you try to ask. Can you explain more?

I followed the instructions but am still not getting it right on the contact form. Can I send you the account details so you can help?

Can you create a ticket for this on Thanks :)

Hello, Its just HTML template, its not workpress theme ? :(