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Great Work, congratulations!

Thank you my friend :D

Congratulations nice work. Good luck dude!

Thanks, you’re the best :D

Very nice!! :-) Also available in HTML, or in future to make one? Would be great!

Thank you my friend :D

Congrats , looks wonderful.

Kind Regards,

Thank you :D

Neat n Clean :) Social tab missing though

Thank you my friend :D

Clean and professional CV! Great style.

Thank You My Friend

Nice work! Do you have any video of editing? I need dummy data, or everything is easy to edit?


I can not send e-mails through Form on web.

Under ‘Work’ tab; Can videos be added so they show/play in the modal window?

Can you give me help plugin WP-PageNavi

There is no file .po for translation ?

Dear friend first of all thank you for your purchase, we can gladly help you with whatever you need, please email to there support and help him solve all your problems. regards

Ok Thanks!

I was wondering…under the “work” tab could I include writing work? Use it as a literary portfolio instead of pictures?

Dear friend thanks for your comment, in the case of the work is designed to display images and text but its like you can only put text, it is not mandatory to put the images. regards


I changed the link for my google maps and it doesn’t show up. Can you let me know what i am doing wrong? Am I using the wrong link?

Also, how do i modify the contact form for notifications?

Dear friend thank you for purchasing our theme. We have all the interest to help you with your problem, please write to support and help him there with all its problems.


It’s a nice theme, but I am having trouble following the doc instructions. There is no options for “selecting style for each page” and there is no option for “one page menu”. Please help as I need this urgently. I have emailed your support team, can you please help me follow up? Thank you very much.

Dear friend thank you for shopping our site, in case he problem you are having with the site settings in the admin panel of the site you will see all the pages of one page, the theme has two menu, but the team of support on going help with your problem.



I am thinking about buying this theme. Any plan to make it compatible with Wordpress 3.7?

Thanks. Dimitri

Dear friend thank you for your interest in our theme, we confirm that our theme if it is compatible with WordPress version 3.7


I love the clean and simple look of this theme. The support to date has been amazing for any questions I have had. Super happy with my purchase. Highly recommend this theme or other Freedesigns themes.

Dear friend thank you for your comment and give me joy that you like my theme. Thank you very much :D

The service turnaround is excellent. There was a problem with the Child Theme. They say the issue and sent me a corrected file. 5 star support.

Thank you very much for your comment, it is our duty to help you with your problems. Remember we are here to help.


Very bad support , keep writing email since 3-4 weeks but no response

Dear friend by the time we give support to all our clients, please write to this address support.


I’m having difficulty with the Skill section.

Every skill always shows at 100 percent.

Dear friend glad to help you with your problem, please write to the support they will give you all the help you need.


Ive installed and filled in all the different areas, about, my skills etc but the only one showing is the blog! Have I to activate something here? I thought it was install, fill in and publish!

Dear friend first of all we thank you for choosing our subject, in the case of what he says we should import the backup to your site. But we ask that you write to support and glad to help solve your problem.

Just write to the support


I am having the same issue with the My Skills section.

No matter the input the graphs all go to 100%. I’ve been emailing support with no response.

I’m hoping this can be resolved.

Richpow -

I’m not sure if you’ve been contacted, or if you already tried this, but check the “show style configuration” above the first box of every section.

Apparently has a configuration problem, but that’s no problem, we will help you solve it. Please write to the support email and we will gladly help.


Customer service has been very helpful. Still have a few problems but they’ve been a huge help! Thank you!