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Nice template, but I’m not able to add {loadposition mypos} in articles: everytime the text is showed instead the module content. Plugin content module is activate, the text is all in lowercase and the module with position mymodule is published on every page. In other templates I’ve not problem to do this….

Hi chicobianchi,

Are you showing the articles through a module? If so, which one?

Please ask for support using the account which you bought the template in order to receive support help. Which Themeforest account did you used to buy it?


Hi does this template support Joomla 3.4.8 ? Will template possibly support Joomla 3.5.x when released ?

Hi, for to set a new module position create using the sintax #section-someword in external menu (in main menu) you wroten to set manually the position of the module. Probably this was right with old versions of Joomla because in Joomla 3.4, it’s impossible to set a position not present in position scroll menu of the module. Hot to do to set manually the position in Joomla 3.4? Many thanks!

Hi quidp,

It works the same way in Joomla 2.5 and 3.4.

Kind regards, Valentín

Hi HTMGARCIA, I bought this template 3 years ago. I had to remake my website. Everything is working fine except for the contact module. I’t doesn’t work, can you help me out? Thanks. Ben


Be sure you are using the most recent version.

Hi, I’m a beginner in joomla. Is there the possibility to get the page structure including the placeholder box? Just as it is displayed in the demo. So I just have to insert my pictures and texts? Thanks for your help. Best regards

Hi there, I really like your template and I would like to buy it. I would like to know whether there is going to be a version for Joomla 3.8. and also for future Joomla versions. Thanks in advance and best regards, Sarah