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Triangle issue in IE 8

Add this CSS code in: Extensions >> Template manager >> yourteamplate >> Custom CSS:
border-color:transparent #FFFFFF transparent transparent !important;
border-style:solid !important;
border-width: 12px !important;
content: "" !important;
height: 0 !important;

How to link to onepage (to home) from inner pages?

Edit the file: templates/vg_myfolio//html/mod_menu/myfolio-onepage_url.php

line: 27 change this:
$flink = '#filter=.section-' . $vg_filter_link[1];
To this:
$flink = './#filter=.section-' . $vg_filter_link[1];

Basically just add ./ to the link

How to enable controls in YouTube embeds in modal (play, pause, etc)?

Add Custom CSS in: Extensions >> Template manager >> yourtemplate >> Custom CSS

     z-index: 9999 !important;

Remove slideshow to Services (or even other menu item)

In Menus > Main menu > Slideshow (unpiblished)

Then go to Extensions > Module manager > “taking pictures” > position: type instead “services”

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