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Genius as always you and PandP are becoming a force to be reckoned with!

I know it got asked on the HMTL version but it would be cool if the portfolio items could link like the blog to further content/description etc. I appreciate it is for photographers but no harm in asking!

Good luck as always

Hey man!

Thanks, just working on an alternate demo now, infact single-portfolio functionality is already built into the theme and can be turned on with one click :)


ha ha awesome. Thank you for remembering those of us who rely on Photoshop in our portfolio projects (and to put our images in focus!).

Hey Charlie,

Don’t know if you wanted to see it or not mate, but here’s an alternate light version demo with portfolio detail pages turned on, alternate intro video block, alternate portfolio with load more-button & a few new features from version 1.0.2;

Alternate demo here;

Cheers :)

Looks stunning. Elegant, clean work as always. Wish you the best with sales!

Thanks so much! :)

AMAZING!!!! Load time is a little slow for me… but so awesome! Great job!

Thanks so much! :)

I think my server is taking a hammering at the moment from the front page exposure, but the speed can be improved with a few little settings in the theme. The alternate version of the portfolio produces a faster load time, I’m just working on the alternate version demo now :)

Thanks again!

Hi, beautiful theme!!! Only one question: it’s possibile shows the fullsize photo? Or the photo are resized to browser dimension? Thanks Antonio

Hey there,

The Lightbox resizes to the browser window, so the images will go much larger in the Lightbox if you enter larger images into the theme :)

We’ve kept our demo images smaller so that my server doesn’t slow down under the massive traffic we get off the ThemeForest homepage :)


Dig’n this, nice work!

Thanks a bunch! :)

Awesome!! Great theme Tommus and good luck with sales!

Cheers! Fingers Crossed :)

Cool portfolio theme :)

load time ….zzzzzzzzzzz

Thanks for the feedback :) My server is under quite a bit of load at the moment, but you’re right, the demo was a little slow.

I’ve run a few processes to get the demo going faster for everyone, there should be a decent jump in load speed now :)


Hello! Nice theme. I have a couple questions: - I saw it has unlimited colors, but want to make sure that the current black version can be white/ white background or image background? - Can the homepage have infinite scroll posts that is a grid layout? - Can the twitter widget that’s on the homepage be in multiple other places? For example, it’s in 4 different spots, with 4 different tweets on the homepage?


Hey there,

1. Yes you can change all the colours of the theme to create a light version using our 1-click editor :)

2. No, the homepage section is designed to remain static & the blog and portfolio sections trigger a ‘load more’ button if needed.

3. The twitter block is designed to pull in an accounts latest tweet, you can have multiple blocks with multiple accounts, but multiple blocks of the same account will simply pull in the same latest tweet.

I hope this helps! Cheers :)


how about with the featured images in posts: i see them on the blog index in different post formats, but not on single posts? Does any post need an Image for the blog index?


Hey there,

1. No, the blog index does not require featured images if you don’t want.

2. As for single post featured images, it’s all down to post formats; standard and image formats get the featured image, see here;

Video gets a featured image which links to a Lightbox video, gallery gets a flex-slider gallery, and the other post formats are designed for text display.

I hope this helps. Cheers!

Beautiful theme, any short code in this theme?

Hey there,

The theme uses a drag and drop page builder rather than short codes for content, if you’d like short codes for buttons etc. then it’s better to use a plugin for this for better forwards compatibility, I suggest this one;


Very stylish and well designed.. Cool!

Thanks so much! :)

Looks great, good luck with sales!

Thanks! Fingers Crossed :)

Hi Your theme looks lovely. Is there a way to categorise blog posts, similar to the filter on the portfolio? thanks

Hey there,

Not currently, I’ll consider this for an update though :)



have I seen right, that the theme does not have any sidebar (for widgets) or footer (for widgets)?

Are there any shortcodes for tabs, toggles etc. as it is meanwhile standard at TF Wordpress themes?


Hey there,

Actually the theme is widget ready, the footer area takes a 3 column grid of widgets much like the content area – this is a WordPress theme requirement.

As for shortcodes, the theme doesn’t include any, nor is it best practice to bundle shortcodes in with a theme. Instead we use a simple drag and drop page builder to build content with.

If you want to include buttons etc in the theme with shortcodes then it’s definitely recommended to use a plugin so that you can take you short codes with you if you change theme, I recommend this one;



thx for the WP version. Before i buy it i have to make sure, if it works “fluid” with big galleries. I had a lot of trouble in the past with templates i bought here. No template runs “normal” with big gals (50 – 100 ímages). The biggest problems on ipads, safari and chrome browser on ios.

Thx for your answer.

Perhaps, I’ll be putting up an alternate demo in a few hours so you can take a look and see what you think :)


Bought – now i have to try myself.

Hi, just pruchased your beautiful theme and installed it after following your doc. The layout seems to be ok but text styling is a mess… blue for links no white background.. I maybe made something wrong. I’d like to have it as the demo on themeforrest and customize it after.

I use WP 3.5.1 I installed zipped theme, xml datas. Thats all.

Thanks for your help.



No problem :) My ticket service is there if you need it.


Ok. I have difficulties to understand the use and combination of filtered navigation and normal one. Together ? why ? How do i customize the content of each parts/pages? If i create one, it’s empty… And I can’t find the content you propose in your demo (i installed xml datas…).

Could you drop me a line to guide me? Your doc didn’t helped me (but that’s maybe cause my english could be better!).


Yes of course, as I say leave a ticket on my support site, make it private and provide a WP Login and I’ll do what I can for you;


Hi there.

Love the theme! Just wondered – my portfolio keeps loading then disappearing – am I doing anything wrong? All my work just disappears for some reason.

Hey Adam,

It seems you’re adding your content to separate pages, which will mean no animations when using the navigation, was this what you intended?

If not: your content should all be placed into one page template and then published into one page, the navigation then filters this down for you :)

Have a read through your documentation, MF is a little different to a standard WordPress theme so it’s definitely worth working through the documentation :)

If you need any more set up help please feel free to leave a ticket at


Really nice job :-)

Can I make a couple of suggestions please

1) Add infinite load to both blog posts and portfolio posts 2) Add a heart/like system 3) Add a light version (eg white) 4) The portfolio needs extra space for descriptions, eg like the blog as at the moment it seems you can only view them as images with a small line under them? 5) Make the homepage have a mixture of blog and portfolio posts :-)

Many thanks Rich

Awww bless you :-) And sorry could you potentially list out what will be different?

Yeah no problem;
  • Single Portfolio Items Turned On
  • White Colour Scheme (Using the customizer)
  • Alternate, non filter portfolio with load-more
  • Intro block with video (in lightbox)

Hey Rich,

Alternate demo here;

Cheers! :)

oh yeah sorry is there any short codes/widgets.plugins etc with this theme?

And have you also considered adding a new template that is 1 col wider as well, a little more content width would be awesome :-)


Hey again,

Nope, the theme uses a lovely drag and drop page builder to create the demo that you see, we’ve stayed away from additional shortcodes / widgets since everyone usually has there own favourite, plus if your shortcodes come in a plugin, like the great one from WP Explorer, then you can take your content with you if you choose to move on from the theme.

The width is up to the HTML designer of the theme, but I’ll see if he fancies adding in some CSS for a wider version.


Brilliant I personally think a wider version is called for, im using a mac screen and I know that not everyone does but it just seems it needs to be one col wider to me… :-)