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Hi TommusRhodus—Thanks for a phenomenal theme… it really is unique & elegant!

My question is similar to pjkeeler’s, regarding the way a 3rd blog item in the home grid opens down below (juggling a 4th item up into the 3rd slot) and I understand that’s not something we have control over. Unfortunately, this may be confusing to my client. I’d like to be able to open blog posts into their single page, rather than in the home page animation, and there’s probably a really simple way to do that, but I just haven’t discovered it ;)

Thanks in advance for any help.


No problem :)

Go to “appearance” => “customise” => “styling” => “use blog previews” => ‘no”, this setting also gives you a page load speed boost :)


Thank You!

No problem :)

Be sure to rate the theme from the downloads section of your themeforest account (if you havn’t already) if you’re happy with the theme, and with my support :)


is there no option to change font size in blog posts?


If you need font controls for the theme, consider this plugin:


thank you


I am just staring to work on the template and I wonder if you have any tutorial aside of the help section? thanks

Hey there,

Full written documentation, and example videos are included with the main theme download.



I bought the theme and i like a lot . I´m customizing the theme and I have a couple questions, becuse I can´t find a solution for myself. Sorry in advance if this question has already been answered in older posts. In the porfolio there is 15 places to upload photos, but how is possible to upload more than 15 pics? And I can´t find the way to activate twiter. How could I do? I download the folder oauth-twitter-feed-for-developers a plugin, but doesn´t work. Also how to upload the map in the web. Thanks!

Hey there,

These comments are not the place for such an amount of support. Please leave a properly formatted ticket at my help site, if you can separate out your issues carefully rather than a big block of text, that will really help :)

Cheers & see you there! :)

Hey , I´ve sent you an email like you told me. Check if is there. Thanks again for your help. ;)

Hey there,

Your ticket has been fully replied to, check out the replies on your user account at my ticket service.



Just tried to preview this on a PC and Mac, and 2 different browsers, but its not showing. Ive viewed it before, so Im wondering if you have a problem with your web server at the moment?



Probably just some small server downtime, seems to be working fine now :)


Hi there! I love your theme. I’m just wondering about one thing I’m having trouble with. When my home page initially loads, it preloads the about me, contact me & drop me a line blocks for a split second and then they disappear and my intro block loads (which is the only block I want on my home page). My question is: how do I get rid of the preloaded blocks so they don’t appear for a split second when my home page initially loads. Thanks, Shannon

Hey there,

Go to “appearance” => “customise” => “styling” => preloader -> “on” to hide the site whilst this is happening (like my demo)


hey thanks for the quick response. It’s fixed! Looks great! :-)


Does the WP version support individual pages like the drupal version? Basically I am looking to create something similar to:


Hey there,

Yeah, you don’t need to use the filter system (animations), you can have proper separate pages :)


Hey there, first of all – thanks for this fantastic theme. You made something wonderful ;)

I have a little problem with the contact form… After pressing the submit button, nothing changes. The Email is delivered normally. I actually thought that a message like “your message has been submitted to us” should displayed or a similar success page… Any Idea?

On your sample page, it also doesn’t word …

Ceers! Thanks in advance ;)

Hey there,

Please leave a ticket with your site URL at my support site:

So I can help more easily :)


Hello, I would like to buy your theme for a client who needs his website in two languages. I would like to know if it’s possible to use this theme in a multilingual website. Thank you in advance for your answer.

Hey there,

Sorry this theme is not ready for, or tested in any multilingual plugins.


Hello!, Good Job with the Theme! BUT, Im unable to play videos, I have video portfolios,lined up all in categories. I click view project I click on the video and nothing. Its bugging me big time. Do help if you get this


Hey there,

What URL are you using in the video URL box for your portfolios?


Fixed! My imbed URL was wrong! Wicked, have it now! Thanks for getting back though! :)


I really like the look and feel of this theme but I don’t get it to work. I read the documentation and installed WP and the theme and it looks like this I spended hours to figure it out but without result

Hey there,

I flagged your previous comment just as it was pretty huge with code and choking up this comment page a little :)

If you make a ticket at my support site, with your Site URL and an admin login then we can definitely help further:


ok I don’t see where I can get a ticket. there’s only a link for customisation. If i try to login with facebook nothing happen and my e-mail is already in use. I spend more than 9 hours today and even the demo is not working

ok no it finally worked to get a ticket in your system using a different e-mailadres.

This is an awesome theme with an even more awesome support. Bought it, loved it and was amazed at how much great help I received afterwards to have my questions answered, concerns sorted out and the theme made running as it should to the smallest details (big thanks for that). Truly recommended!

Thanks so much! :)

Hey Tommus,

I’m having a new issue with the theme. I just made a new video blog post, and whenever you click on the featured image to play the YouTube video, it just pulls up a blank window, and does not load the video. However all the other video blog posts correctly load the videos. It’s only this post.

It’s the “HRE Hangar Shoot // Behind the Scenes” post on

Sorry for the delay on this, been very busy! Here’s the video I’m trying to add to the post:

Here’s what you should use then:



Hey, i just had a question about the ZillaSocial plugin. I saw you told someone the code to remove the social icons from the footer. I would like to remove the icons from the header and leave them at the footer. WOuld you happen to know what i should enter for that? Below is the original thread between you two.


“One more question, ZillaSocial works like a charm and I decided to use the widget. Is there a way to not display the social icons in the footer? Right now the only options are header/footer or both. Thanks!

Oh and I rated the theme. :) TommusRhodus TommusRhodus AUTHOR 20 days ago Flag No problem, add the following to “appearance” => “customise” => “custom css”

footer .centered > .zilla-social { display: none; } Cheers!”

Nevermind…I got it figured out. Thanks

Hey Hey, awesome theme im still in the process of creating my portfolio site and im having a blast, i only want to know one thing,I’m trying to add my social profiles to the site, but it seems like there is only a limited selection of sites to choose from, how can i add custom profiles,

I need the following: deviant art tumblr cghub and a few extra ones

my porfolio site

Thanks in advance Ray

Hey there Ray,

Yep, we only have a few basic social icons built into the theme, if you need some extras then we’ve built in support for zillasocial:

When you install it, it will replace the standard icons with the zillasocial icons settings, giving you some more choices :)


Hi Tom, Great Theme. Enjoying the styling and ease of use, but I have run into a problem that has me stumped.

When logged into WP as admin and editing, the site looks as it should and all elements work, but when I log out and view it, or view it in a different browser, it is not working so well.

The issues:

1. All content is being loaded into the Home page even if I have the post of portfolio item set to not show in home page.

2. I have the intro block loaded into Home page at the top. The text loads, but the slider and images do not load.

3. Google maps does not load into the ‘Drop us a line’ block.?

4. The text on the posts or portfolio items does not animate?

5. And finally and fatally, the filtering does not work (presumably because all content is loaded into the home page

The errors do not appear to be browser dependent – it appears the same on all browsers. Appreciate any ideas on what I have stuffed up, or if this is a hosting issue.

Thanks, David

Ahh, I think my ticket support service isn’t too healthy at the moment! Not your fault at all :)

Feel free to drop me an email through my profile contact form then with your original message & a WP Login and I’m sure I can help :)


All solved! Thanks so much for your help Tom. This is a fabulous theme with great documentation and it has been a pleasure to deal with you. Cheers, David

Hey man! I am a design newbie, is there any way to reduce the spacing in-between the blocks?

Also, how do I create a portfolio slider like you have in the demo. I have created a separate portfolio with images I want to use in the slider, but I can’t get the control arrows, or any of the images to slide to the next image

Hey there,

1. No, this would require rewriting most of the theme CSS and would be a really large job, sadly.

2. Do you mean the one at the top of my homepage? Thats the “intro” block in the page builder :)


Hey Tommus, would there be a way to make the blocks or size of the images larger? Maybe have the site take up a bit more horizontal space, similar to the camera7 theme?

Hey there,

No, sorry, the theme functions exactly as you see in the demo. There is a 4 column site width setting in “appearance” -> “customise” -> “styling”, though this doesn’t increase the width of the blocks, only adds a 4th column to the entire site.


Will your next update incorporate bootstrap 3.0+?

No, MyFolio is not built in bootstrap.



I downloaded the theme a few weeks ago and I really like it. I have a couple of questions.

1. I tried working with the filters and I saw that I cannot create more than 8 filters. Can I create more?

2. I used only 1 template but when I about 50 pictures, it does not let me add more pictures.

3. How can I change the width of the sub menu?

Hey there,

1. See here:

2. Make a second template and add your extra content in there. It’s fine to call more than one template (with the short code) into the same published page.

3. Add the following to “appearance” -> “customise” => “custom css”

#filters ul { width: 155px; }

And modify to your needs.

Cheers! :)

Thank you very much for your reply. The 2nd and 3rd questions are solved. For the 1st question I cannot find the /inc/page-builder/blocks/

Also, below my categories it shows View all button to show all pictures… can I remove this or translate in different language? Do I have to put all the pictures again with the #filter=.all to show them;

I also have a question about the contact form… I read in another topic that it is not customisable… can I put a different contact form? Because I may want to add more fields, captcha and translate it in different language… also I couldn’t find where to change the email address that will send the form. I checked the code and it says get admin email but when I change that to another email it’s not working.

Hey there,

Please use our ticket service, it’s difficult to track multiple questions though these comments: