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good design, i would be down to purchase a full-scale wordpress theme based on this design.

It would be great to sell SAAS or other types of apps

Nice WorK .. You are the Best ! <3 :=)

Thank you!

Does it have .po and .mo files for translation? I need this theme translated into portuguese.

It is a html template, you can add your own portuguese text here without .po and .mo.

Do you or will you have a WP theme based on this design?

Really nice work.

Thank you!

Excellent Clean and Great Effects – Sales should be AWESOME!

Thank you!

Sites working great but I cannot seem to get my cpanel email auto responders to work when someone submits a message or email address. Any ideas as to why the auto responder works fine except for emails from the website?

I fixed this issue.

(in both php files newsletter & contact-form) Find line: mail($to,$subject,$msg,”From:”.$email);

Change to: mail($to,$subject,$msg,”From: <$email>”);

Great! thanks for your solution! :)

Hey! We did an update with your solution! Feel free to download the new version from Themeforest. Regards!

I loved your theme, but I’m struggling with a bug and I can’t seem to resolve it. Whenever an animation is triggered (such when the icons in the circles rotate) the background for the lower Sections disappear while the animation lasts.

How can I solve this? Thanks in advance.

You first have to buy our item. You didn´t buy our item yet. Then add your question at the forum and we will help you there.

I had to create an account because I’m the one working on the template. I’ll tell my coworker to ask the same question with the account he used to buy the theme.

FANTASTIC DESIGN. A question. can you change the testimonials from a circle to a square??

Also can you have more than 6 images in the gallery and can you have it so its 4 in a row and not 3 images. THANKS

:) Thank you so much for your comment. We work hard to deliver high quality templates to our buyers.

To change the circle to square you just have to change the style of the element.
Sure! You can edit the gallery in a few seconds. We can help you with that in our forum. Let us know if you need anything else.

Hey pretty cool design! How can I remove whole sections without having the theme break. From which part of the code should I erase a particular section. Thanks.

I now see it was simple to erase. I erased the first two sections and want the site to begin with the download section. Only problem is that it requires the scroll down to be used in order for the elements to appear. How can I set it up so that the content of the download section appears immediately? Thanks.

Nice! We will help you at the forum. Please login at the forum and add this question there, we will help you :)

Hello, VERY nice template! Great work!

Is it possible to you to integrate a captcha?

Thank you

Yesss let few day to validate some many information on my side.

Thank you ;)

Where di You buY the hand and iphone image

It is in the psd file! :)
There is a hand with a HTC. Double click the layer and you will find a hand with the IPHONE 5.

The design seems to break heavily on IE8. Could you please supply a fix as we need IE8 support as a minimum.

Your support system is not working as I cannot submit any queries and you still have not responded back to my query. IE8 is really an issue, can I get some help on this?

Hello, it is working. We gave you an answer.
Please login with your username and password to our forum and check it.
Also, we did an update, feel free to download the last version of this item (with IE8 support).

Hello, a new version is available, but I can not find the file update information about this update!?

Thank you

Its in the item description, at the bottom.
12 December 13 – IE8 support added


Your theme is in the top 3 I am considering purchasing for my landing page. Just a “Can I” not “How to” question.

1. Can I easily swap out the Feature images but retain the initial animation where they move into place? I don’t need the animation activated when you rollover them, just the initial one where they fly in from off screen.


Hey! nice to hear that :) You want to delete the hover animation?

Hi! Another question. FYI: I tried to access the forums but the link to them says there are no forums…

Ok, so I seem to have things up and running pretty much but there is a bug I can’t figure out. Here is my site

Anyway, When I resize the browser the first panel #slider goes a abit ape shit with teh text. NOte: I removed the blue black in blue.css so that it is just a plane white back and I changed the text to black. When the browser is resized smaller the text turns white which means it essentially disappears. ALso if I view it on my ipad the text just remains white since I am not able to resize anything.

One other question if you can: I want to put just a simple image in place of one of the sections. How would I do this? I already deleted some sections to serve my needs but now I want to put in two sections of just a simple image that spans the dimensions of the section. Thank you.

Please contact us by email and we will give you a complete solution.

i purchased this template, but i want to change the icon in “features” session and it dont work. please help.

Please add your question at our support forum, the support team is going to help you.

Hi! the icon don’t work well with explorer… They are moved to the bottom right.

Hi zophiel, The forum works well! You must register with your data. Then you make your question a moderator sees the answer and then published. Regards

MustacheThemes Team

great, if it works then you’ll have no problems finding the thread I posted yesterday…

If you do the same question twice you that error. That’s right. We try to answer all questions ASAP, are generally answered within 48 hours on business days. Soon we will reply in the forum.

Regards, MustacheThemes Team

Favicon doesn’t work.

Hello meetai, please add your question in the forum, the support team will help there.:

Regards, MustacheThemes Team

Hello team, I receive some spam from the popup contact form, and i would like to know if we could do something for this?


Hello, there are many reasons why you might receive some spam. Generally, a spam filter in your hosting account can prevent that.

Regards, MustacheThemes Team