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Nice theme, I look forward to using it.

google speed gives it a 46 in terms of optimization for mobile.

Because of the quality of home screen slider images. Use low quality on them and you will get around 75% reduction.

Hello ! is it possible to have a gallery photo menu on this template ? > yes i just saw it in the video, sorry !! :)


The actual menu is composed from 8 pages and icons.

To navigate you need a slide touch, from you mobile. In a desktop browser preview of this theme you can only see the first 4 menu icons.

But like you saw in the video there are 8 pages, you can create a photo gallery, a video portfolio, a images portfolio…etc

Thank You, for Using this theme (mobile theme) with another theme (desktop theme) at the same time you say to deactivate the desktop theme for a few minutes, how can i do that ? I put the default theme of wordpress (Twenty Eleven) ?

Yes, to deactivate the desktop theme it’s like you normally deactivate it from wordpress admin from “Appearance-> Themes”.

In WP admin you can only have one theme as main active.

So activate the mobile theme, setup it with pages, content….etc, and after just go back and activate the desktop theme again.

Then follow the instructions I have provided in the HELP files to include that mobile detection code, and the theme switcher plugin to automatically switch themes when user is coming from a mobile device.

At the end you will have the desktop theme as main active and the mobile theme as inactive. But the mobile detection code and theme switcher plugin will activate the mobile theme only when user are coming from mobiles, and leave the desktop theme active for desktop users.

It is a simple process, and the solution I have found to use 2 wordpress themes at the same time because a lot of users want to use 2 themes.

Is possible change the color of theme?, thx


From admin you can change the bg color, the bg image, website general links colors, header/title centered text. Also add/edit icons.

You can create a pretty cool theme if you have imagination. Just look at the Html/CSS version of this theme HERE and you will see 2 examples of what you can do.

Hi, i follow all the indications for the installation with another theme but it doesn’t work, can you help me to do this ?


Just drop us an email with the necessary info and we will do it.

Can i have your email on davidfyon@gmail.com ?

Does it support custom post types?

Yes any theme in generally supports custom post types. It’s just required to create them.

For this mobile theme I am using custom post types for Menu items, Gallery pages, and Home screen slider. Each one of these have a tab in admin interface.

I mean willl this work with Themeforest Continuum review custom post types?


If you are asking if the mobile theme will display a page with that desktop custom post types. The answer is no.

The mobile theme cannot know each custom post types of all diferent themes outhere.

Can display the same regulat posts from the desktop theme, but not the custom ones.

You can manually create a query in a page an extract that custom post types of the desktop theme.

is this the theme that we all have been waiting on?

How I can translate the word “home” and the contact form (name, e-mail, etc)?


For contact labels check contact.php file, and for home button, you should check the files that includes header section.

I guess I should include all this in admin in the next update to make it easier. For now in admin you can check the header and footer centered titles.


The theme was just updated with this options to be set from the admin panel.

Hi and Good Day!

I would like to ask. When will the My Mobile Page V2 Wordpress Update be available?

It is another wordpress theme package to come out or as an automatic upgrade on wordpress dashboard theme management?

Thank You!

Well My mobile page v2 is another item, a separately one.

I will update that theme also with some new features soon.


When I try to view my site on a mobile device, I get “Data Connectivity Error The page contains too many server redirects.”

Can you please provide some help?




You are using iphone?

Try reading THIS

That error is something related to cache, cookies… It also happens to android.

I will read more about that and update with more info for users.


I added 3 menu items. They won’t show up in the first page of icons. You can only see them when you swipe your menu to the right.

This is what I did:

- added new page - added menu item: order, background image, title

Same is for the top nav.

What am I doing wrong here?

UPDATE : for some reason my icons are gone now ?!? I managed to get everything on one page. WHen I hover over the place where the icons should appear I see the order of the pages is correct, but showing up the icons won’t work.

I do see the icon.png in the source code but it won’t appear?

Found another issue. When I add a new page and want to make it a Photo Gallery I can’t select the template for that. The drop down for the photo gallery isn’t available.

What am I doing wrong here?


Is there a way you can send us the demo url via email to look there.

Or did you try to install the demo content xml to see if it works with that.

this should be www.trouwshoot.nl

Hope everything works for non-logged in clients?

I have Theme Test Drive running so I can set the website up without turning off my theme

Yes I was viewing from an android device


Did you get any luck finding out why I don’t get the icons on www.trouwshoot.nl


Yes Stef, found the problem.

Just replied to your email.

How I can link the home slider images with the categories of the blog?



The main purpose of the slider images is to be set as backgorunds. So the nice touch and slide effect to look great.

The theme concept is based for home page slider, as some background screens.

If you really want to add links to the background panels you will have to manually edit index.php file.



Is it possible do deactivate the mobile theme, even on a mobile device?


Hello, thanks for the fast response.

The mobile theme is great and will be used almost all the time, but I would like to give an option to the users to activate the desktop theme. I find myself a lot of times navigating on mobile version of some sites and searching for the desktop version.

The idea is not to exclude some devices, its to give an option to use or activate the desktop theme on the mobile device.


I understand now.

Well to do that is quite easy.

I am sugesting in the HELP file to switch to the mobile theme a plugin and the code :

......header('Location: http://yourwebsite.com?wptheme=My Mobile Page V3');

To do the things you want you will have to add to the mobile theme a link, or a button with the code

http://yourwebsite.com?wptheme=your desktop theme

This will work, and will change the mobile theme to the desktop one.

Wow!!! That is what I’m locking for!!!!


Updates 0.1

  • Menu fixed to work on a number of icons smaller than 4
  • Added to admin the options to edit, “Home” text button, “Menu” text button, “Top” text button, Contact labels texts

Is there an easier way to install this theme? I’m super confused by the ‘HELP’ section that came with the theme. Are there instructions that I am missing? I love the demo, but am having a difficult time recreating it on my site. Check me out