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Hello FT,

I have set the theme up and its working fine now. Can you please tell me how can i add the blog page into it ? as theres no option adding a blog template when i add a new page.

looking forward thanks & regards Nasir I.


No need to create a page for the blog. You just need to create a category called blog and posts in it. And when creating the menu item, just add the link of the category there, and not a link to a page. So your menu item/icon will be linked to a category url, the blog category.

You can also add subcategories to main blog category and so on.



I now have a blank theme after updating WP and transferring my site to a new server (not sure which may have caused the issue).

do you know what this might be?

thanks Steve

Hi Steve,

It’s quite hard to tell what’s wrong there.

You have a diferent php version on the new server?

Does any error text apears?

Errors should be enabled, so we can see what’s the problem is.

Or look into the source code when the page is blank, you might get there some texts and errors..


..further to my post above…

when I commented out the php code in in the header the theme popped back into life?

Does any error text apears when the code is not commented ?


Is it possible to change the number of items displayed in the navigation slider? I need to reorganize the menu so that it displays only 3 icons at a time. I know how to edit php code in pages, but i’m having trouble getting icons centered.

Thanks, Greg


Well it will require some CSS styling to make the nav show only 3 icons on a slide. They are also responsive as you can see. It’s quite hard to do that. You will have to use also bigger icons I guess, to make them fill the space of the width. A bigger space between the small icons will look weird, in my opinion. This why I had go for 4 on a slide.

But to give you a hint, in php there are small changes to do. Major changes are in style, in flexslider code of the menu, and in Media queries style code at the bottom of the style.css file.



Awesome theme. We use it for a videogame information site for parents and it looks great.

However, we would like to do the mobile/desktop switching thing, and there is one problem: Your special shortcode markups (tabsmenu for example) will of course not be recognized by another template (the desktop one, for instance). It just shows the plain markup then ([tabsmenu …]).

How can we also have tabsmenues on Desktop? What files, code etc. must be copied?


sorry, i cannot figure this out, so please issue a refund. I have tried for more than 3 hours to make it work like your marketing materials. I am going to teach a WP class and need a mobile version that is really easy to use.

No need to create a page for the blog. You just need to create a category called blog and posts in it. And when creating the menu item, just add the link of the category there. You JUST ADD A LINK OF THE CATEGORY . How do you find that?


So things are very simple there:

1. Create a category called “Blog”

2. Create some posts and insert them in “Blog” category

3. In wordpress admin you have the tab “Menu items”. Create a new one, called it Blog and in that input under the title called “Link URL ” add the category blog link you have first created. In our demo that link is “http://famousthemes.com/my-mobile-page-v3/wordpress/category/blog/”

And that’s it, you have now a blog item in your menu, and a blog page also.

This are basic wordpress things.

I cannot give you a refund. I do not manage the refunds, only themeforest suport center can help with you that. But considering that the theme is working fine, and used by hundreds of users with success, you should reconsider that.

Best Regards.


Now how to i get the button icons to match menu items like Blog.

I appreciate your help and need the details as i am teaching a WP class and if i dont’ understand how to do it neither can the students and this is an opportunity for sales for you.


By “Now how to i get the button icons to match menu items like Blog.” do you mean how to link the menu icon to the blog ? Or how to upload the icon image ?

To upload the icon image just use the link “Featured image” found in the right sidebar when adding a new menu item.

And to add the link to the icon just see point 3 from above :

3. In wordpress admin you have the tab “Menu items”. Create a new one, called it Blog and in that input under the title called “Link URL ” add the category blog link you have first created. In our demo that link is “http://famousthemes.com/my-mobile-page-v3/wordpress/category/blog/”

Take it easy and you will learn how to use it. Yes the theme is not quite for beginers, but I am sure you will learn how to use it :)


hello, when I put the screen in a horizontal position, the slider of the home page is cut, example: http://i.imgur.com/jKJuy.png sorry my bad english. thanks


Yes the landscape is not suported.

I had not place for the slider also in that position. The height is too small, so I had to make room only for the navigation.


I don’t see RIGHT SIDEBAR – To upload the icon image just use the link “Featured image” found in the right sidebar when adding a new menu item.

if you prefer you can send me screenshots of this to cross@gocross.com – thanks

Email sent. I have attached the screenshot. Regards.

This is a test, just to see support and response times before buying, ping me! Thanks mate

:) and this is the response, 25 min after. This time was fast, sometimes we answer quite late beeing busy with more themes development. Cheers.

How can I enter desktop site on my IPad? Because Ipad have a big screen. so I think using desktop site is better. Hope you help me. This app is pretty nice!


What are you using to redirect your users. If you are using a wordpress plugin, you have options there to choose your devices on wich the user to see the mobile version. Let me know if you allready found a good plugin to do that. If not I can recomand one.


Lovely theme BTW. A couple of questions before purchase -

1. the theme is NOT one click install – seems to require a degree of set up before it will look like the demo – yes? 2. are the icons in the screenshots included in the theme? 3. if I wanted to change an icon (for some reason) can I or are these hardwired into the theme?

Thank so much for your help.


Replied also to your email.

To answer your questions:

1. “One click install” is just a marketing issue some authors use, I am not sure if there is a theme that is installing in one click, with content and all necesary setups :)

But this theme requires more work on the setup part, especially on the detection part, and swiching part, if you will use it on the same instalation with a desktop theme, and want to detect-swich you users.

To setup the home page to look like in our demo, you just need to add content to it. Take 5 minutes and read the HELP file and you will know how to do it.

2. Yes the icons are included, but not inserted in the content. They are in images folder. You just need to create your menu from the custom post type in admin and upload icons to each menu elements you will create

3. So to create the menu, you need to use the “Menu items” tab in admin, and add each menu element, with TITLE, link to a page or whatever, and upload an icons (the ones we provided or the one you want). Organize the menu items, and save it. Quite simple if you are familiar with Wordpress interface.

4. The icons are 108×108 px. This was a size calculated when we have build the layout to be responsive and look good on the deviced available at that time. As you can see the icons are resizing when draging the browser window.

Hope this helps.

I am here for any questions you have, and will help with setuping your home page if you cannot do it.


On page, there’s no ‘some list style’ like your about menu. I got only underscored list and ordered list. how can I make ‘some list style’ ?

hi!! I found the all the answers using Firebug. Thank you, Nice app!!


Glad you found your answers.


HI famousThemes.

Hi my webserver is http://goldtoilet1.cafe24.com/wordpress but when I connect this to domain forwarding site, It breaks up. my new domain is http://iksooshin.tk If I go to ‘http://iksooshin.tk' using mobile,It doesn’t work. (can’t control menu button on Iphone and android) Can you give me a little recommendation for this?

on ‘iksooshin.tk, I can’t make ‘apple-touch-icon’ even I can make ‘apple-touchicon’ on ‘http://goldtoilet1.cafe24.com/wordpress

I would appreciate it if you give me an idea. thanx


I have just made a test to http://iksooshin.tk/ with my iphone.

And it redirects me to the mobile version of it. I see that slider of images.

Also save the website to my home screen of iphone, and when clicked it goes also to the mobile theme.

So not sure what the problem is. But please give more details about the things you are testing. What mobile are you using ? Also what exactly “It doesn’t work” the page is not loading ? it loads the desktop version and not the mobile version ? Exactly what do you see when clicking the touch icon on your mobile.


Hi, presale Q:

So do I just use my standard wordpress admin panel (and the active plugins) to create the content, and the mobile theme will render as structured?

Or is there an additional mymobilepage admin panel that I have to work through?

The demo video and public-facing screenshots are nice. Some screenshots of the admin interface would be helpful.



Yes we do have a custom admin panel to manage some content.

And there are also some custom post types to add for example the home images for the slider, the menu items, the photos gallery photos.

The only plugins I am mentioning in the HELP file are the one to detect mobile users, and redirect from the desktop theme to the mobile theme.


1)I’m using Iphone3gs with ios6. When I connect to iksooshin.tk with iphone, I can’t see menu item there. but If I use gallaxy s , I can see menu item.

what do you think the problem is?


It’s definetly a setup problem.

And the easiest test to do it test my demo theme http://famousthemes.com/my-mobile-page-v3/wordpress/

If you can see fine this demo with both phones, like I do, it means there is something wrong setup into your wordpress.

Try to do a clean install and test it.



Is this version include other styles using the same template?

Thank you


I guess you are asking about the 3 styles that the HTML version got in the demo right ?

Well the wordpress theme has a custom admin panel from where you can manage the content, and you can build any style you want. It does not include any predefined contents with that styles, but they can be easily added. It’s basically some bg images for the home slider, and custom icons that makes this theme design.


Hi, This is a wonderful theme. Kudos on that!! Couple of questions though

1) I have setup all the menu items in the front page but the right/left arrow to navigate through the menus is missing(i am however able to swipe left/right to scroll through the menu)

2) There seems to some problem in fitting this theme across different devices. for ex in iphone 3 & 4 the bottom navigation bar covers half of the page overlapping the sliders(even the navigation circles seem to end up underneath). I tried changing the css in the editor, but i dont think I’m changing the right ones. could you point me in the right direction?


Thanks for the good words.

1. Did you disable the arrows options in the admin ? The arrows should show up if that option is enabled. Can I see a demo url ?

2. I guess you are talking about landscape position. Yes on this position the icons are big. This was the only way to do it. But the theme main purpose is to be used as portrait, this was his designed concept. At least for the home page where the icons and slider is.