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Hello, I am currently working in localhost. So I cant give a demo at this time. give me a few more days to transfer it to a public domain. 1) I am not able to find the navigation arrow settings for the bottom navigation bar. where is it located? 2) Also this happens in portrait mode as well, mainly in the older & smaller devices(iphone 3g etc). Whereas its perfect in the newer ones(iphone5, galaxy note & s3 etc). my slider images are based on your recommended size(640×960 px)


The navigation option is found in the custom admin panel under Appearance tab in wordress. The tab GENERAL, and the field ” Enable pagination arrows on bottom icons navigation:”

From there you can enable/disable the nav arrows.

Hello, I don’t see the WordPress.zip file to upload. How do I upload this theme to my WordPress account?

You will need a wordpress setup on a server, and not on wordpress account.

This is a normal mobile wordpress theme that works on web servers with wordpress installed.


hello, I use this theme. It is very good however, I have problem. It is not working for yesterday. especially, main page is not working. It just not thing on main page, when I connected my website by mobile. Please, let me know what problem I have. I look forward to your reply.


I would need to see a demo to understand what is going on there.

But the theme was working fine before ? And one day just stoped working ? This what you meant by “It is not working for yesterday”


Yes. The theme was working before. And one day just stopped working. When I connect my website, no images and text. Just blue screen. What should I do?

thank you


Well I am sure the theme got nothing to do with this.

If it worked a few days ago it should work fine.

Did you updated something in wordpress? Or on your mobile phone, the one your are making the tests.

You realize that it’s too weird to disapear without doing nothing to it.

The theme is not updating by herself.

Let me know your demo url so I can make some tests too.



just tested your demo. The Homepage (Home) is working fine when viewing via portrait mode on the iPhone but looks very strange when skipping to landscape view.

Can you please fix this?

Thanks. ;)


Yes the main purpose of this theme design is to be viewed on portrait mode.

Looking at the home page design, there was no ways to show the menu and the home slider images on the landscape height, when viewing it from a mobile device. I have decided to let the menu showed over the slider, this was the only solutions to keep it responsive also.

So the home page is best viewed on portrait, but the detail pages looks good also on landscape.


Hey there! I uploaded my-mobile-page-v3 to my plugins directory both via FTP and WP-Cpanel but it keeps saying installation failed. Any idea why this could be happening?


But did you install only the theme folder right? And not all the archive you have dowloaded.

If not, please unzip the main archive and get from there just the theme folder. Than only theme folder needs to be installed in wordpress.


i show this message after following all the instructions and installing Mobile_Detect.php

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect in /home/wiseinsu/public_html/wp-content/themes/Polished/Mobile_Detect.php on line 35


Try to include the file right above the header code lines. To be the first line of code.

If still having trouble, try to use THIS PLUGIN or any other FREE plugin to swich themes available on wordpress plugins directory.


Hi, I have used this theme with a HTML site. And was very satisfied with it!

I expect this theme not to use the existing pages from my desktop theme but i will be able to build a complete different site for my mobile users only. Ipad users and so will be seeing the desktop theme, yes?

Now if what i expect is right i want to use this theme with a new WP website.

One question: i want to use it in a multisite. I don’t use a subdomain but like this:

www.notreal.nl/ www.notreal.nl/mobile

Is it possible to use this last one as a redirect for my mobile theme? I am asking this because wiht WordPress Mobile Pack this can not be used. I then should use: www.mobile.notreal.nl Hope you understand what i mean (i am Dutch so i could be making a mistake writing ;-)).

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards, Donna

Hi Donna,

Not sure exactly how you want to redirect the theme. But I can tell you you can redirect from anywhere to anywhere :) With all the programing available today you can pretty much do anything :P

So as I am recomanding when trying to redirect from a selected url to another you can use multiple codes and plugins.

Let’s make a simple list:

1. When using 2 wordpress themes on the same wordpress instalation you can use a plugin to redirect LIKE THIS ONE or any other you can find FREE on wordpress plugins directory.

Or you can try to code I am recomanding the theme HELP file. That will require some programming knowledge.

2. When trying to redirect from a desktop website, anyhow build (php, html, wordpress or java) to the mobile website anyhow build also this one you can use a simple php or javascript code LIKE THIS ONES HERE.

Just make sure that the redirected code is used on the desktop website main page code, right in the header.

Hope this make sense.

And let me know if you found this solutions good for you also.


Hi there I’m having a problem with the slideshow short code. When I add images I get a ’?’ in the top left hand corner and the following code under neath the image:”alt”” title=”“border=”0”> See here: http://www.indiummob.silverjetweb.com/latest-work/

Any ideas why this is occurring?

regards steve


Looking at the source code of your website I can see the bug.

When you inserted the link url into the editor shortcode you copied also some code that is brake it.

The full code is

<img src="<a href=" http:="" rel="attachment wp-att-546" />

So you have there img src= wich is wrong placed in front of the “a href”. I guess when you copied the url by mistake you have added that too.

The corect code should be

<a href="http://www.indiummob.silverjetweb.com/latest-work/now40/" rel="attachment wp-att-546">......</a>


i show this message after following all the instructions and installing Mobile_Detect.php

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect in /home/wiseinsu/public_html/wp-content/themes/Polished/Mobile_Detect.php on line 35


Did you load the php mobile detect code once? in the header file of wordpress.

If the code will not work, easier to try an allready build plugin like THIS ONE or another free plugin you can find on wordpress directory.


Hi, great theme!

It really is a great mobile site, just one problemo…im not sure if it is the theme or whether this is a theme selector plugin issue but every time the mobile theme is accessed the desktop theme resets the selected show “static page” on homepage to “latest posts”...

Any idea why this might be happening?

Many thanks in advance



I guess you are using a custom plugin to swich the themes right ?

See the FAQ section of this theme (How to use the mobile theme when your desktop theme uses as home page another page other than “Latest Posts”), you have there some small instruction on how to avoid that.


Hello, I would like to buy this theme, but my website is a recipe website.

The only thing is that i do not post the recipes on the post area. The post area of my website has articles.

I have a separate database entry for Recipes, and they have separate categories and not the categories that are on the wordpress default.

Can this be integrated to my website and will work well?

Please assist as i have other mobile themes but i am not able to i guess m doing it wrongly.

Please assist. Thanks


Well if you use some custom code and database info for the recipes you need to integrate that code into the mobile theme also.

You will need to create those php page in the mobile theme as well. Not sure how you have your recipes pages created, but for example if they are custom post types, you need to create the mobile php page to extract those custom post types.

All this if you want to use the mobile theme on the same wordpress instalation, if not you must add the content again in the mobile theme.


Hello, the theme uses a custom post type called Recipe, will i be able to do it? Is it simple to do it? so i can purchase it?

Hello, the theme uses a custom post type called Recipe, will i be able to do it? Is it simple to do it? so i can purchase it?


Does this theme support custom post type? If yes how would i be able to intergrate it to a website that has a custom post type. My custom post type name is “recipe”

Please assist so i can purchase this theme then.


I am a new webmaster taking over a previous webmaster in which the client was very unhappy. Of course this more often than not leaves the client and new webmaster left hanging with some items. One of my items is that they used and purchased my mobile page v3 theme. I like it and want to do some more with it, but I do not have any of the documentation. I don’t believe I am going to need any original files since I have the installation, but I do need the help files and anything else that could be helpful. How can I get that?

Will this work with Buddy press theme?

Also as i AM NEW TO THIS it will automatically add the menu and pages from Desktop site after I add this plugin?


I bought the theme and so far working great but I have a question.

I have put my Home Screen (first slider image) on the mobile site. The problem is that I’m getting scroll bars to the right of the screen where in your demo you have your home image there and there are no scroll bars. Also, when I look at it in my browser window, I can kinda scroll up just a hair where your demo doesn’t do that.

I have used your picture PSD template so the home screen image is to the correct specifications. Is there a setting I need to change to make sure that the scroll bars don’t show up?


But the scroll bar apears when testing the website on your mobile? Or the browser window. If it’s the browser window, it does not matter. It can be influenced by the bars you have in the browser setup.

The best way is to test it on a mobile.

If you show me your demo url , I can take a look and maybe see something wrong there.


Hello, I am trying to install this theme via wp-admin panel and the installation fails. “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Just to make sure I re-downloaded the file and tried again, same results.

Please advise.


To install the theme you have 2 options

FTP upload: Unzip the main archive you have downloaded from themeforest. Extract from the root folder of the archive just the theme folder. And only that theme folder upload it using a FTP program like filezilla to you server into themes folder of the Wordpress install.

Wordpress upload: If you want to uplad the theme directly in wordpress using Wordpress admin interface, the same unzip the main archive you have downloaded from themeforest. Extract from the root folder of the archive just the theme folder. From that theme folder only make a new archive and called for example “themename_wordpress.zip” and upload it using the Wordpress upload themes interface.

You are getting that error because you have installed all the archive you have dowloaded.


Got it. Thank you!


I have installed the theme, also de plugin, but I have no idea how to activate it, and how to build the pages. If I activate the theme, My deskpot theme is off.

Thanks and best regards.

Thanks for your reply!

I can use the mobile theme on another instalation, but how do I connect them?

Yes you can use them separatelly on diferent wordpress instalations, and you connet them with a simple php or javascript redirect code.

So just add to the desktop one the code to redirect. In the main header code. I guess header.php file of the desktop theme right on the top lines.

Use this simple TUTORIAL to get some redirect and mobile detection code.


Thanks! Is there any easiest way? I´m not developer so I don´t know anything about code.

Is there a way for this to auto-fit to tablets like iPads? I used Responsivate to use a person’s site that bought this theme. (seen here) http://dfcb.github.com/Responsivator/?site=jumpforfun.mobi/ It’d be nice for it to fit to the width. Is that not possible? Most iPad viewers would probably view in portrait mode which looks like it has a lot of extra blank space.

Hello! I can not find any solution for bellow issue. let me know how can i use of “Full site” button on my mobil site? I made joomla website and other side I used of this template on other sub domain, m.chaharshanbehsouri.com. Regards,

hi i like this theme, some questions, is this only for phones? or it works with ipads/tablets? and can you change the icons/pictures that appears in the menu?