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Hi, i don’t understand what to do with the file you mentioned in step 2: Go and download THIS mobile detection code and copy the file to your “desktop theme” root folder. Where the header.php file is also. I downloaded the zip file and get a map with all kinds of files. http://www.adonnadesign.nl/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/mobile-detect.jpg What should i do with this? Should i copy the whole map with all this inside it to my root folder?

Regards, Donna


Just the Mobile_Detect.php file you need it. That file needs to stay in the same folder as header.php is, meaning the main theme folder.


Ok, thnx for the quick reply!

I’m running a wordpress multisite, I wonder.. is there anyway to make it viewable with 3 diffrent languages?

Hi. I am just wondering, when using your theme, would I have to re-do full site content or even would show what’s my customers already have in their WP responsive themes – including menus and sub menu items?

Thanks. Razz


For the menu you will need to build it again from zero. You canot take the desktop website menu because the mobile menu is diferently setup.

As for the content, you can use the same pages. But only pages with simple formats. If you are using in your deskopt theme custom pages, with custom shortcodes, widgets…etc there is no way the mobile theme can read those ones. Shortcodes, and custom codes of a desktop theme are only available for that theme.

But a mobile theme must no include all the content of a desktop theme. This why is a mobile theme, to be lighter and simplier on the content. Just the basic info, and maybe a link to “View the full website”.

Especially if your desktop website is responsive, meaning can be viewed on mobile.


I am having the same issues with my desktop page using a “static” homepage…I tried your steps with the function.php and it gave me a santax error. Please Help

I am not seeing where you put in your own icon for mobile wallpaper. Please help.


Do you mean the home apple start image that will show on iphone when launch the theme from it ?

It is in images folder the apple-touch-startup-image.png

no i am talking about the icon that you would save to your home screen on your phone. the icon you would click on to open the mobile website. with all the app icons


The icon image is in the same folder “images” as the bg one.

It’s called apple-touch-icon.png

I recomand to make it the same size 114×114 px. To make it look good also on retina, and ipad.


ok once I make my version how do I put it into the theme? Is it somewhere in the WP admin or are you saying that I need to go into the ftp to replace those images?

I did not provide an option input in the admin panel to change those image. It’s a good ideea for a future update I will made.

Meanwhile the images are inside the theme folder, in “images” folder of the theme. Yes you can use a ftp program to replace that image on your server.


Hi, just wondering has anyone raised an issue where the mobile theme is being displayed as the desktop theme?

It seems to be a cache issue, so if we disable or clear the cache all works fine. But, ideally we want the cache live so we can speed up site loading.

Are you aware of any “work arounds” to prevent this from happening?


Not sure how you are using the theme?

Only as a desktop theme? I see not problems here, it is a normal wordpress theme should work fine. The only problem is the layout design, it is too much like a mobile theme, and less looking like a desktop one.

About the “cache issue” where do you test the theme? On a normal browser? Why do you “so if we disable or clear the cache all works fine” to make it work?


Purchased this theme and I’m happy about it. As I understand you have to use the setting “Settings > Read > Show your latest posts” is this right?

My problem is that I have to use a static page as first page with the basic theme for WEB users.

How can I solve this?

Thanks for the help, I have one problem. I’ve made the change and it works good, but every time i loggin to adminpanel it resets and I have to do the change again in settings. What may cause this problem?

This also happens when someone using a phone visits the site. What can the problem be?


Do you mean when you just login to your admin the setting automatically change?

You did made the changes to both themes in functions.php files right? Meaning for the mobile theme functions.php added the

update_option( 'show_on_front', 'posts ' );

and for the desktop theme added that code to show the custom page you want, to functions.php file of the desktop theme.

This scenario should work fine. When a desktop user comes in, the custom code from function.php of the desktop theme should be aplied.

And when a mobile one see the website the custom line from his function.php file should be used.

I will do other investigations, maybe there is something changed in the new wordpress, but I don’t think so.


Is it possible to have the main page slide to auto transition to the next slide?

Kinda’ new to using premium themes. It says WP v3.3 … will it work in the WP v3.5.1 or do I have to start over & install under WP v3.3 as stated?


It will work fine.

3.3 was the latest version at the time we submited the theme.

It works from 3.3 and above.



Hi FamousThemes, I need your help. I am assisting my friend with your theme and have trouble with menus. Only 4 menus are showing even though there are more defined. How can I fix it? Thank you.


Do you mean only 4 icons, not only 4 menus right ?

But the menu does not scroll. The 4 icons show on the first panel to scroll, and after scrolling the other will apear.

The best way is to show me the url of the theme and I will look into the code to see what the problem is.


Yes. It does not scroll. Here it is http://c.pickupdance.com/ Thank you.


It scrolls fine. Please test it on a mobilde device, with touch screen, like iphone…etc

On a desktop browser it will not work.

Just test it, works great.


could you please let me know how to use vimeo video files please

thanks in advance

Ok, this may be a dumb question, and I’m not a designer, but know a little about WP. What will it take to make my site look like what I see in the demo. It seems there’s a lot more work that will go into this than I’m able to to do with my limited knowledge.


There is a few things to do to make the theme looks like our demo. But all instructions are in the HELP file.

There is also a DEMO xml file to import for some demo content.

Other help you need just drop us an email.


Hi there I love the theme and the code is really easy to use. However I’m encountering a problem, when I use my desktop theme I then try to access the mobile theme via my smartphone and I get a redirect problem.

However when the mobile theme is activated it works.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Hi there

I’m testing on a Galaxy S3. The files and plugin’s provided are the ones i’ve used, I’ve followed your install to the letter.

The website is www.web-design-devon.com

I tried clearing the cache and cookies. Still didn’t work

Many thanks


The strange thing is I just tested your demo with S3, iPhone, HTC..and works fine

It redirect fine to me.

I can see the mobile theme fine, with the home slider images, and the 3 icons in the nav, Home, Prices, The salon

Try to find a new mobile and test it, just out of curiosity.

It’s definetly a cache issue. you have tested too many times when was not working.



If you tested it from yesterday on wards it will work because I’m using some other code and another plugin not the code/plugin you’ve provided. Theme switcher is no longer supported.

Thanks for looking anyway.

I’m having the same issue as others installing Academy onto a Wordpress site that uses another theme.

I’ve read your response below but not sure what you mean? Can you tell me which files are the specific theme folder files?

This is a general issue. You are installing all the archive you have downloaded. Witch is not good. In wordpress you must install only the theme folder files. So open the archive and install just the theme.

The archive I have made contains more folders, and some resources.

This why you got this message, of not founding the stylesheet.


It’s a general mistake users do installing all the archive.

Please read the article themeforest provide


On section “Common ‘Broken Theme’ and ‘Stylesheet Missing’ WordPress Issues”

The Photo Gallery pages are no longer working with this theme. Please assist, thanks.


Found your problem. I had to debug all the code on that page to see where the conflict is.

And the file causing a javascrit conflict with the gallery code is

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://robbunderwood.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/wpgroho.js?ver=3.6'></script>

I guess it’s from an extra plugin you have installed, because from the theme files is not.

Please do a test and dezinstall that plugin, and see if it works.


That did it! Thanks

I am glad it works.


Please, How to auto-hide the address bar of a webpage in android on start slide?

On home page I did not add any code to do that because the heigh is set to 100% and browsers will add that url bar into those 100%.

On secondary pages as you can see the url bar is hidding.

Will try to create a new update for this theme, and maybe find a solution to hide it on home page too. But for now that is the functionality of it.


see below

replied to your latest comment.

Hi, I bought this theme a while ago but when i had it active it caused problems with the homepage. What happened was when someone activated the website from the mobile they would make the homepage go from a “static” page to “latest posts” by default.

It took a while to figure out what was wrong but realised it was something to do with mobile/desktop version clashing. Have you heard of this before and do you know what the solution may be because this theme is really beautiful and I would love to use it on the website I manage.

thanks in advance


If you look at the FAQ section of this item, there is “How to use the mobile theme when your desktop theme uses as home page another page other than “Latest Posts””

Let me know if you added some code like that one to change the page automatically from latest posts to a custom page?

That code will help you add a custom page for each theme.

We know that all themes have now custom pages as home pages, so adding a code like that one will fix this redirecting/activating process.

If you are using a code like that allready, can you please tell me exactly what is happening when viewing the website from a mobile?

Or provide some demo url to test it myself.


Thanks for that, I was wondering, is it possible to change the code for the desktop theme to something instead of “about”

$about = get_page_by_title( ‘about’ ); update_option( ‘page_on_front’, $about->ID ); update_option( ‘show_on_front’, ‘page’ );

For instance if I wanted to use “home” instead would it look like this?

$home = get_page_by_title( ‘home’ ); update_option( ‘page_on_front’, $home->ID ); update_option( ‘show_on_front’, ‘page’ );

do i put this at the end or the start of the php file? many thanks


Yes you can add any page name you want in that code.

Make sure you put is somewhere outside a function code not to ruin a code there.

You must put it inside function.php file anywhere you want, but not inside another function code.


I have just purchased this theme, so still learning how to make changes but I cant see where the email address is changed on the contact form. i.e, what email address the completed form is sent to. Please advise


In the custom admin panel, under Contact tab you can add the email where to receive the messages from the contact form.