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Can’t install theme. I keep getting an error message saying stylesheet and theme missing after installing. Can anyone help?

Hi johnsoko,

I’m sorry that you can’t run this with dreamweaver. I haven’t tried dreamweaver yet and don’t know how to fix this to make it work with dw.

I’m surprised and find hard to understand how generous Envato team is. Such a great theme for free! It’s unbelievable.

Apropos, congrats to the author for this simple yet functional work.

You’re Welcome. I’m glad you like this work. :)

Great file, nice file of the month !


PS : hum… what about a Xmas file ? huh ? ^^

Keep up the good work

You’re Welcome. Merry Xmas. :)

Oh this is cool. Thanks a a lot!

A blog page would be nice though…I will add this for my use. :)

You’re Welcome. Be sure to download this before the end of the month. :-)

A blog page should be easy to create with this theme.

When I try to open in photoshop it doesnt look like it does here. How do i open it correctly? once in photo shop can i get full function out of google sites or iweb? thanks – good job – G

Sorry Im beyond SUPER NOOB


It’s probably something going wrong on my end, however, when I tried to install the Portfolio theme I got the following message themeforest_my-portfolio-one-page-theme_558552/css Template is missing.

Stylesheet is missing.

Any suggestions?



Hi hafiz,

I think ur trying to install this as a wordpress theme? This is actually a site template and it requires a conversion to make it work for wp.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Arthur

Just downloaded it for free! Thanks Envato!

thank you! hope to be able to use it strategically. can we use this with a multi-user website? it’s a multi-portfolio website.


Hi styzer,

I’m not sure what you mean. You may contact support for licensing issues. Thanks..

Regards, Arthur

I Downloaded the file, ehile it was free in December. Now my computer crashed again, and i would like to download it again, for free. Just as i dit 3 days ago. Is this possible?? Thanks anyway…


P.S. Great template. Really nice design.


Beautiful work, i love this portfolio because it’s very clean.

I would like to get away ” jquery.lightbox.js” because i don’t want to keep the lightbox plugin on my page. When i doit, the navigation-container doesn’t work. Why ? This no way to throw away ” jquery.lightbox.js” and to keep the menu fonction ?

Think a lot

I love the look of this – and bought it the other day

however, the contact box doesn’t work at all and worryingly it comes up with a message saying success! after you’ve put in a message (which has failed to send) Also the contact box does not disappear after sending the message (as it does on the demo)

So this bit looks quite unprofessional. Can you help sort this out please?


Got the template in DEC …great job…do you know why the next / previous text links (and images) do not work in lightbox?

Tried both IE 7 and Firefox 3.5.7

Thank you,


Well I’ve tried e-mailing you Arthur. Lets hope I hear from you soon!

Still haven’t heard from you. I think I’ll go with template from someone who replies to e-mails and comments.

Is there anyway to keep the side bar inline on android and ipad display? I want the menu to stay still but I have to scroll up every time in the demo. I am about to purchase and want to make sure there is a work around for this first.

Hi Johnsoko!

Hi! I am looking for a template which is:
– one page layout
– blogs have dedicated URLs (deep-links) so can be identified, linked from LinkedIn, etc.
Does this layer solves this problem? Usually one-pager templates I saw so far reload the content to the same page, homepage, using AJAX , so the page is not re-loaded.
Thank you for your answer in advance.