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Beautiful work. This is a great example of less is more. I have bookmarked it, and will purchase it for the right client. Stunning jimmyme

Hi manamedia,

Thank you so much for positive feedback. Hope you’ll find that right client. :-)

My friend – we just did!! Excellent J – again, beautiful work!

x us down here

Nice!! Thanks so much my friend! :-)

I love the simplicity. So much like the A List apart site. The construction is so well managed

Hi uvshah! Thank you so much for the nice comment! :-)

I would scamper through the very busiest of intersections, over high-power wires and through the largest of trees just to peek over your shoulder to see what you might be working on next.

My little paws tremble upon the ownership of such a masterpiece.. Ohhh, Ohhhhoooo….. MMmmmmm.… ~ sooo very satisfying.…

LOL ! :D Thank you pagespages!

wow! so clean! good job dude.

Hey.. Thanks a lot Dario!

Yes it is mine! I bought it! Now if only I could somehow purchase some of your genius too. :) This is the first “one-page” template that I really loved enough to purchase. Jimmyme you rock.

Hello moosewreck.. Thank you so much for purchasing my themes.. I’m really glad you like my work. :-)

hello – great work,

lightbox in Firefox 3.011 not work – is this a bug ?

its loading and loading, but there comes no pic …

In IE 7 all ok

srry – my mistake – its functional in FF

Hi spee65, Thanks for purchasing..

Beautiful work. Please excuse my novice question. Is it easy to add subsections?

Hi Pareje, yes, it’s easy to add another section..

Why i didn’t see this gem before? Absolutely fantastic i wish i have your great designing skills :)

Thanks Peex! Glad you like my work. :-)

Site seems to be down now -

hi sticker, server was down. it’s up now.


dpg Purchased

Really nice design. Simple, clean, just what I was looking for. Downloaded and started working with it last night. Am I wrong in assuming it will be fairly easy to include more than one photo in the lightbox? Also, can video be added to those as well? Pretty new at this, so I apologize for the newbie questions.

Hello dpg. Yes you can add more photos in the lightbox by grouping them. For videos, I’m totally not sure..

Gorgeous. Just purchased and love this theme. Code, documentation, and design are elegant and clean. Love it. I plan on integrating twitter and making a few other changes. Would love to see more single-page portfolio templates like this. Great job.

Thank a lot Janet. I really glad you like work. :-)

I’ve e-mailed you through sitemail and e-mail, but have yet to hear back from you. I purchased the template, but had some questions about custom modifications. If you’re not interested please let me know, but you say to contact you with any issues. Thanks.

Hi Jimmyme,

I’m noticing an issue with the form, happening in IE8 . The form content does not appear to submit (even though it does) and the success message does not pop up. This only occurs in IE8 . The form works fine in Firefox.

By any chance will you be updating the theme to handle that issue, or do you know of a fix?

Thanks very much


Very good template. Newbie to design so am asking your advice. Portfolio items for example…would you add additional info on a separate page or would the whole web site be a ‘one pager’.

Hi Jimmyme, congrats for this one! I really liked it!

What font’s are you using for the logo? I can’t seem to find them on the readme and my computer doesn’t have it… I’m not sure if it really is a different font or my computer messed it up ^^“


I purchased this few weeks back, and just now had time to start integrating my current needs with the design. I love its minimalistic qualities.


Thanks a lot Liz..


I got this item free to me. I found its nice HTML and clean design. I really like this design.

Keep it UP :)

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Thanks a lot.. Hope you’ll be able to use this..

really great simple portfolio theme, thanks for sharing….:)

You’re Welcome :)