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I purchased your theme and my site looks like hell! Banner not showing and when I enable the default banner it stretches across the whole page. My site looks nothing like the preview

Thanks for purchasing. You need to add modules from admin.

To display categories on right column, from admin assign categories module to right column.

Default banner is big, you need to upload banner which is of width 765px.

Hope this helps, if you still have any questions feel free to email me via my profile page.

How to show Categories to the right sidebar on home page? and other pages?

Very simple, login to your admin panel, now go to Extensions » Modules now click Edit link beside Category.

Now click on Add Module button, you will find new filed generated, now select

Layout = Home (For Home page, product for product page ) Position = Column Right Status = Enable Sort Order = 1 ( 1 display top, 2 display below 1)

Now click on save button, thats it! This is the same way to add other modules, and assign to pages you prefer.

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