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What would happen if I do not add a thumb for each post ? Would the theme still be okay or would it look weird ? :)

there will be a preview image, you can change that image easily by replace the image in the theme images folder.

wtf .. this theme is available in Warez :( ..

Can you send me the url? So that I can report to support team? or do you mind to report it?

Sory was out for a few days ..

i have reported the links to themeforest support ..

Is there any way I can move the page links to where the category links are, and the category links to the top where the page links currently are?

It would make the pages more prominent and easier to find.

Thanks -Dan

Yes, you can do that by switching some codes in the header.php.

Look for something like this

<?php wp_list_pages(); ?> and <?php wp_list_categories(); ?>

Hello, Nice theme, congratulations,

I’m trying to use geshi syntax highlighter and I get no result. Could you tell me what can I do to use a plugin of that kind

Where can I get the updates for this theme?

Hi, if you already purchased this theme, you can always re-download the updated version here.

lovely, clean layout.

do you have a demo/screenshot of the purple color?

I’ve active the purple theme, let me know if you have seen it :)

‘makasih kailoon > purple looks so awesome.

Is there a way to remove the author box that shows up when an article is clicked on and just have the article show?

Also does anyone know of a good widget for a “follow us on facebook” and “follow us on twitter” functiions. – so someone can follow my twitter and fb pages.


There is a few different layout for single post page for you to select, one of them is without author box.

follow us on facebook, you can get the fan box widget from facebook or simply have a link to your facebook profile/group/fan page. Twitter is even easier, you can use plugin for that or simply provide your twitter profile url.

Probably an easy question, but how do you remove your avatar from my posts/comments?

Very nicely designed template.

I got it after seeing someone else with the same issue in past comments.

Any plans to ad more sidebar widgets instead of the 1 that is available now?

Hi Kailoon,

First off I love the theme. The layout is exactly works great on my site. I do have a quick question.

In the demo, there is a full page preview. Is this page possible to download?

Thanks, Excelbud http://www.excelbuddy.com

To download? It’s included in the theme. You can use it anytime you want :)

Thanks Kailoon. It’s always amazing how easy it is to miss something. I found it and got it working perfectly!

How add a post-image, i must Add new custom field?

Simply write a post, upload an image using the “add an image” button.

My Website is loading very very slowly & consuming lot of bandwidth here is the link: http://www.digitalconqurer.com

How can I manage with it ??

I’ve check your site, it takes 3 – 5 secs to load. I don’t think that consider slow?

I don’t know what plugins you’ve install, so, I can’t comment much here…

I can only say thanks, in the zip file there are other colors theme?

yup, all the color schemes are included and can be switched using theme option page.

hey why does the advertisment area look wonkey? like the advertse with us isnt were it should be it seems.

What is the problem?

the formating looks weird the ads are there like 5 and the text and the last one is off centered

You mean my demo or your site? My demo is OK.

I like this theme and perhaps looking to buy it.

However, it sees that i need more technical knowledge to use this theme. Please advise

There is no technical knowledge needed. almost everything is automatic. Simply install and start the first post :)

Okay kailoon im torn right now i love this theme but its missing somethings this theme http://themeforest.net/item/equator-global-community-wordpress-theme/65549 has but i like the banner, post thumbnails and such on yours better. But like above the search on the other theme has like a twitter and such and featered article any way you could whip together a version of this with those type features, thanks.

Edit* also i like the comments and read more style on other theme, and your footer and ad placement, ect. thanks


Hi Kailoon , I love the theme, Im seriously considering buying it for a tut site ,

I have a few simple questions - is there a built in about author section ? – ie where the blurb , twitter adress etc is ? if not perhaps u know of a plugin – the ones ive tried have been bad .

also do you have a list of sites that are using this them – like showcase so I can se how its being used – that would help me / us alot

cheers mate

Hi, thanks for your interest.

1. Yes, there is a author section ( you can select where to display, on a single post page)

2. I do not include twitter here, but you can try some plugins like http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/twitter-for-wordpress/

3. Oh, I wish I have that showcase too :)


Really great theme! I am already using it. Sorry for not having the time to read through all those comments, so sorry in advance if this question has already been asked:

Unfortunately I am unable to change the logo in the footer. Because I want to have the logo in the footer in a different size that at the top.

I tried to change the a#logo2 with another background but it does not accept my changes for some reason. I really need the bottom logo to be a lot smaller to fit in.

Thanks for you help. Mallefitzo

Hi, can you send me the details in Email? So that I can provide the solution.