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yaz Purchased


This is a wonderful theme!

I am having probem with modifying theme files. I am a web designer and I edit css and php files using dreamweaver. This is my second purchase from themeforest. With the previous theme “concept” I purchased, I was able to edit css files and upload using GlobalSCAPE to overwrite. But, I can not do the same with this theme. There are number of things I want to do such as making category nav bar font size smaller so I can add more categories, etc,.. But when I change css file and upload (or directly from theme editor in wp admin) it does not chnage anything. It is like files are locked. I am using worpress 2.9.1 Is this the problem?

Waiting for your urgent reply.


Which file you’d edited?

I’d separate the stylesheet according to the color scheme. So, you have two option.

1. Edit the color scheme stylesheet that you are using.

2. Create a new stylesheet, load this new css file after all the stylesheet link in header.php

It should work.

Hey there my friends, great theme i love it but i have one huge problem with it, when i upload it to my server and activate it everything goes blank (theme and backoffice). i had to take it out because everything goes blank. Any suggestions?

Are you uploading the correct folder?

Can you write me an email, if possible. Provide more details about your upload process.

Sure. The Process is as follows:

1. I Download the zip file and i open it

2. and using filezilla i upload the [my] file to my hostgator server.

3. i activate it in my appearance dashboard but once i do everything, including my dashboard, goes blank

1. OK

2. Make sure you upload the “my” folder into your “themes” folder.

3. After activated, straight away goto the theme option page and setup the site and save.

Can you try again?

If failed again, can you send me the FTP access via email and I will try to setup for you.


I’m running this theme on a site right now. It’s an amazon affiliate site, meaning, i sell amazon products on it. I noticed that some of the images i upload via wordpress don’t show up on the thumbnail. It shows up on the actual post but not any of the loops. At first i thought it may be because Amazon product images have long filenames and can have other characters in the filename but i’ve started renaming them on my PC before uploading to wordpress and some still do not show using timthumb. What do you think may be the issue?

I think your service provider do not support timthumb script? Can you clarify with them?

I’m pretty sure they do. I am running other sites with timthumb and they work fine. My guess is that there is some metadata on amazon images that timthumb doesn’t like? I’m not sure what else to think. Especially as most images work but some don’t. I’ve actually had an incident where one upload did not show, i reuploaded again and it did work. That’s not the case with other incidents though..

Can you send me your url?

i tired uploading the file you said but still dosnt work, what is you remail account so i can send you the ftp?

You can send via my den profile contact form.

I love the look of the theme. I have a few Q’s before I make a purchase.

1. Does the theme support tags? 2. Do I have the option of full post style for the front page?

Yes, it supports tags.

You can set the number of post to be displayed to 1, then modify a few lines of php code in index.php. If you don’t know how to do it. I can help. Send me an email after you purchased.

Great. I only have one more question. Does this theme have any known issues with Netfirms webshosting? I’ve heard of certain wordpress themes having issues with them.

What kind of issue you’ve heard of? I never try their service, I am not sure…

Fantastic theme, just bought it!

Thanks, Max


How do you get the Flickr group to work in the footer? I have installed FlickRSS and used my group name in the theme options and tried just about everything I could think even put the name of the group manually but nothing. any suggestions or did i miss a step?

I don’t get any errors but I don’t get any Flickr photos showing neither. It basically is blank even when I put the Flickr group you have provided default with the theme.

Can you send me your url and access via email?

Thank you for your quick response and help. i got it to work yesterday late last night and even customized it further then expected. Once again thank you for your help and your theme is amazing.


Im having a litte probleme with this theme. When people comment on a page, the comment does not show up. The only thing showing is the ” % comments”

Any idea why?

Can you send me the url?

hey ,is there a faq for this theme or a dedicated forum – that would be v useful – anyway great support -

How do we change the author box bio ?


Hi, currently, this discussion board is the only way to get support. Or you can send me an email via my profile page here.

How you want the author box to be?

You can edit the single_layout.php. if you know some basic php.

Hello, I can help. I need to add a background image. I know what code to use and add that file? I’ll be very grateful

I don’t understand the question.

Me gustaria colocar una imagen de fondo. Pero cuando pongo el codigo me desaparece el header. Espero que ahora me entiendas

I would like to place a background image. But when I put the code removes the header. I hope you understand me now

Do you mean you want to use background image and when you insert the code, the header gone?

Can you send me the url via my profile page, so that I can check?

Hi Kailoon – great support , I know I sent you an email but just incase someone knows – I think I may have missed something -

I uploaded my logo to the image folder with filezilla – i have correct dimensions and file format / name the preview even shows up in the options – but the logo won’t show on the homepage -

not sure what to do , please help , sorry its kinda urgent as i set aside easter to swap my themes

thanks : )


I’ve replied to your email, please check.

Is that your site? http://bedigital.co.uk/ The logo is there, no?

I deleted this .print { display:none; }

now it displays

It’s possible to have categories in sidebar?

You can use widget for that.

is there a way to remove the 200×200 image?

You mean remove it from front page?

Yes and use the whold column for content

Can, can you contact me via email? So that I can modify for you.

Is there a way to change the admins reply colour?


Im using a different free theme atm, But the code etc was totally different.

Can you send me your site url?

Hello Kailoon,

I ordered your theme and I like it but I have a question.

I notice that each post has a picture/photo, I was wondering if there is a way to disable that feature and post articles without having to put a picture?


You mean front page? Sorry, you can’t. But now worry, I can edit for you. Can you send me an email via my profile page?

Hey is there a way to change which images appear in the Tim Thumb preview ?


It will grab the latest upload of the post.

You can change the order of uploads ( images ) in edit post > upoad an image > gallery