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I moved the old version into it’s own folder via ftp (which is still live on my server) and uploaded the new version (3.5) via ftp.

Would I get a better result by backing up and deleting the old version, and then uploading the new one via the instructions including in the theme?

3. Is WP access a file name or an account login?

1) Its ok to keep the old version.

2) WP access is the account login for the wp site :)

I ended up getting the theme to work. I’m not sure what did it:)

One more Q:

Upon upgrading, trackbacks have begun to show up in my comments section, although the trackback option is unchecked with my settings/discussion admin.

Is there a way to eliminate trackbacks via editing the theme?

Thanks for your help, Matthias

If the trackbacks/pings is already approved before, or when you check the “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.” option – it will be there. You can either trash that ‘comment’.

After you uncheck the “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.” option, any trackbacks/pings will not be accepted.

If you want to totally remove trackbacks , do this.

Open comments.php, goto line 29, change that line to this

<?php wp_list_comments( 'type=comment&callback=my_comment' ); ?>

Super, worked perfectly. Thanks for helping me once again!

hi – How do you upgrade the theme ? – ad how do you upgrade while keeping changes in place from before ?


ok ill jut upgrade the whole thing is that via the dash board just install a theme ? is that correct ? i dont ne3ed to delete via ftp

If you modify your theme, then sure you may want to upload the upgraded files only.

If you are using the original theme, then you can just upgrade the whole theme. You can always keep the old version as backup. Rename it to other theme name for example “my_old”.

the logo isnt in the center – the same problem as the last version—could you make it go up please as it look odd -

also how to get rid of the bottom logo ?


I just installed your My Wordpress theme to a fresh vanilla install of Wordpress version 3.1. When I choose Activate I get a message:

“You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

But the activation works. However, the site is extremely hosed. Not all formatting, things don’t work right, cats and dogs, etc.

Please let me know what to do.

I also sent you an email but I thought a post here might help the next guy.

Email replied, please check.

hey sorry i got this error

Destination folder already exists. /home/bdal/public_html/wp-content/themes/my/

how does this work can you help me ?


You upload the my.zip? ( the theme folder zipped file )

If you want to keep the old one, you can rename it as my_old first. Then only you upload the new one.

the logo isnt in the center – the same problem as the last version—could you make it go up please as it look odd -

also how to get rid of the bottom logo ?


replied via email.

I just automatically updated my wordpress to 3.1 and I’m getting a fatal error. Do you have any idea how to fix?

What fatal error? Can provide more information?

Having trouble when the post are long. The Author box will cover up the post and images?? I need this fixed. All post over 600 words or so have this issue. How do I just remove the author box all together in the code?


Never mind found a way to fix it. Thanks

After uploading the theme I’m getting two errors dealing with the update notifier:

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in D:\Hosting\7571268\html\wp-content\themes\my\inc\core\update_notifier.php on line 9

Warning: file_get_contents(http://themetation.com/themes/mywordpress/wp-content/themes/my/inc/core/mywordpress_version.php) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in D:\Hosting\7571268\html\wp-content\themes\my\inc\core\update_notifier.php on line 9

Is there a way to get around this without turning allow_url_fopen on?

If so what do I need to do and where can I find it?

Other than that I’m loving the llayout so far

Thats to check the theme version and if there is any new updates. You can disable it by commented the line 30 in functions.php

require_once(‘inc/core/update_notifier.php’); // option panel interface

If you want to keep it, you can send me an email via my profile page, then I can send you a modified version ( haven’t test yet, not sure it will work without allow_url_fopen is on.

The Logo file in the PSD is less “stylized” than the one PNG . I’m trying to use the PSD to make my own version of a logo and noticed that mine is very bland/plain compared to yours and that’s because the PNG has highlights and border color around it. I don’t know enough about graphics editing to copy this effect. Could you please provide a PSD that matches the PNG of the logo?

The psd is the same file to export the logo image…

I have a problem with IE 8 . It seems the individual pages break IE for some reason. Did you have a fix for this by any chance?

Can you send me a screenshot? Or your site url?

Hi, kiloon,

I would like to ask if possible to make the News Feed pagination.


There is a plugin for comment pagination, you can try that. Google it :) I found one here – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/paginated-comments/

Hello Kailoon.

I setup this website (paidto.co.uk). But I don’t know how to change the logo with the PSD you sent me, can you send me a logo PSD so I can change it.

Also the ‘related posts’ area is not working. How do I fix this?

I have sent you an email about these issues so you can just reply their if you want.

Thanks, Deepak

Replied via email.

Kailoon Hi, I would like to ask you whether this Templat has a built-register for new members at this site or he himself built, http://digitalconqurer.com/wp-login.php?action=register I need just to and whether to write a new post waiting for new members to the approval of my control not to throw any porn … if it has a buy right now, if not to be installed, thanks Kalioon .

That’s just the default WordPress user registration, you can enable it from the wp admin.

But from what you said, you want to moderate the posting, right? This may solve your problem – http://wordpress.org/support/topic/moderate-my-blog-authors-topics-before-gets-published

Hello Kailoon,

I’m trying to remove the date, category name, author name from this page: http://www.paidto.co.uk/get-paid-to-review/

I have edited the single_posts.php, archive.php and the index.php files. The code from these files has been removed, but I can’t work out why its still here?

Help please

There are a few loops in the single_layout.php due to the different layouts for the single post page. So, you will need to remove the codes for the layout you are using.

Hello Kailoon again,

We have another issue, why is there now a big white bar at the top of all the pages:


I haven’t made any changes to the site.

I think that is caused by a plugin that you are using, I check your site using firebug and I see extra ” ” in the , also, all the stylehsheets & scripts are now within the .

May I know what changes you made?

Well I haven’t made any changes to the theme at all, I added a few twitter plugins but now they have been removed, how do I now remove the white space?

Thats weird. Hmm. can you send me the access to the wp admin? via my profile page. I need to check out the problem.

Love the theme! Is it WP 3 .3 compatible?

Hi, I love your theme, but drop down menus do not seem to be functional. Any ideas? http://opensourcebb.com <- my site

May I know how you setup the menu? Do you follow the instruction in the documentation?

I set up the hierarchy of my pages and/or categories, but did not see any specific instructions as to how to get the drop down menus to show up. Is there a special setup needed?

Also, I sent you an email about this.

Scratch that. I was able to get it workin! Thanks for an awesome theme!

I use one of the early releases of the theme. Concerned about the timthumb vulnerability.

Should I replace the bundled one with the latest release? I noticed that the bundled version is ~10kb and the latest release is ~50kb.

Thank you. That would be the sensible option.

But the problem is, back when I set the theme up (2 years ago), I had made some code-level edits to some theme files. And overwriting them with the latest release might break some stuff. I guess I will have to manually make sure everything works if I update the theme.

Also, if I update, will the thumbnails that were uploaded using the old method (insert image option in the WYSIWYG editor) still appear, or will I have to manually set ‘featured image’ for the existing posts?

If you only worry about the timthumb vulnerability issue, you can simply upgrade the timthumb file.

By default, this theme provide 2 options to manage images: (1) Timthumb (2) featured image.

If there is no featured image being set for a post, and if there is image attached to that post, if the timthumb is enabled, an image will be displayed.

So, which means, if you are not using timthumb, then you need to manually set the feature imaged. But again, if the number of post is not more than 1000 ++, I think its not that hard to accomplish.

Further, if you all your posts contain images or have attached images, you can use the image regenerate plugin to regenerate the images/thumbnails.

Thanks for the clear and detailed reply. Been thoroughly satisfied with the theme and the kind of support you provide even long after in time.

One of the greatest themes i have ever seen !. Simply , easy + good and so on … ;)