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awesome design :) , GLWS

Thanks ;)

Excellent work my friend!! Congratulations…;)

Thanks ;)

great work , good luck with sales

Thanks ;)

Great work. GLWS..! :D

Thanks ;)

awesome work!

Thanks ;)

I like the circle animations at the frontpage. Well done mate!!

Thanks ;)

Hey, i really like your two themes. I want to implement both into one theme. I also want / need some things customized before i buy your theme. Please let me know what you can do to help me. Email me scottyta@gmail.com

Thanks ;) , I emailed you

So i went ahead and downloaded this theme. I uploaded it to wordpress and it says it’s missing style.css stylesheet. Please let me how we can fix this. Thanks, Scott

I just sent you an email :)

How do you input the logo images for clients and the circle effects/actions you have in the demo are those implementable?

- From wordpress admin panel go to : MyCircul Logos -> add new item -> enter the title and Set featured image (from the featured image section on the right ) and that’s all you have to do ! - all circle effects/actions implemented and work by default just set the image. - if you want to link this item to a custom URL just add the URL in “page URL ” section (don’t forget to add “http://” before the link ).


First of all, great work. Love this template. Just running into a small problem: I have added items to the slider, but they do not show on my homepage. When I look into the source code there is this error message:

Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: Filename cannot be empty in /home/deb68769/domains/herondesign.nl/public_html/wp-content/themes/MyCircul/framework/functions/func.php on line 268

What am I doing wrong?

thanks, It’s very easy to add slides to the home page, you go to MyCircule Slider -> add new slider item -> set the image from the “featured image” section at the right . – however, if you changed the code it may cause problems, please send a screenshot of the page where you got the warning to our email : wenak.info@gmail.com

Got the slider working now. It seems to have problems resizing to 980×450 when an image has proportions with one side larger than 980 and the other side smaller than 450. Having solved this problem I run into a new one. I created an image for the slider with the exact size of 980×450. It shows perfectly in the slider. However it doesn’t on the page it links to. Here I get the same error I previously got on the homepage. I expect this is due to resizing problems too. As I am planning not to show the image on this page it doesn’t matter that much to me. But it might be something you want to look into in order to improve your theme.

I tried to put all sizes of images from 400×400 to 1920×1200 and they all working , and i opened your site and see the the page it links to and they are working ,so if you send a screenshot of the page where you got the error to our email : wenak.info@gmail.com

For the slider, would it be possible to link to an url different than the standard permalink? Just like it is at MyCircul info and MyCircul Logos.

you can’t do this now , it will be available in the next update .

MyCircul theme checked by Theme-Check (debug tools: * Debug Bar * Debug Bar Cron * Log Deprecated Notices * Monster Widget * Theme Check) and it passed the the tests without any errors, notices, warnings, requirements or recommendations , however, It’s normal to have errors with w3, you can look at Featured themeforest themes.

thinking of buying. do i have the ability to remove the “from the blog” section all together, but have multiple rows of “our awesome clients” instead of just the one row that is on there now? Thanks!

Yes , you can do this changes very easy, you just delete blog section and change clients items number.