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Hi, beautiful template. I´ve bought it some time ago, but not used until today (and I am in hurry, of course) I would like to set this function ” endDay = new Date(endDay.getFullYear() + 5, 7, 24);” to better display my needs and I just cannot .

I would like to set launch time in 3weeks, 10 hours from today. How can I do that? Can you help?

No worry, I’ve worked it out. In case somenone else may need this, here is what works for me

endDay = new Date(2012, 3 – 1, 1);

Thanks for posting and sorry for seeing your message so late. The countdown script is sometimes a bit tricky and not that easy to explain, but anyway, you seem to have found a working solution :)


i’m kinda stuck with the countdown as well, trying to put a launch date in 20 days, but it doesnt work at all. I’ve tried “Moliner”s method, but i get a code error when i paste his example: endDay = new Date(2012, 3 – 1, 1);

Hello, sorry for replying so late… Try this instead :

endDay = new Date(2012, 2, 24);

The month counting starts at 0 from what I understand (and it makes things a bit diffcult to use…)


I am interested to know if it is possible to display “Week” in the countdown as well. Also, is it possible for me to set messages or any HTML content to appear upon countdown expiry?

Hello ! I didn’t style the “weeks” bar so the first thing is to add in layout.css (in the 07 COUNTDOWN section for example) :

.datecountdown ul li.countdowngraph span.countdownweek {
    background:url("../img/progressbars/progress_years.png") repeat-x;

I used the “years” orange background image but it can be any other color or you can create yours.

Then open functions.js and find the code :

$('.datecountdown').countdown({until: endDay, format: 'YODHMS', layout: 

The YODHMS means “years”, “months”, “days”, “hours”, “minutes” and “seconds”. You can insert weeks by using “W” :

$('.datecountdown').countdown({until: endDay, format: 'WDHMS', layout:

I assume that if you want to count in weeks, you don’t need years or months so the above code should work for you.

Concerning your second question, I didn’t get into this kind of options but it seems to be possible via a callback. You can have a look to the plugin page to see the available options.

Cant find the xml file…, cant install it in joomla, help plz what im doing wrong….

ok get it this is not a joomla template lol

By the way excelent work :D!!

The layout is not correct on Mac (Safari). Not sure if this is due to the circle being centred on the screen and the logo area being relative to the top of the circle, but the outcome is that the top of the logo is not visible…

This is also the case on your demo.

Any fixes please?

Hello, this layout has a fixed height so when you have a very small viewport size, they can’t fit all. It’s designed to fit into 1024×768px screens, not smaller and at this resolution, all elements are visible. Or are you seeing issues with more than 1024×768 ?

Thanks for the reply.

Was cross browser testing it and on the macbook pro. You have my emails on this and the other issue with Mega Menu Reloaded so if you can shoot me across an email I will send you screenshots or screenr video links…


Thanks! What a great template, and nicely documented too. Really quick to get it working, even after making quite a few changes to the sections, appearance, navigation etc. Great effort, and amazing value for money. I will certainly check out your other work.

Thank you very much for posting your impressions :) !

This is a really great looking template but I cannot get the end date to work no matter what I out in. As a test I entered: endDay = new Date(endDay.getFullYear() + 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1); which returned 7 months, 7 days, 1 hour and 45 minutes. I cant see how to get the logic working.

Hello ! There’s an easier way that I haven’t added in the documentation. If you open the file functions.js, you’ll find the following code at the line 57 :

$('.datecountdown').countdown({until: endDay, format: 'YODHMS', layout: 

It is possible here to replace the value”endDay” by a real date like this :

$('.datecountdown').countdown({until: new Date(2013, 4, 18), format: 'YODHMS', layout:

You should remove 1 to the month number, for example january is 0, february is 1, etc. In the above code, 4 is for may.

Thanks for the help


I have purchased this template and I think is a good work, so credits from my side. The documentation is quite well prepared and easy to understand. I would say that only problematic thing was the countdown setup, as I had to take off the year counter and I made it to work, but I still didn’t figure out the logic in it. I have set it up by using the method try and mistake and it works. By the way thanks for your quick responses and good work.


Thanks ! I’ll definitely improve the docuentation, there are several methods possible to set up the countdown and I haven’t detailed them…

Will Not Install

When I attempt to install this theme I ge the msg “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

I would really like to get this page up, please help!

Hello, this is happening because it’s not a Wordpress theme, this is a static HTML /CSS template that can be edited only in the source code.

I cannot installe the theme. Please help. Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Hello, unfortunately you bought the wrong one, this is an HTML /CSS template and the Wordpress version can be found here.

Hi, can you please tell me how to change the language of the “Submit” and “Reset” button in the contact form??? I search for it but don`t find the place where to change!

Thanks in advance!

Hello ! It’s in the HTML markup, in the contact form you’ll find the buttons with :




By changing those “values”, you’ll modify the text displayed on the buttons :)

I missed it! Thank you very much!