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Awesome work RST, GLWS! ;)

Thanks a lot, pal!

Awesome work ! Good luck :)

Thank you!

Can you make it responsive? With scalable images? Will be perfect if you can do that…

In the future, is not in the next release, at the moment we are busy on other project.

OK, then I will wait some other release when you implement scalable images to be responsive on iPhone (smartphone)...

Sorry there will be no release for iPhone.

Awesome work..GLWS :)

Thanks a lot, mate!

Amazing theme! Good luck

Thank you!

Wow really nice one ! Loved it, great luck with sales ;) ! Will definitively buy it when I’ll need a countdown !!!

Thanks for appreciation :)

oh, this is so great :)

Thanks a lot!

Interested in this. Can the home page be scaled? IOW, can I reduce the size of the countdown and place other objects on the homepage? ie. pics, videos, etc.?

You can set your blog as a home page. The countdown couldn’t be scaled.

Wordpress is saying that it’s missing a style.css stylesheet. Please advise.

Hi, please provide us an email address. We’ll send you the installation archive directly and you can try to install it again.

already sorted out, actually. thanks for the response.

Your welcome :)

Pre-purchase question: Is there an option to have the menu at the top or to have the menu “open/expanded” (except for sub-menu links) by default?

Hi, there isn’t an option to have the menu at the top. We can change Java for you to have menu “open/expanded” by default after purchase.

countdown graphics are not showing, am i missing something?

Please tell us what browser do you have

Its telling me my style.css is missing – have tried redownloading but no luck! Help :/

Please check your email and find the solution

I cannot install your theme since there is no actual folder of the theme in zip format. How do I activate it via the admin panel? Also, I could not find the documentation. Please help.

Please provide an email address, we’ll help you.

Have sent you a mail via your user profile here in Themeforest and I did send a mail to you last night too. at wp@red-sky.pl Thanks for your help!

Ok, we have sent you a email.

Is there the following items so we can Purchase and install in 2 min

1) Is the theme in a zip or package which we can from the Admin panel in Wordpress – Install and Enable?

2) What versions of wordpress does this NOT work with?

3) Does this scale on Mobile (Phone or Tablet)

Yes you can purchase this item and install and customize with ease.

1) Yes

2) It Will work with WordPress starting 3.4

3) It is responsive for Tablet only .

Thank you for your earlier prompt response and help. But I have trouble with getting the timer appearing on the website. I did enter the ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’ fields, still the days, hours, seconds don’t show up on the top header. Can you help? http://wayoutcontentstrategy.com/

But they don’t look right with the design on top, you will have to change a lot of css and javascripts.

Okay. Can you please check your mail? I have emailed you with some issues and a typo error on the theme. Screen-shot’s attached. Thanks.

Hi, please download the new version, all the issues are fixed.

Greetings. Fantastic theme, just have one problem with the about page template columns. The columns for the individuals lower with each person. Only have three, but they are not level and almost seem to cascade down. Any suggestions?

Hello , Please use same resolution images ( recommended 190px x 190 px ) . The columns will be then at the same level as in the demo. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Best regards.

Hello, I’ve purchased this theme, and it was working last night, but today, when this theme is active and I try to visit my site, I get an error message that the server is redirecting the site in such a way that it fails to complete. Can you help? The problem is only occurring when this theme is active… Thanks!

I solved it. I had unpublished my home page (so that JUST the countdown page would show), and it keeps trying to redirect to something that was no longer published…I just had to re-publish the home page.

Glad you solve it.

Hello. I installed the theme as instructed in the documentation however I can’t get the timer to show up. I have entered all the correct dates and everything, however the only thing that shows up is the side bar and the footer. How do I get the time to come up?

Please give us a link to your site so we can see.

I am needing to get a good coming soon page up for my site, but it is important for me that the site looks good on the iPad (particularly in portrait view). I have seen a few sites appear to have trouble with that and it is essential for me. Could you let me know if there are compatibility issues?

Many thanks


Hi johnsmith110, well the site is responsive, open it on iPad and tell us if you have issues or something is wrong.