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Welcome to TF G0RP , Best of luck with sales. ;)

Best of luck with sales. ;) Thanks !

Thanks ;)

Awesome template glws g0rp! :)

Thanks ! :) it’s my first, but some are coming soon :))

Nice one! One question, there seems to be a little problemo with the share popup (spacer). When ‘Join us’ is pressed the page scrolls up and the pop-up cloud is to low to click on the ’+’ again.

I got it fixed in mine, but take a look at it. :)

Good luck with the sales!

Thanks, I will fix it !

You’re welcome!

Live Preview is busted…FYI!

Damn, I’ll fix this ! Thanks ;)

Just wondering if you plan on including installation instructions anytime soon as my friend purchased this and found no help files or instructions.

Hi, Still the Live Preview fail!!! If you repair I will buy the template ;)


Regards and good job

Hi there,

I’ve just bought your template and it looks great.

I do however have a question (or two) for you. I have no idea of how to code jquery or change it around. I am therefore stuck with my countdown displaying 0 0 0.

I have tried messing around following this instruction: // new Date(year, mth – 1, day, hr, min, sec) – date/time to count down to But it hasn’t done anything. What should I write after “until” if I want to count down to November 1st?

Second, where should I input my e-mail address for the form?

Thanks a lot. Celine

Wow! Really good work.;

Your preview isn’t working?