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Hello TitanicThemes,

Great theme :)

How can i change the image size of the navigation images that shown on hover ? I have increased the navi items width but couldn’t do it for images above the navi

Thank you dreamade,

From the js/menu.js change 168px wherever it appears.


I need the menu to be fixed at the top. I can do this with this template?


I can’t see the problem.What version?

It’s the latest version …If you could send a picture, I’d show you my screen.

Please do on the forums

Hi! How to configure the form send?

Please use our forum for support, or ask the question from the user on witch you bought this theme.


I am currently working with your template. I love it.

I wonder if there is a way to do the following.

For example, in your design the “SERVICES” button leads to the effect of scroll to the PINK section. And shows the “SERVICES” tab on the side of this while you can see the tabs “UIKit”, “PieChart” and “MASONRY”.

In the design I’m working on, based on your template, I need you, by clicking on a submenu of a primary button (Example: the “illustrations” inside “PORTFOLIO” button), the scroll effect to take me to the section PINK and show me what is in the “X” tab, for example, “UIKit” tab and not necessarily the first, which in this case is “SERVICES”.

Is this possible? What should I do?

Thank you very much for your attention.

It can be done with some jQuery.

I made an example here. Click on the submenu Illustration link.

Add this to your html
$(’#tab2’).click(function() {
if ($(’#tab2’).hasClass(“tab2”)) {

Ad id tab2 and class tab2 tu submenu
<a href="#pinksection" id="tab2" class="lk1 scroll tab2">Illustrations</a>

So what i dit in the script is : I made a click function for the link that has ID name tab2. If that link is pressed it verifies that is tab2 and removes the first selected tab , it ads selected to the second tab and then it clicks the second tab.

You can select desired tab by changing eq(1) to eq(2) for example, and you will select the 3rd tab.

Hi. Thank you very much. I will implement it. Have a good day.

Hi again . I thank you for the help you gave me above. Please help me with another aspect of the template and a query that I have .

The first . Just as we did with the tabs , so that when you select a link in the menu proceed directly to a tab in particular , I would like to know how I make buttons Blue Section also directed to specific tabs . I tried the same way you indicated to me before, but I think I ‘m doing something wrong .

Thank you very much for your help.

On the other hand , I commented that I’m working on another website and I would add the same style you used your carousel in the pink section of this template , content to move from one tab to another. I like the sliding effect of the content that comes out the side of your browser and quiciera learn how to do or do I need to do . If you could tell me how that is called CSS effect or do I need (I think it uses Java Script ) I’d appreciate it .

Have a good day.

Hi, 1. You can open the tabs the same way i did with the link from illustraton. The only hink that changes is that you must add the tab2 id and class name to your button from blue section. But beware you can not use 2 ID’s with the same name, so for example if you are using the tab2 name in the ilustrations link and also the same name in the blue section it will not work.. you must make another click function but replace everything with tab3 for example.

2. The effect is made with caroufredsel js, it was a custom version of that script. I don’t think you will find it anymore because the guys from dev7studios changed their website and don’t offer this for free anymore. You will find only a plugin for wordpress.

Actualy i think you will find it here http://docs.dev7studios.com/jquery-plugins/caroufredsel

Hi. Thank you very much for the information. You really helped me a lot. I will try to do what you indicate me in 1.

I hope that the result tab. In the original design of the web I have buttons that would make tabs in a separate div where would the contents of the tab div. I hope it may continue or have to move some web design.

Thank you again. Have a good day.

Hi again. I have noticed that I have a problem with the icons in the pink section (SERVICES). I changed some of them from the list of “Typo” page and see that not shown in chrome, while in mozilla and IE everything is correct. I’ve tried everything up to the server again, but still the problem persists. I have noticed that the same happens in the preview of the template in envato. If you look in chrome.

Hi. Thanks for your answer. I’ve done what you indicate me, but the problem has not been solved. I do not know if you serve something that sends you email the link of the website.

Hi, you can try also to rename the fonts name, maybe it has something to do with cache. If still doesn’t work you can open a ticket on our forum and i will look more into the details.

But this error has no sens because if you see on these page http://demo.titanicthemes.com/myfolio/typo.html some icons are showing and some are not, so it’s an issue with the glyphs code. So if you update the fonts and change the fonts name this should do the trick.


I am interested to buy this template. Is this template “Responsive”? When I checked in the demo, it was not looks like Responsive.


Hi, no this is not repsonsive.

Since this is not responsive, please remove the RESPONSIVE tag from this item.