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Can you have a Youtube Video ? and not Vimeo ? I see that also you have not fix the image in the slider

yes you can add youtube video, you just need to add iframe embed source from the youtube video.


QUALITY COMMENTS: finished site and quality checks. Fully compatible with IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera (only browsers we checked). Per the home page with slider loads in an amazing 1.3 seconds! This is an awesome responsive web template!!!

Thank you for the nice words Jimania :)

can you Covert This theme to ( Rtl ) ?

Hi all Its my first time so please bear with me. I have a problem with my site at I have a MyHosting template

Firstly i assume that when you scroll across any of the hosting plans that the orange part is supposed to change i.e. move as you scroll over, but nothing happens, and i have no idea how to fix this.

2nd I am trying to get the carousel to centre on the page and also to slow down the speed so it stays on screen longer before changing to the next slide, this goes for the main flex slider above it as well, they are changing too fast meaning people dont have time to read them.

Can anyone help please I have looked and looked but i cannot seem to find the changes in javascript or in the php.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have a “Purchased” badge.



I will fix the demo site soon, there’s an issue with the hosting provider.



Twitter is a problem.

{“errors”: [{“message”: “The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.", “code”: 68}]}

Hi, I will the template regarding the twitter API issue.


The demo is still not working.

Yay, awesome! Good luck with sales… MERDEKA!!! :)

Thank you brother! :)

Good morning. Using codgo top_help {display: none;} myhosting see the theme that I remove all content (Header Contact and Support Block), how can revover only parts? ex: Help & Support, Live Help, etc. .. I await grateful.

ok try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options -> custom css :
.top_help ul, .top_help ul { display: none;}


Good night. Friend looked through the files of the theme and found the place where I can change the sentence (You are here: Home »). How can I be changing its name to the Portuguese?. grateful

How do I slow the slider down on the front page??

Hi, did you managed this from theme options => slideshow tab => Slideshow speed option?


Twitter Update still not working….

as alternative you can use plugin like as replacement.


When I play the video in the slider in the frontpage, the movie plays but the slider keeps moving to the next slide. Any way to fix that? The slider should stop when I click play to watch the video.

by default the the slider will be stopped when video played.


Very good work !;

Thank you :)

Is this the same theme?

I paid a lot of money with these guys and it’s a rip off could you confirm this? so that i can pay for the original?

Thank you!

Hi, this is the html version of myhosting theme.


Hi, lovely theme.

I can’t find where to make the slider STOP when I hover over it. OR when I play the Youtube video – it still slides – out of view.


I see you mention above that “it stops when video is played” but that is not the case in my installation


Which Wordpress Software version this theme support?

best regards, Shay