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Discussion on MyListing - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Discussion on MyListing - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

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Hello, pre sale question. Is there option for listing feed carousel to auto scroll? Thank you.

Hello, second pre sale question, Multiple locations for listing is showed on map? One listing that have multiple locations, on map is every location? Thank you


1. It can be done with some custom code

2. They all will show on the map


Related listings used to work very well, i checked yesterday, i can’t load the result while adding a listing and also on back office.

Dropdown says: the results could not be loaded.

Link: mesloisirs.ma

Thanks for support


Please submit a ticket on helpdesk.27collective.net

Quick question (Pre-sale) Can I change the layout/UI on the user’s dashboard using elementor? Thank you


Not using elementor unfortunately, as the dashboard is not built with it

Thank you – What other way do you recommend updating the UI for the dashboard? Appreciate your response.

Via custom CSS and modifying templates only

I tried to add the Restaurant Menu block through a shortcode on the content page, only this appeared: Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array. Is there any way to fix this?


Make sure you are using latest theme version and use repeater block to display repeater field

Hi! Adding the restaurant menu, through the shortcode, is shown more organized, the items are shown inside a block like the other blocks on the page, it is possible to show a title and even add several repeater blocks on the same page. If you use the repeater block directly, all items are shown without the possibility of sorting. If you correct the shortcode to show restaurant menu items, it will look fantastic. The company page will look very nice and organized with the restaurant menu items. Thanks for listening!


waloob73 Purchased

Is it possible to edit the main page templates in Elementor? E.g. blog single, archive, header, footer, etc?


It’s possible using elementor pro or other plugins https://docs.mylistingtheme.com/article/integration-with-third-party-plugins/

Hello! Could you please help me? I’d like to have the following option: Listing owners can add/showcase their products (but I don’t want to receive money for these products through my website). So they can be like product cards with the price, photos and description, maybe with an external link to the Listing owner website(. Is it possible? I purchased WC Product Vendors but it offers opposite function – I sell the product from my website and then pay commission to the vendor. Thank you!


Use the repeater field in wp-admin > listing types > edit > fields.

It has an URL option where they can add the link to the 3rd party website where the product is sold. It also has title, image, price field

I have non-standart question. I tried to create the condition logic with jQuery and I almost done, but I have some error. With jQuery I’m hiding fields with some ID and removing the required prop from input and select fields and it’s worked for me but … when I click to “preview listing” I got errors about non filled the required fields.

If I missed any required field which I don’t need to hide – system showing the error on the same screen. And I got question – how can I turn off the checking system when I click to preview or publish listing?

Thank you.


Title field is required. The rest can be made optional in listing type > fields tab


gcmagau Purchased

Hi Guys Since the last update I seem to be getting repeat expiry notifications for a listing 4-5 so far ?


We haven’t made any changes to that. Check if you have any snippet to increase the number of expiry notifications. By default is 3 in a row, 3 days before expiry

woocreate Purchased

The chat window no longer opens in the latest version: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘open’)”


Theme tools > direct messages > disable both options > save > enable them again and it should work.


fadiesseh Purchased

can use wpml to translate theme ?


No the theme is not compatible with wpml. We recommend Loco translate.


fadiesseh Purchased

what is the best plugin to translate to Arabic ?


We recommend Loco Translate plugin.


stegan Purchased

Hi I have a feature to offer. How about making a feature which would let people ask question about the listing? it would function like reviews but would have a little different form. Thanks for your time!


There is direct messages and contact form which can be used for this. You can also use wordpress comments but you would have to disable reviews

Hi, one question, its possible to send by newsletter some suggestion listings ?



There’s no email for listing suggestions available at current version


fadiesseh Purchased

what is the best way build mobile apps for my wordpress website ? is theme support multi countries ? is it support woocommerce store for a user (for specific users)  ?

What does that mean?

is theme support multi countries ?

means : in the website I will have multi countries : cairo – lebanon- iraq etc each country have multi cities is this supported? thanks

Yes, that’s supported

can I get discounted price to renew support period ?

This platform does not provide such functionality. When the theme is at a discount, it is for everyone. Currently there’s no discount

Hello. When I try to reach my dashboard from the dropdown menu on the top it keeps logging me out. How can I fix it? Thank you very much


Please submit a ticket on helpdesk.27collective.net and share your site so our team can check

Hello. Pre-sale question. I want to build a site where individuals post their items (like Craigslist or Kijiji), but pricing is disabled (everything is free). There will be no businesses, only individuals signing up, posting their listings. Users need to be able to message each other, when interested in a listing. Doable? Thank you!


Yes that is doable. You can disable paid listings completely in theme options. Users can message each other using direct messages.

I’m facing the same issue with listing location (google maps) with russian language (like the guys with Korean) – address turns into “?? ??????” after saving

The same like the guys with Korean


Edit that listing and in the location field check if the coordinates are added properly.

It’s ok with coordinates, and the point on the map is correct. But it looks like encoding problem when the address is saved to the DB (I suppose). When I enter the address it is ok until I press “Save” button, than all the letters turn to ”?” signs, but numbers stay as numbers

I think if you change the map language in Theme Options->Map services to Russian or Korean you’ll see the issue :)

Hi, in the explore page in Elementor, i can’t enable Google Ads. I tested it on a staging page with only the main plugins from the theme. But the field can’t be activated. What needs to be done for this? Thank you very much. Best regards Neo



Make sure you are using latest theme version. If still does not work please submit a ticket on helpdesk and share your site.

Hi, yes there is 2.9.2 installed.

Hello, when I want to open a ticket, it says the following: Your support license is expired, please renew it in order to avail our support services.

However, this is definitely not a user problem, but a bug. Our technician has already looked at it and said that it is a bug.

Hi, How to display the parent and the child from the term hierarchy in the single listing page for example: Country(parent)-City(child) or France>Paris and so on.


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